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The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: Sincityboy ()
Date: June 8, 2013 08:10

It was an amazing, melancholy concert that my wife took me to on Thursday evening in Toronto. Since 1969, when they effectively outlasted The Beatles, The Stones have worn the mantle of "Greatest Rock and Roll Band in The World'', and since that time, with every tour, has come the mantra of 'could this be the last time?'.

For some, the appeal of The Rolling Stones can be boiled down to how old they are, or how energetic Mick Jagger still is. For these people, I have sympathy. They're missing the point. The Stones are plagued by people and, certainly, numerous reviewers, with this mindset. Here's the deal. It's not that they are old, it's how far they have taken it, indeed, how far they have blazed a trail. To be able to go and see a group in 2013 that was involved in the seminal, formative days of what is now a world wide art form and industry that permeates every aspect of our daily lives is amazing. To me it is tantamount to being able to go see Buddy Holly, The Beatles, or Elvis Presley.

It was a great, even phenomenal show on Thursday night in Toronto. Seeing Mick Taylor on stage was an added thrill, and musically they have never been better, in my books. The melancholy moment for me came when I realized that it probably was the last time that I will see my favourite band, a band that has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 50 years (and counting). If you do the math, time just isn't on anybody's side anymore, and all things must pass.

The Stones turned me on to rock and roll when I first heard them at age 12 on an old radio my mother gave me. It was 1971, and in a sonic quagmire of Three Dog Night, Bread, 'Me and You and a Dog Named Boo' and other future elevator music, the opening chords of 'Brown Sugar' exploded into my room. I honestly didn't know how to process the had a wonderful dischordancy that was missing from the other sings they were playing on the air. A sound all rock and roll should have. I was hooked. I still am, and one day it WILL be the last time, and it will be a sad day. Until then, Long Live The Rolling Stones, and Long Live Rock!

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: laertisflash ()
Date: June 8, 2013 10:43

Sincityboy, your post is really touching. But don't be gloomy. Maybe it was the last time for you, but the Stones will be "rolling" forever in our blood, in our mind, in our soul, for sure. The music, the memories, the expiriences from the gigs...And you know something? The Stones are ending their unbeliveble career (i hope elongating the tour, until the end of the 2014, in order to be "52 and counting tour") as ... the Stones. In an absolutely glorious and proud way. Doing excellent gigs, rocking packed houses, enthraling people, having possitive reviews from the vast majority of the Press (i don't like the $600 prices of course, but now that's a detail to me). Who the hell could imagine such a longevity, not only in the 60s or 60s, but even in the 80s and 90s?

Yes, i know, some people say "they 're not creative anymore, they have offered us only a new album plus two new songs in the last 8 years". And i remember the opposite criticism from the years 1983 - 1989, when the Stones were creating albums, without doing tours: "What on earth are they doing? Rock and Roll does mean firstly live acting and being dripping with sweat on the stage", blah, blah, blah. But how could a career of so many decades be organized like a robot? I feel happy, because during all these decades i never heard a bad Stones album. I feel happy, because all the Stones gigs i have attend varied from "more than decent" to "stellar". I feel happy, because my wife and my son became fans after having seen them (first time, for both) live on ABB tour, not after having seen DVD's from the so called glory days. Band's standards remain high and IMO the so called general public and the casaul fans are appreciating this factor much more than many "hard core" fans do. The explanation is another story...
But what the hell am i doing? Passing Stones career in review? It's not the rihgt time, yet. I can't wait for the european tour's leg. I hope my "last time" isn't in the past...

Be happy, Sincityboy... The party still goes on... And, once again, it will never end into our memories, our souls, our brains. Feel sure for that, my friend!

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: sanQ ()
Date: June 8, 2013 21:59

Stones forever!!!!!

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: Doxa ()
Date: June 8, 2013 22:09

Beautiful stuff, Sincityboy! It is such a joy to read people sharing their feelings. It always gives a good reminder what a historical and unique band we are dealing with. thumbs up

- Doxa

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: angee ()
Date: June 9, 2013 05:25

Huh, I'm glad I turned to p. 2 so I didn't miss this topic.
That is such a beautiful tribute, sincityboy, and you too, laertisflash, passing it on.

~"Love is Strong"~

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: MisterDDDD ()
Date: June 9, 2013 09:10

Excellent post,sincity and one that really hits home.

I think a lot of us have been trying to prepare ourselves for the inevitable "last time" for a long time. Our age is the same and our love affair with the band the similarly. The song that hooked me at 12? Midnight Rambler.

They somewhere in their advertising/literature changed their tag "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World" to "The Greatest Rock and Roll band the world will ever know".

As of this writing both are true, but clearly the change is significant as it is,in my opinion the bands first acknowledgement that there is an end to the reign.

This tour has been an amazing one and as Jagger (and all of them, I believe) has talked about the possibility of another studio album followed by more touring,
I believe we all have one more round in us!!

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band indeed.

Re: The Rolling Stones The Last Time
Posted by: Thrylan ()
Date: June 9, 2013 10:00

So true. Maybe all the complaining is really angst.... first it was the lifestyle that they couldn't outlive, then it was the "40"barrier, then the break up, then 50....60 and so on. When invariably asked before every record, every tour they scoffed. Rubbish! Keith would say, nobody questioned Muddy or BB! Well, it IS different; They were solo and they sat down for a long time. None of those guys held a band together, and pranced like Mick or drove his band like Keith. Blues is subtly and nuance, and in some ways age plays into it. Rock and Roll is energy, and given that, what these guys are doing IS amazing. I am their harshest critic..... outside of themselves, and I do feel angst..... that this likely is the last time. They will live forever with us, but I am angry and sad. When Pete inducted them he said to not grow old graceful, they haven't.... it wouldn't suit them.

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