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Shelley Lazar in memory

Shelley Lazar came into my life on February 15, 1998 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. She presented herself with a smile, and passed on an envelope with a ticket to The Rolling Stones club show at The Joint the same night, given to me by Charlie. Then she told me she was there for me. I had been leaving letters with my fan club magazine "It's Only Rock'n Roll" to The Rolling Stones on tour for a long time, and I was desperate to see this show, the only show of the tour I could not get a ticket for through normal channels. She knew how important The Rolling Stones were to me. From that day Shelley was always there, and I met her hundreds of times on tour, at shows, at rehearsals, all over the world.

She was always kind, she took her time to walk over to me when I was in Toronto or other places for rehearsals, when she was out with her dogs, or when she saw me around. Life on the road can get lonely, when you are away from your family for months. Shelley was like family for me, a good friend, and she treated me with the same respect as the real VIP's she took care of in the big cities. When there was a last show of a tour I was sad and then she gave me a hug and said there will be more. One day I will write a book about my Stones tours and travels, and one of the chapters will be about Shelley Lazar.

Shelley did never give away any secrets to me. The few times she told me secrets, I kept them for myself. There is a general understanding in the Stones organization about me and secrets. I am a writer and I pass on important info about The Rolling Stones through my publication While some in the organization are scared away from me, to avoid giving away secrets, Shelley always opened her arms and mind and treated me with respect and kindness. When I had a biking accident in Auckland New Zealand during the tour in 2014, my face and my body was beaten up, and Shelley asked if she could be of any help. She was always concerned and took good care of me as well as many other superfans, normal people who spend more time on the road with The Rolling Stones that most others.

Some times Shelley wasn't there on the tour. When she arrived, I asked where she had been. Usually she had been busy with Paul McCartney on tour, but most of the time we were lucky to have Shelley on "our" tours with The Rolling Stones. It was quite unique when The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney were on the same bill, at the Desert Trip shows in California 2016.

It is so hard to realize that I will never see Shelley Lazar again. She was so kind always, and the last times we met were during the UK and European Tour during the summer of 2018. Shelley Lazar will be deeply missed.

Bjørnulf Vik,, Norway

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