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It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: October 5, 2009 16:47

The last sentence in the description is for fans of the Who?


The Psychic Detective - Brian Jones' Death - 2005 (Living TV)

Sept 1st 2009 : police are once again looking into the death of The Rolling Stones' founding guitarist Brian Jones - the case has been reopened.

Jones "drowned" in a pool at his home in 1969 ; the judicial system ruled it as a "death by misadventure", though many close to the guitarist suspected he was murdered.

Psychic medium Tony Stockwell meets Jones' ex-girlfriend Pat Andrews and they visit places connected to the musician's life - Cheltenham, Richmond (near London) and the country house in Sussex where he met his untimely end ... was this a case of tragic accident, or one of foul play ?

Please note : this program is 'signed' for the hearing-impaired - see the screenshots

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: November 8, 2009 02:47


From Station to Stadium: the Rolling Stones on the Road
(BBC R2, April '99)

Presented by Paul Jones

An extremely leisurely ramble by the four still standing 220-year-olds along their journey from pasty-faced little oiks in 1964 to the desiccated samurai/ lovable cabbie status they occupy today. "We'd only play, like, four numbers and that would be it... not very good for our creativity," mused Mick Jagger pathetically. Keith Richards drolly described guiding the Chief Constable of Chester in full regalia over the rooftops, on his labyrinthine municipal escape route, at some point in the Sixties.

Between sublime guitar riffs, the three senior Stones and Young Ronnie Wood trundled along Memory Lane in a metaphorical limo. The boys fondly admitted almost no recollection of the vast Hyde Park concert of 1969; they were, appropriately, so stoned that Charlie Watts, from what even now sounded like a very reclined position, recalled only "the butterflies"... "and my wife being hit on the back of the head by a sandwich".

Keith conceded that these days, their tours "are an eternal quest to turn a football stadium into the Station Hotel, Richmond". Radio 2 ironically illustrated this by playing a track from the famously intimate El Mocambo Club concert of 1976. Narrated by the incongruously pukka-sounding Paul Jones, himself a contender for Jagger's place in the very early days, this was all admirably witty and self-deprecating. : ~ Independent

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: midnrambler ()
Date: November 8, 2009 09:29

wrong forum

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: strettonbull ()
Date: November 8, 2009 20:58

wrong forum

Kinnel you really are a miserable so and so. Why can't you just be grateful?

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Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: November 9, 2009 20:50

It's this:

990410B 10th April: UK radio (BBC2), 'From Station To Stadiums'. Stones-special, incl.
- interviews with all four Stones
- live recordings from St. Louis 12.12.97

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: September 2, 2011 21:33

This might interest some on this board, especially episode two with Rory Gallagher. Sometimes people respond to thebox posts with unavailable outside the UK. I am in the USA and can get thebox. So it must be blocked in some countries; sorry I do not know which one.



Old Grey Whistle Test 40
Bob Harris presents a new series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the classic music TV show. Each programme will look at one complete series of the original Old Grey Whistle Test and will include archive recordings alongside both new interviews and exclusively recorded sessions with guests from the featured series.

Episode 1 (24th August 2011)

Programme One covers series one, which ran from September 1971 to July 1972. Bob interviews the show's producer Mike appleton about the creation of the show and speaks with Alice Cooper and Elton John about their appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Both artists also feature in archive sessions and there are more classic performances from David Bowie and Curtis Mayfield. Yusuf performs two exclusive acoustic numbers and chats about both his Whistle Test days recording as Cat Stevens and his current projects. There is further new live music from Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.

First of a new series of sixteen weekly episodes, broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday, 24th August 2011.

