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Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: ilikemick ()
Date: September 30, 2007 19:55

i read an interview with Mick in the Süddeutsche Zeitung yesterday and Mick said by himself that he looked crazy in that video (let´s work), totally 80´s. The same with the video for dancing in the streets. So Mick also thinks that these videos are strange.

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: bluesinc. ()
Date: September 30, 2007 22:44

this record is as beautiful as its cover-it´s total shit. i´ve listened to it for many many times and it´s...............aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh. we don´t have to write so much about this sh*$tttt

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: alimente ()
Date: October 1, 2007 15:24

look, whats problematic with Micks first two solo albums in general is that Mick tried to build up a solo career and therefore obviously felt forced to sound 'contemporary'. Mick is a fantastic musician, no doubt. but instead of letting the music flow as it naturally pours out of him, he produced his first two solo albums in a forced way to compete with Michael Jackson and the like. its obvious that he tried to play a role and play the sounds which he believed could bring him at the top of the charts. and it did not work. he had some success, but not the success he was dreaming of. no wonder - the music did not sound honest. however, I like some songs from hirst first two albums, but in general these albums sound forced and not genuine. when he threw most of these modern production tricks overboard while recording Wandering Spirit, the result was monumental. only thing is that it could have been a Stones album! for me, Wandering Spirit is the best Stones album that never was. and Voodoo Lounge suffered a bit from the fact the Mick obviously kept the best songs for himself, for Wandering Spirit.

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Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: VoodooLounge13 ()
Date: October 1, 2007 15:53

Agree 100%. For me, Mick's weakest album is She's the Boss.

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: gimme_shelter ()
Date: October 3, 2007 16:09

it sucks. bigtime.

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: sweet neo con ()
Date: October 3, 2007 16:15

VoodooLounge13 wrote: "Mick's weakest album is She's the Boss."

didn't really like JUST ANOTHER NIGHT but I liked TURN THE GIRL LOOSE...

anybody else?

IORR............but I like it!

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: Pecman ()
Date: October 3, 2007 18:12

First of all...worst album cover in history...hands down...that should have told us everything.

Album is drowned in 80's production...


The rest is really beat.


Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: it's_all_wrong ()
Date: October 4, 2007 07:50

I believe it's Mick's most personally revealing work out of his 4 solo albums. From start to finish, it screams "mid-life crisis" and it very much sounds confused and conflicted, as Mick probably was at that time. There's some good songs on it, and some really vile stuff (Shoot Off Your Mouth, War Baby, etc.).

But the 80's production isn't anywhere near as apparent as it is on She's The Boss.

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: tutu ()
Date: October 4, 2007 09:09

'88 Mick released his second album, 'Primitive Cool' At the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, Mick inducts The Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Mick is accused of plagiarizing a song by reggae artist Partick Alley for his own 'Just Another Night'. Mick is exonerated by the magistrate.

it's only tutu

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: rollingbob ()
Date: October 4, 2007 10:29

primitiv cool is my favourit song, I hate let's work, i think this song is bullshit. This song must be doesn't appear in the " very best of ", it's ridiculus.

Re: "Primitive cool!"--underated!
Posted by: nanker phelge ()
Date: October 4, 2007 11:09

The video to LW- terrible, absolutely terrible! But, then I guess we can forget how bad the 80's were for good taste!

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