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POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: StonyRoad ()
Date: March 6, 2023 11:36

The curious story is that I had on my desk 2 gifts made by a friend that I wanted to post on Iorr. One is the EnmoreTheatre show in Sydney… and surprise what is posted on Dime this morning? The Enmore show.
Here is what was posted on Dimeadozen.
Here I only do the relay and all thanks to Waz from Oz and mjk5510
here the original text

Upgrade From Waz From Oz’s DAT Master
The Rolling Stones
Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW Australia
18th February 2003

01. Intro > Midnight Rambler
02. Tumbling Dice
03. Live With Me
04. Dead Flowers
05. No Expectations
06. Neighbours
07. I Can’t Turn You Loose
08. Everybody Needs Somebody
09. That’s How Strong My Love Is
10. Going To A Go Go
11. Band Introductions
12. Slipping Away
13. Happy
14. Start Me Up
15. Rock Me Baby (With Angus & Malcom Young From AC/DC)
16. Honky Tonk Women
17. It’s Only Rock’N Roll
18. Brown Sugar
19. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Bonus Tracks
20. Sydney TV Ch 9 Nightline Enmore Theatre Review Audio
21. Rock Me Baby (Soundboard Recording)

2023 Remaster thanks to mjk5510
Recording & Artwork By Waz From Oz

The Band
Mick Jagger - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Harmonica / Keith Richard - Guitar & Vocals
Charlie Watts – Drums / Ron Wood - Guitar & Steel Guitar / Darryl Jones - Bass Guitar
Horn Section
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone / Tim Ries - Saxophone
Kent Smith – Trumpet / Michael Davis - Trombone
Backing Singers
Bernard Fowler / Lisa Fischer / Blondie Chaplin Plus Guitar

The Stones 40 Licks Club /Arena / Stadium tour kicked off in the USA in August 2002.
In late 2002 the Australian leg of the tour was announced, 3 shows for Sydney in February 2003, one a small show on the 18th February at the 2000-seater Enmore Theatre (that first opened its doors in 1912),
the other two followed on the 20th & 22nd February at the Superdome. By this time, a few years earlier I’d become friends with a fellow Aussie (although we both are originally English) Stones enthusiast AB
(affectionately nicknamed by my good self Android Buggery because of his somewhat similar christian & surnames) as we lived in different states so our relationship was conducted via emails & phone calls.
We actually met for the first time the day before the Enmore gig.

For this tour one could buy pre-sale tickets through the Stones Fan Club before the usual ticket outlets, I wasn’t a member of the fan club but AB was, we came to an agreement if he could provide me with an Enmore ticket
I’d do my utmost to get my gear in to tape it. AB scored two Enmore tickets (a limit of two per person), they were the hottest ticket in town, highly sort after, little did I know for a short time that my ticket was highly
coveted by another Stones fan acquaintance of AB. AB tickets were for Row R situated in the stalls 18 rows from the stage at a cost of A$56.0.

AB was also internet friends with another Stones fan who lived in a different state to both of us, an odious Swiss immigrant to these shores who we nicknamed “Andrea The Grubb” because like AB his given names were rather similar, extremely similar! Andrea had missed out on Fan Club Enmore tickets but he was aware that AB had been successful in obtaining Enmore tickets, unbeknown to me for a short period of time “The Grubb” had been constantly badgering AB
to provide him with my ticket. AB bless him didn’t cave in to his demands, the thought of him being the first person to have a copy of my recording kept him from dishonouring our agreement, “The Grubb’s” pestering came to
an end when Enmore tickets went on general sale & he landed two “Front Of Stage” tickets.

In January Enmore ticket holders received a letter informing us that on the 17th February the day before the show we had to front up in the afternoon at either at the Ticketek head office in the city or the Enmore Theatre box office
to pick up the tickets plus the wristband needed to gain entry to the gig, we chose the city. This was my first face to face meeting with my online mate AB who’d arrived with Andrea in tow, being aware of his behind the scenes
sneakiness I wasn’t a fan, even less of one after being in his company over the next few days.

