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69 Ft. Collins show. New recording ?
Posted by: tornnfrayed ()
Date: June 21, 2013 14:13

I was just looking at some closed auctions on EBAY and I see there was a 69 Ft. Collins DVD on the Tantura label. SEveral had been sold at about $ 60.00 a pop. It says it is a new recording. True ?

The only Ft. Collins tape I have ever heard is a fair to average audience tape so I wonder if this is something new, or just the same old "remastered" version.

Re: 69 Ft. Collins show. New recording ?
Posted by: dcba ()
Date: June 21, 2013 14:31

It's most probably from a torrent shared at Dime :

"The Rolling Stones
Colorado State University
Fort Collins

November 7th, 1969
(First night of the '69 Fall Tour)

01 Sam Cutler Intro 00:52
02 Jumpin Jack Flash 03:55
03 Oh Carol 03:49
04 Sympathy for the Devil 05:01
05 Stray Cat Blues 04:23
06 Midnight Rambler 08:56
07 Under My Thumb 03:59
08 Prodigal Son 03:49
09 Love In Vain 06:06
10 I'm free 05:51
11 Little Queenie 04:58*
12 Gimme Shelter 04:17
13 Satisfaction 06:31
14 Honky Tonk Women 04:14
15 Street Fighting Man 04:09

Total: 70:51

*Has tape problems

Lineage: Aud>?>tape>(unknown gen)>trade CDr>wav(xAct)>wav>edit 1(Adobe Audition)>aiff>edit 2(Logic Pro)>aiff>edit 3(Amadeus Pro)>flac(xAct)

1) Pitch/speed correction (Adobe Audition).
2) Mild multiband compression (200-2kHz only), channel balance (Logic Pro)
3) Small gap removal, SB alignment

SQ: A reasonably good, clear recording from a boomy and echoey auditorium. For the most part, all the instruments are discernable but the vocals are a bit distant.

Igemo75 correctly pointed out that there were pitch problems with the last few tracks, which I have now corrected. The last 4 tracks (12-15) are the only ones that have altered. The rest are the same files as before. I've also noted in the info that there are tape problems with track 11 (Little Queenie). I should have pointed out before that these were on my original source and I have not attempted to fix them. If you have already downloaded this you should be able to replace the old files (4 flacs + 3 txt files) with the new ones without having to grab the whole thing again"

But hey it's much cooler to cough 60 units to have what's available for free off the Net! >grinning smiley<

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