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OT: Here's easy way to learn all rock genres
Posted by: seitan ()
Date: January 9, 2014 21:02

The history of rock music is pretty interesting. Everyone knows that it's roots lie in genres like Gospel, but what about all the other genres?

How did Cowpunk come about? Or Indie Rock? Or Nu Metal?

Ladies and gentlemen, - here's Rock Time Machine - click here to journey through 100 years of rock in less than a minute. And learn all the genres.

So turn your speakers up to 11 - you never know, you might just find a new music genre to fall in love with.


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Re: OT: Here's easy way to learn all rock genres smileys with beer
Posted by: Des ()
Date: January 9, 2014 22:20

I noted one potential error (lol).

I caught a show of the history of music styles and it made an interesting claim. The term Jazz was originaly a catch all for all musics that did not fall under orchestra or opera, basicaly all local musics and variations. Accounts for the term 'all that jazz'.

So if I apply it to that flowchart jazz would have been used for all of the pre 1900 stlyes until it came into its' own. And if I can paraphraze an old blues man who when asked what jazz was he clarified the blacks did not bring the blues to america, they lived them, what the brought was rythem....jazz music is what happened when a white guy tryed to play rythem smiling smiley

Other great music observations he made included:

1) To be a blues player you need a three word name including a body part.
2) Def: of the Blues - I've got a problem, what am I going to do about it. Caught my baby cheating, gonna shoot her dead

Re: OT: Here's easy way to learn all rock genres
Posted by: ChrisM ()
Date: January 10, 2014 05:38

Gospel music is not the first source I would cite as an influence upon rock and roll. Nor, a second or third. Nonetheless, quite a fun link so thanks for sharing!

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