At the Ticketek office we discussed the tickets, I was happy with my seat as I didn’t want to be down at the front running the risk the of being caught recording, whereas being down the front appealed to AB so I brought his ticket,
he brought Andrea’s extra ticket. They went together, I took my then boss (still a friend to this day) as a thank you for the kindness he had shown me in the time I was his employ.

The Enmore wristband was a joke as it was made of paper not the usual plastic wristbands provided at other gigs, so everyone who was issued one had to be careful for the next 24 + hours as we were told that It had to be shown
intact on entry to the Enmore otherwise access would be denied regardless of having a ticket. So, when showering or anything where water was concerned I put my hand into a plastic bag tying it off with a copious amount of
gaffer tape which did the trick. The same night I was going to the Dylan Sydney gig so I wore a ski glove to protect it.

My next concern as this much publicized club gig would be top heavy with security outside & inside should I use my SONY Fireball XL5 shotgun microphone which once it was in its home-made hand held holder which from a side view
looked suspiciously like a pistol, I had been questioned by audience members about this resemblance before, in fact on one of my recordings a fellow concert goer can be heard innocently asking me if it’s a gun!
So, not wanting to take the risk of being spotted I made the decision to use my SONY plug in mic instead which I could hide much easier.

The media had reported that Mick had come down with the flu a few days before the show so he was resting taking it easy conserving his voice, he didn’t attend the Enmore soundcheck / rehearsal the day before,
from memory there had been no mention in the press about the show being postponed. There had been a rumour circulating that Dylan who was in town would make a guest appearance at the Enmore but he was performing up in
Newcastle the same night.

AB & Andrea arrived well before I did to get a good position in front of the stage, funny enough my friend Big Knob was outside taking photos of people entering the venue, he happened to take one of this very duo before they
disappeared inside. We arrived as the support band Jet were winding up their set, by this time the ticketless crowd outside was building up, it continued to grow so the police ended up blocking off busy Enmore Road.
They estimate the crowd outside grew to thousand or so. Unknown to us inside that just after the Stones started the police asked the Enmore management to reopen the doors so the crowd outside could hear the Stones as when
the doors were first shut some folks started booing, banging on the doors, this wise move by the police prevented any more drama unfolding thus outside it became a party atmosphere with free music provided.
In the torrent folder there are pictures of the crowd outside before, during & after the show.

On entering the venue, the security guy asked to see our tickets but believe it or not after all the hoo ha about how important these wristbands were we both weren’t asked to show them! As we walked across the foyer I looked up
to see the fabulous Marianne Faithfull making her way up the stairs to the balcony. This was my 4th sighting of her that month, the previous night at Dylan’s concert at Sydney’s Entertainment Centre I could see her standing
to the side of the stage, I’d also seen both her shows on the 4th & 5th February at this very theatre.

As we made our way to our seats we observed a healthy number of well-known Australian media personalities, seated along from us were Pauly & Sleek from the TV show Pizza which at that time was very popular.
Our row R was the first seated row as rows A to P had been removed to accommodate the standing in front of stage dance floor section. I was happy with our middle row seats as the Enmore floor slopes down from the back to the stage
so from our row we were just about level with the stage. Once in my seat I realised I could have used the shotgun mic as security were concentrated more down the front than in the aisles & once the show started those aisles would
be full of concert goers, so most likely I wouldn’t have been sprung taping, the place was so jam packed it would have taken security ages to get to me if I had been spotted, in fact during the show not one security bloke came
within cooee of me. Still irks me to this day that I didn’t take the shot gun mic with me.

The Stones were due to start around 8:30 but they didn’t actually hit the stage till 9:40, during this time a few chants like “We want the Stones” started up but quickly petered out.
During the lull the American chap sitting directly behind me struck up a conversation with me, I can’t remember how it started but it had to be about the Stones, during the course
of our chit- chat he relayed three things to me………………….

