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Posted by: 1963luca0 ()
Date: March 24, 2019 10:28

Thank you everybody who bought so many of my old boots, after my first post, some weeks ago. Now, they're stripped down to a few hundreds and I can list them here...enjoy your reading and , please, contact for purchases

Beautiful Delilah - Delilah Records
Beautiful Delilah - Monkey on insert. - 1835 / Ruthless Rhymes
Bright Lights, Big City -Fan Production
Schoolboy Blues - 10" - black vinyl
Andrew's Blues -EEC/Ruthless Rhymes
Battle - Rattle
Battle - TMOQ
Eight By Five
12" - F-180
Cops And Robbers - 12" - blue vinyl
@#$%& Blues/ Brown sugar - red vinyl, with black tongue
Altamont - 80 copies
R.S. - black letters
In Concert - 2LP - deluxe silver labels
1968 Surrey Rehearsals
Sunday Night At The London Palladium - clear vinyl
Madison - FOC
Leed Stones - the original
The Rolling Stones European Tour 1970 - live - 2LP - Rope Records
The Rolling Stones European Tour live 1970 - Rubber Dubber - in two covers
WWhen Two Legends Collide - picture disc
Stones's Classics - 2LP
The Trident Mixes - 2LP - black vinyl . the original
The Stars In The Sky They Never Lie - Caution Records
Rock Out Cock Out - shocking pink vinyl- Raring Records
Rock Out Cock Out - Ruthless Rhymes
It Was A Sunny And Stony Day - Dragonfly Records - 20 copies
In Exotic Honolulu - blue vinyl
The Stones America Tour in L.A. 72
Host Tuff Paris 1976 vol. 1
A Les Abattoirs - C.C. Records
Gather No Moss - Lilliput
Have You Seen Keef Standing In The Shadows? - two different copies, with different covers and differente matrices
Smoking Stones - 2LP
The Rolling Stones 1975 America Tour part II - stamped
American Compendium
If You Can't Rock Me
Rolling Stones American Tour 75 volume 1 - insert
Rolling Stones American Tour 75 volume 2 - insert
The Rolling Stones -2LP - Moonstone Records
Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen part one
Out On Bail - stamped - Tongue Records
Out On Bail - deluxe cover - Tongue Records
Garden State 78 - 2LP - Smilin' Dork - black cover - the original
Return To Liver - 2LP - brown cover
Return To Liver - 2LP - black cover
Stoned Stones - 2LP - Apollo Records
The last Goodbye - 2LP
The Best Of The Rolling Stones Live In Concert - BRS
38 Special
The Rolling Stones - 2LP - Centrifugal Records
Grand Finale - splatter vinyl
Eat Meat On Stage
Shattered - Canyon Records
How Are You Michele? - 2LP
Hot Flashes Kool Licks - 2LP
Stones Tour Mop Up!
Satisfaction Guaranteed - 2LP
Saturday Night Live
Out On Bail - Lp + gold vinyl 7"
Southern Quotations - 2LP - green/ red vinyl
Southern Quotations - 2LP - red/ red+black vinyl
Stones Nightclub '78 - gold vinyl
Session - handwritten title
Lonely At The Top - unfinished proof copy - clear vinyl
Paris Rehearsals - Whoose Rcords
Mick Jagger Exclusive Interview
100% Odd Lots or The Best Of The Rest
Learning The Game - deluxe cover
Keith Richards - Jam - 2LP - insert
Bill Wyman And The Rolling Stones - BRR 001 - red vinyl

More will come, as soon as I can. Thanks for caring, all the best, Luca

Posted by: diverseharmonics ()
Date: March 28, 2019 00:39

sent you a mail smiling bouncing smiley

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