Episode 2 (31st August 2011)
Programme two covers the series that ran from September 1972 to July 1973. Alongside contributions from the show's original producer Mike appleton, Bob speaks with Rod Argent and Russ Ballard of Argent, Colin Blunstone, and Donal Gallagher (brother of the late Rory Gallagher - a regular guest) about their memories of the programme. Singer/songwriter Ralph McTell and Plainsong (Iain Matthews and Andy Roberts) both perform new exclusive session songs; and Thijs van Leer from Focus not only remembers his band's UK TV debut, but also provides an impromptu flute solo that merges a live improvisation with a blast of an old favourite. These new performances are complemented by classic archive sessions from Bill Withers, Del Shannon, the aforementioned Rory Gallagher and the first ever British TV appearance by The Wailers and their emerging star Bob Marley.
Second of sixteen weekly episodes, broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday, 31st August 2011.

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: Zagalo ()
Date: September 3, 2011 04:45

It's this:

990410B 10th April: UK radio (BBC2), 'From Station To Stadiums'. Stones-special, incl.
- interviews with all four Stones
- live recordings from St. Louis 12.12.97

Still available here:


Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: May 18, 2012 16:42

Rockabilly series.
"ichard Hawley presents a brand new series celebrating the sound of a genre close to his heart, Rockabilly.

Over eight weeks Richard delves into his own vast collection of vinyl records to celebrate rockabillies inspirations including R&B, country, blues, hillbilly, honky tonk and rock & roll.

Richard also recounts some great stories from his own experiences, from shopping with his dad in Sheffield record stores as a kid, to later in life getting to know legends of the genre such as Duane Eddy.

This week the show gets going with a rockabilly version of a Northern Soul classic, Richard adds a touch of R&B with Ray Charles and Little Walter, plus tracks from John D Loudermilk, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, George Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis and Warren Smith."

Three episodes posted on thebox so far.

The current episode plays on bbcplayer for another six days. Give it a try. It works for me and I am not in the UK.


Episode one


Episode two


Episode three


No stones tracks yet. Just influences.

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: wupperstein ()
Date: May 18, 2012 18:39

The Links are dead!

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: May 19, 2012 22:15

The Links are dead!

My apologies wupperstein. I forgot - if you are not a member and logged in to thebox then the links go nowhere.

But the first link to the bbc address might work for some who are outside the UK.

I am in the USA and I can get to the current show - number 3 - and hope that I will be able to follow the series through the next few weeks.

his is the link that might work.

One again, sorry, I just blanked because I am always logged in to thebox.


Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: June 1, 2012 16:21


The description is wrog - it's episode 4. Available (for some) for six more days. It's a good one.

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: March 18, 2013 18:41

For those who have access to thebox:

Two new video compilations, mostly off topic, Ron Wood appears with the Faces on the first show.

MUSIC: Totally British: 70s Rock
On: BBC 4 (9)
Date: Friday 8th March 2013 (Already shown)
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long)

Trawled from the depths of the BBC archive and classic BBC shows of the day - Old Grey Whistle Test, Top of the Pops and Full House - a collection of performance gems from a totally rock 'n' roll early 1970s. This was a golden era for British rock 'n' roll as everyone moved on from the whimsical 60s and looked around for something with a bit more oomph. In a pre-heavy metal world, bands were experimenting with influences that dated back to 50s rock 'n' roll whilst taking their groove from old school rhythm and blues. In a celebration of this era, there's an early 1970s Badfinger number direct from the BBC library and the BBC vaults provide classic rock 'n' roll heroes like Free, Status Quo, the Faces, Humble Pie and Mott the Hoople. Plus from deep within the BBC archives there are rarities from the likes of Babe Ruth, Stone The Crows, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Man, Heavy metal Kids and original rockers Thin Lizzy.
(Stereo, Part 1 of 2, Subtitles, 197

DOCUMENTARY: Totally British: 70s Rock n Roll
On: BBC 4 (9)
Date: Friday 15th March 2013 (Already shown)
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long)

