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Next Generation IORR - Comments
Posted by: bv ()
Date: January 1, 2024 19:56

There will be changes to the IORR site.
Please see the editorial update:

Next Generation IORR


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Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: gotdablouse ()
Date: January 1, 2024 20:15

First of all let me say THANKS for all the work you've put into IORR and the wonderful experiences it has enabled over the years, discussing all aspects of the band we love, albums, shows, outtakes, sharing pictures, sharing tips on getting tickets for shows, etc...

Like Mick once said "it can't go on forever" and it's a brave move to want to figure out how to keep IORR going, I'll be happy to help anyway I can and will be sending en email your way.

IORR Links : Essential Studio Outtakes CDs : Audio - History of Rarest Outtakes : Audio

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: bam ()
Date: January 1, 2024 20:28

Thank you so much bv for everything you have done, and continue to do.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: tiffanyblu ()
Date: January 1, 2024 20:39

THANKS BV for all the work you have put in. Looking forward to next gen!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: NashvilleBlues ()
Date: January 1, 2024 20:50

Take care of yourself. Thanks for all you’ve done!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Harlem Shuffler ()
Date: January 1, 2024 21:05

Hi Bjornulf,

A massive thank you for the time and effort you put into maintaining, monitoring and contributing to this site which I visit every day.

Through visiting IORR/Tell Me, I’ve appeared on the telly and in the pre-concert fan/celeb mini-film. Not only that, I met Matt Lee and had a very entertaining time chatting to him and viewing part of his collection.

None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you.

I’m afraid my IT skills are limited (at best!) but no doubt there are many people here who will be very keen to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Very best wishes for the future and thank you again.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: treaclefingers ()
Date: January 1, 2024 21:20

Happy new year BV, and everyone else. Thanks for your dedication to the band and it's fans, it's been truly appreciated by so many globally, and you've made that impact.

I wish I had the bandwidth to be able to contribute in a more fulsome way but I'm just overly committed. I thank everyone that will be able to step up and help on this bold new path forward.

There appears to be still be a lotta gas gas gas in that Stones engine!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: jp.M ()
Date: January 1, 2024 22:13

Je te souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2024 pour toi et famille...un grand Merci pour toutes ces années passées à ta lecture jp.M

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: micha063 ()
Date: January 1, 2024 22:16

Thank you very much for all your enthusiasm, work and poditive energy over all these years! Without IORR it would be much more complicated to stay in contact with fans, be able to get informations, share recordings and so much more.
Thank you BV!!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: swaff ()
Date: January 1, 2024 22:39

cool smiley

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Christiaan ()
Date: January 1, 2024 22:43

Some news Bjornulf (bv)
Just one word for you


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: The Worst. ()
Date: January 1, 2024 23:20

Wow! Talk about news. I’ve been checking more or less every day for the last 20 years. It is the number one go-to-page for Stones info online. Thanks to this site I’ve scored great tickets, met great people and learned rare stuff about my favourite band. The IORR is a community, online as well as in the ‘real’ world. So thank you Bjørnulf for the great work you’ve done for true Stones fans worldwide.

I totally understand it’s time to move on. I only have one question/worry: The archive stored on is an absolute goldmine for Stones fans. It contains knowledge and information you won’t find in most books and articles. The reason for this, is that a number of true, passionate Stones fans with immense knowledge have contributed thru the years, and other Stones experts have provided their counter opinions and rebuttals making this site the best peer-reviewed arena for valid Rolling Stones information. So my question is: Although the forum is locked, will the old forum (with search engine) be available if only for investigative/educational purposes? I really hope so, because this is the number one source to Stones information available anywhere.

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Re: Next Generation IORR
Date: January 1, 2024 23:30

Thank you very much for all the work.
I hope that you stay involved with iorr site as long as possible, as it is great resource for Stones fans. I also hope you'll be able to reflect and inform about the next year shows the same way you did before.
I understand the need for modernizing the forum. The old one should stay available as very rich archive, please.

Keeping fingers crossed.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: SomeTorontoGirl ()
Date: January 2, 2024 00:15

Bjornulf, thank you for everything you have given us, for decades, and congratulations on your next chapter. Without this site I would know only a fraction of what I know about the Stones, would have missed so much on tours and would not have met so many wonderful, fascinating people across Stonesland. Few things have had such an impact on my life. Even when IORR (briefly) went green!