01. Firstly, they’d start the show with “Midnight Rambler, my silent reaction on hearing this was bullshit they’d never start with this show-stopper.

02. Secondly, that Angus & Malcolm Young from AC/DC would guest on a blues number, which could be possible as I was aware that at previous club gigs on the tour guests did come onstage.

03. Thirdly, that Marianne Faithfull would do a duet with the Stones, also possible because I myself had seen her earlier in the venue.

As everyone knows by now two of his predictions came true sadly however the Marianne > Mick duet didn’t, that would have been dead set interesting because as far as I can recall they’ve never performed a duet together in a live situation. The American chappie was 100% correct with everything else he told me so odds are the duet was planned but for some unknown reason it didn’t go ahead. I looked for this guy as soon as the show ended but he’d vanished,
to this day I have no idea who he was but to know these details long before the show he’d have to have some Stones insider connection.

At 9.40 the lights dimmed, the audience cheered & immediately standing up as one, accompanied by the expected mass rush forward, an American voice introduced the Stones (I was a bit slow turning on the DAT so missed part of the spoken intro) then the Stones launched into “Midnight Rambler” for the first time & only time in their career. Although everyone in front of me was standing (as I was) I still had a good view of what was unfurling on stage as I could see over their heads. As you will hear it was an very up enthusiastic audience however I could have done without watching guys right at the front of the stage bowing with outstretched arms above their heads doing the “We’ve not worthy pose”
when Keith came near them, as Effie says “How embarrassment”, but then again near me was another male who yells out “I love you Mick, I love you Keith” another yells out “You’ve too good for the Enmore”.

As Mick was recovering from the flu I assume that he tailored the set list to suit his voice & not over tax it hence Rambler which is mostly instrumental takes the place of two songs. His voice I thought sounded strong,
I didn’t pick up on any problem but do recall him blowing his nose a few times. Highlights for me were hearing two of my faves “No Expectations” & “That’s How Strong My Love, IMHO I think the Enmore performance of
“That’s How Strong My Love Is” is the best or in the top 3 versions on the 2002 – 2003 Licks tour. I also enjoyed the four-song soul bracket. Mick ventured out occasionally on the small platform that jutted out of the stage.
Everyone on stage seemed to be enjoying themselves as it was smiles galore up there from start to finish.

Later in the show I could see the Young brothers lurking in-between the amps so I knew that they were due to come on stage soon, they were introduced & “Rock Me Baby" was under way. Angus was all over the stage,
one-minute sparring with Keith, the next with Mick but brother Malcom tended to hover in the background, Mick did try to encourage him to come up the front but he seemed to prefer to stay where he was.
After the song ended Jagger said “That was very unexpected, I had no idea”, not for an American & myself it wasn’t!

The only negatives of the night for me was knowing that songs such as “Stray Cat Blues”, “Hand Of Fate”, “Dance Part One”, “Heart Of Stone” had been performed at previous club gigs so I was looking forward to hearing at least
some of those but it wasn’t to be however I did get to hear a few of my all-time faves. It was a disappointing that on the Licks tour the guitars weren’t as loud in the mix as they could have been.
The upside is we remain the only audience to this day that has had “Midnight Rambler” as the opener, also all 4 soul songs for the only time on the tour were played in a row, Angus & Malcom guesting on “Rock Me Baby” although
they repeated this 5 times later on the European Licks Tour year they were in stadiums whereas we got see them up close, also the Enmore gig is one of the few times since 1969 that “Jumping Jack Flash” wasn’t in the set list.

Although I used a plug-in mic the recording turned out better than I thought it would seeing it was recorded in the middle of a very excited enthusiastic amped up audience who at times were somewhat vocal plus clapped along
in some numbers however they don’t drown out the band but in a way compliment the overall atmosphere that permeated the Enmore that night. My recording has been silver CD bootlegged a number of times, all coming from copies
of an early CD-R transfer, this is the first time it’s been remastered from the master DAT so it will be an upgrade to all previous versions.

