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Street Fighting Men (Stones riots)
Posted by: MisterDDDD ()
Date: October 15, 2020 16:19

Didn't make the '72 Vancouver show. although I had recently moved (near) there with my family (was 12, but remember begging my older brother to take me with )
Interesting in that this was the first NA concert after Altamont. I remember reading and hearing about the "riot", but hadn't thought of it in decades.

Anyone here attend this?
Other than Altamont (which wasn't technically a riot), any other major violence/skirmishes outside Stones concerts that people recall?

The Rolling Stones Riot, Vancouver, 1972

"There was a lot of excitement in Vancouver when the Rolling Stones announced that they would begin their 1972 North American tour in that city. Vancouver was still a small city, not yet “World Class”, and this was a major event. The mayor was Tom Campbell who favored a harsh law and order regime. The baby boom was twenty-five years old and there were lots of kids in the eighteen to twenty-four bracket which, at any given moment, is most given to criminal acts."

Crowd vs. cops outside the Coliseum. From the Georgia Grape via

Another article..
Street Fighting Men

The Rolling Stones kicked off their Exile on Main Street tour at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver on 3 June 1972, with Stevie Wonder opening. It was not the Stones’ best performance, but it was significant for other reasons. For one thing, it was the group’s first North American show since the infamous 1969 concert in Altamont, California where four people died, one of whom was killed by the Hell’s Angels who had been given beer to do security.

The band wasn’t the problem in 1972. In some ways (but not others), Altamont sobered the Stones. The Sun emphasized how good natured Mick Jagger seemed during the Vancouver show. Keith Richards was reportedly packing a .38 revolver on the tour because of rumours of an assassination plot by the Hells Angels as revenge for the lack of support the Stones showed them in the aftermath of Altamont. Conspicuously absent from the set list was “Sympathy for the Devil.
The mêlée started around 8:45 when people without tickets began pushing against the 100 or so police guarding the doors around the Coliseum. Someone set off firecrackers and the crowd began jeering the police. Then someone threw a bottle that broke the glass above one of the doors. About 200 people took off and ran around the building kicking the doors and shouting at police. When they finished circling the building, a line of about 30 police in riot gear were blocking the main entrance. Bottles began flying and police were smashing them with their riot sticks. Sergeant Stan Ziola was the first police casualty when a bottle broke his sternum.

Rioters lobbed projectiles, police charged, and the rioters retreated. This repeated for an hour and a half. There was very little hand-to-hand skirmishing between police and the 2500-strong crowd outside the Coliseum. Seven officers were on horseback, going from place to place as needed.


Re: Street Fighting Men (Stones riots)
Posted by: CousinC ()
Date: October 15, 2020 20:34

The famous Berlin 65 Waldbühne riots.
Zurich 67

At the 1970 European tour there were riots outside the gigs in many cities.
Hamburg,Berlin,Rome,Essen . .

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