I’m sorry I can’t offer much help as I am horrible with tech of any description, but can solemnly promise to try not to give the moderators any more work than there is already. Looking forward to seeing the Next Generation evolve. See you on tour!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: daspyknows ()
Date: January 2, 2024 00:54

I currently moderate a site on taping. I do not handle the back end stuff but can get details. Would be willing to help and share what I know.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: NICOS ()
Date: January 2, 2024 01:35

Hi BV, I hope you can find some IORR software specialist for the job........and as some already mentioned hope that all old IORR data will stay available.


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: The Worst. ()
Date: January 2, 2024 02:07

I didn't read BV's statement close enough. "It would be linked up to the current site, the old forum will still be available, but it will not be posible to post in the old forum anymore." That's a relief. Thank you!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: kkhoranstoned ()
Date: January 2, 2024 04:37

thank you b.v. amazing what you have created

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: steffialicia ()
Date: January 2, 2024 05:30

BV, I want to wish you and your family all of the best in 2024. Additionally, I want to thank you so very much for IORR. I sort of fell upon it a number of years ago and have enjoyed it in so many ways. I'm looking forward to the future.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: artedm ()
Date: January 2, 2024 05:37

Thank you for everything!
Happy New Year!!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Topi ()
Date: January 2, 2024 06:44

Tusen takk, BV - gott nyttår! Vi ses på turné.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: CaptainCorella ()
Date: January 2, 2024 06:46

I'll add my huge personal admiration for each and every aspect of what you've done in creating IORR.

A million thanks are insufficient.

Captain Corella
59+ Years a Fan

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: rollingrichard ()
Date: January 2, 2024 07:13

Very well said, it's a part of my life, for ages, allready !
Thank you so much !

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: likecats ()
Date: January 2, 2024 08:19

BV, Thanks for doing this all these years! I don’t post very often but I read here a lot. I consider myself a serious Rolling Stones fan but I’ve learned a lot here from people far more knowledgeable than I.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: ProfessorWolf ()
Date: January 2, 2024 09:00

i'm 33 years old and i've never had a social media account of any kind (and never will) i have accounts on other sites but i choose to post only here for a reason

and that reason is that this is without a doubt the single best rolling stones fan site ever past present or future in any language with the most interesting knowledgeable community of contributers you'll find anywhere on the subject of the world greatest rock and roll band

it's not much of an overstatement to say that the rolling stones are the reason i have the internet and your site is the best damn place to be on the internet

i'm proud to be a member of this site and am incredibly grateful for all that you have done to keep it going

i hope that sharing the load of maintaining it gives you the chance to spend more quality time with those most important in this world....

the rolling stoneswinking smiley

no but seriously i hope this allows you to follow these final tours in these final years of the band without the burden and effort of having to maintain iorr by yourself

you deserve that much after all you've given us


also will i still be able to access iorr with windows 95 like i can now?winking smiley

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Spud ()
Date: January 2, 2024 10:26

Scary !

Real technophobe here...

In 18 years I haven't really learnt to work this one yet ! grinning smiley

But if we don't see and appreciate all the hard work and time BV has put in over the years , then we've had our heads up our backsides and we should welcome anything that lessens that burden for the future.

[Just hope it doesn't look too flash & colourful. winking smiley]

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2024-01-02 10:35 by Spud.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: falo01 ()
Date: January 2, 2024 10:42

"The sun the moon and the Stones", yeah we all know that. Fittingly, you've managed to create something like "The sun, the moon and IORR"

It has always been there..... congrats to that.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Rosto ()
Date: January 2, 2024 10:54

Many many credits to Bjornulf for running IORR the way it's been done all those years.

A change in IORR will affect my daily routine and let us hope it will continue for a long time with help from a new generation of moderators and editors.

Let it rock!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: windmelody ()
Date: January 2, 2024 11:02

Thank you for your great work over the years, Sir!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Erhard51 ()
Date: January 2, 2024 11:15

Thank you very much Bjornulf for all the years with the IORR forum.

It was my favorite Stones forum for all the time and years.

Cross fingers for the new generation IORR

Erhard 51

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