I also taped the two Superdome shows on 20th & 22nd February plus the Brisbane 5th March 2003 show( I turned 47 that day) which remains uncirculated. As much as I enjoyed the Enmore gig my favourite show of the Aussie tour
is Brisbane (best audience as well) Jagger was incredibly drunk which added to his performance ad-libbing here, ad-libbing there, talks to someone he recognizes in the front of the audience, a few instances of forgetting lyrics
so he makes them up, addresses Brisbane as Sydney twice in “Brown Sugar” then starts singing la la la la because he’s forgotten what comes next, he calls out Shirley (Watts) during ‘Jumping Jack Flash” as she’s dancing near Charlie.
Mick performs his “Out Of Control” dance moves in the instrumental section of “Midnight Rambler” which I consider one of the best versions from the whole Licks 2002 -2003 tour, I’m not alone in thinking this as straight after
it finishes Mick says “Real good Rambler I tell you, good version” unfortunately on the circulating alternate recording it’s hard to decipher that’s what he is actually saying.
Methinks that Brisbane 5th March 2003 needs the treatment in 2023.

A big much appreciated thanks to mjk5510 for his remastering, to Big Knob for his Enmore photos & AB for my ticket.
Waz From Oz

link valid until 13/03/23

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: Broesel2404 ()
Date: March 6, 2023 12:49

Thank you very much
smileys with beer

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: dcba ()
Date: March 6, 2023 13:23

Thanks to both of you!!! thumbs up

This is really a GREAT club-show : great vibe and great playing. It's certainly much better than any of the 2002 club-gigs.

The Stockholm Cirkus one is also very good. Paris was a disaster and London was a blandness-fest (imo of course).

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Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: wiredallnight ()
Date: March 6, 2023 14:13

Thank you.

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Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: mariano ()
Date: March 6, 2023 14:32

smoking smiley

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: dcba ()
Date: March 6, 2023 15:20

Message from Waz :

"this is not a new source, it's a remaster of my DAT Master, all previous versions of my recording whether on silver bootlegs [VGP for example] or CD-Rs have this partial announcement.
However, the alternate source #2 which was released on the Pignose Label has no announcement."

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2023-03-06 15:27 by dcba.

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: StoneZP ()
Date: March 6, 2023 15:34

Thanks a lot!
thumbs up

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: blindman ()
Date: March 6, 2023 15:43

He forgot to mention Chuck in the Band lineup note.

not blind, was blindmansbluff, is acetboy

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: Turning To Gold ()
Date: March 6, 2023 20:18

Thank you so much! I had always wanted to hear this show that opened with Midnight Rambler, then I forgot about it and stopped looking. Thanks!

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: Amarant ()
Date: March 6, 2023 20:51

Thanks very much!!!

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: gastonl74 ()
Date: March 7, 2023 01:50

Thanks very much!!!
thanks for the history

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: Quique-stone ()
Date: March 7, 2023 04:09

Thank you very much Norbert and everybody involved!

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: stonesmuziekfan ()
Date: March 7, 2023 12:15

THX for the audio as well as for the Story

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: jstones ()
Date: March 7, 2023 13:49

grazie mille to all people involved

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: crholmstrom ()
Date: March 7, 2023 14:46

thank you

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: ProfessorWolf ()
Date: March 8, 2023 00:38

awesome thanks to all involved

also mick drunk onstage in 2003?eye popping smiley

now that i have to seegrinning smiley

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: ecor ()
Date: March 8, 2023 04:13

Thank you for sharing. I don't know this record! Cheers

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: damerefugio ()
Date: March 8, 2023 10:14

Thank you Norbert!smileys with beer

Re: POST: 18th February 2003 - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY (Waz from Oz's master & mjk5510)
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: March 8, 2023 22:28


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