A romp through the BBC archive library from 1975 to 1979 has unearthed some seldom seen performances of the rarely-explored genre of pub rock and other late 70s rock 'n' roll gems from classic music programmes like the Old Grey Whistle Test and Top of the Pops. Before the DIY culture of punk took hold there was a whole breed of real musicians who honed their craft in the backrooms of pubs. This compilation has uncovered rarely-seen footage from the likes of Canvey Island's Dr Feelgood, original pub rockers Ducks DeLuxe, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Elvis Costello, Meal Ticket, Steve Gibbons Band, Dave Edmunds and chum Nick Lowe, a pre-Mike and the Mechanics' Paul Carrack in his first band Ace, a post-Faces Ronnie Lane, the Motors, the first TV performance from Dire Straits, Graham Parker and the Rumour and many more.
(Stereo, Part 2 of 2, Last In Series, Subtitles)

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: strettonbull ()
Date: March 19, 2013 14:07

The above are well worth a watch.

For those in the UK, they are on Iplayer still:

Episode 1 - []

Episode 2 - []

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: March 27, 2013 17:12

These have been uploaded (not by me) to Hungercity. Great to have them as dvds.


Come and Get It-Badfinger
Alright Now-Free
Bad n Ruin-The Faces
Big Jim Salter-Stone The Crows
Wild Country Wine-The Roy Young Band
In mY OWn Time-Family
Honky Tonk Women-Humble Pie
Black Dog-Babe Ruth
Shouting In A Bucket Blues-Kevin Ayers
Aint Their Fight-Man
Faith Healer-Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Caroline-Status Quo
The Rocker-Thin Lizzy
Hanging On-Heavy Metal Kids
Singapore Silk Torpedo-Pretty Things
Silver Dollar Forger-Nazareth
The Golden Age Of Rock n Roll-Mott The Hoople


Keep It Out of Sight -Dr Feelgood
Coast To Coast-Ducks Deluxe
Im a Man-Ace
Anniversary-Ronnie Lane and Slim Chance
Little Does She Know-Kursaal Flyers
Get Out Of Denver-Eddie and The Hot Rods
Heat Treatment-Graham Parker and The Rumour
Young Lords-Tyla Gang
Tulane-Steve Gibbons Band
This Could Be The Town-Meal Ticket
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock n Roll)-Dave Edmunds
(The Angels Want To Wear MY)Red Shoes-Elvis Costello
Dancing The Night Away-The Motors
Sultans Of Swing-Dire Straits
Cruel To Be Kind-Nick Lowe
Stop Your Sobbing-The Pretenders
The Walk-The Inmates
Hey Lord Dont Ask Me Questions-raham Parker And The Rumour

Re: It's New on the Box
Posted by: TravellinMan ()
Date: July 24, 2013 03:07

Paul Jones Rhythm and Blues Show (22nd July 2013) [RadioRip(mp3)]
Description Chuck Leavell in session
Duration: 57 minutes
First broadcast: Monday 22 July 2013
A special show this week, a special featuring the amazing piano of guest Chuck Leavell, . A member of the Allman Brothers Band during their most commercially successful period, Chuck played the classic piano part on Jessica - now better known as the Top Gear theme music - and for over thirty years has played with the Rolling Stones.

His new album - Out Of The Woods - sees him covering the greats of blues piano, & tonight he'll be talking us through his career and playing songs originally associated with Ray Charles, Little Brother Montgomery, Leroy Carr & Jesse james.

In addition he'll be playing an Allman Brothers favourite - Statesboro' Blues - and Eric Clapton's version of Alberta, as heard on the famous Unplugged album.

Chuck will also be de-constructing that Jessica solo for us, and explaining why the Rolling Stones don't like to rehearse too much as well as expounding on his role as one of the US's leading voices in sustainable forestry.

That shouldn't be too much of a surprise - after all, as Chuck points out himself, you make pianos from wood...

Music Played - 9 items
The Rolling Stones - Rock Me Baby
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - No Special Rider
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - Statesboro' Blues
The Allman Brothers Band - Come & Go Blues
Chuck Leavell - Jessica
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - Low Down Dirty Dog
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - Southern Casey Jones
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - Alberta
Chuck Leavell Feat. Paul Jones - Losing Hand

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