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Re: Track Talk: I'm Moving On
Posted by: stonesrule ()
Date: October 9, 2014 14:39

Green Lady, many thanks for reminding us of Ray Charles and "Moving On".

Found the 1959 original on OverJazz section of YouTube.

I love Ray Charles, and, of course, his album "Modern Sounds in Country Music" is one of the great ground breaking albums ever. It really opened my ears!

Re: Track Talk: I'm Moving On
Posted by: Witness ()
Date: October 9, 2014 19:57

I finally later, in its time, got hold of the live EP "Got Live If You Want It" as part of the exemplary German Decca box release of four vinyl records, under the title "The Best of the Rest".

I lack words to express adequately the following and can only touch on the effect. To me, most of all of this EP's featured songs, it is their version of "I'm Moving On", which gives a phantastical example of a glimpse into what I have seen as musical and non-musical dimensions of the band early in their career, woven together, presenting one special impulse. That is (in positive meaning only) about a raw and primitive ecstatic quality that I sometimes have met with, confronted with certain recordings, mostly of their early live playing. It is usually both in Mick Jagger's singing and in band play that from time to time an ecstatic tension is called forth, but, in the case of "I'm moving on", I think it is also very much in and due to the answering vocals of Keith Richards during part of the song, adding further to the ecstasy.

As such, I think this ecstatic dimension of the band belongs almost exclusively to Brian Jones' period of the Rolling Stones and especially to live playing. The Rolling Stones had something highly special there that they later somewhat lost, even if other aspects and possibly higher quality of their music in a more conventional sense developed. But then, what is really quality in rock and subgenres music's context? I am myself especially fond of and attracted to those all too few examples of this phenomenon that I have dropped into.

Re: Track Talk: I'm Moving On
Posted by: Cristiano Radtke ()
Date: December 30, 2021 02:56

Re: Track Talk: I'm Moving On
Posted by: georgie48 ()
Date: December 30, 2021 15:50

And then there is the version by Elvis Presley. He approaches the song in country style, but then he speeds it up The a rock 'n roll pace, especially a the end.
Nice version!

I'm a GHOST living in a ghost town

Re: Track Talk: I'm Moving On
Posted by: Four Stone Walls ()
Date: December 30, 2021 19:55

Comments, input and alterations are very welcome!

I’m Moving On
(Hank Snow)

Regal Theatre, Edmonton, UK, March 5, 1965,
Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK, March 6, 1965 or
Granada Theatre, Greenford, Middlesex, UK, March 16, 1965

Mick Jagger - lead vocals, harmonica
Keith Richards - electric guitar, harmony vocals
Charlie Watts - drums
Bill Wyman - bass
Brian Jones - electric slide guitar

I warned you baby from time to time
You don't listen, so pay me no mind
About movin' on, yeah, I'm a moving on
I'm through with you, too bad you're blue, I'll move on

Mister Engineer with your throttle in hand
Take me back to that Southern land
It called moving, keep a rolling on
You're flying too high for my old sky, I'll move on

Mister Fireman, please woncha listen to me
I got a woman in Tennessee
Keep on moving, keep a rolling on
You're flying too high, it's all over now, I move on

Yes, I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move
Said I'm gonna move, gotta go home
I gotta go home, I gotta go home
Well, tell ya
I, I, I, I’m going home
I, I, I, I’m going home
I, I, I, I’m going home
I've gotta go home
I've gotta go baby
I gotta keep rolling
And I'm gonna move
I said I'm gonna move, baby
I said goin, goin home
I'm going home darling

Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham

First released on:
The Rolling Stones - “Got Live If You Want It!” EP
(Decca DFE 8620) UK, June 11, 1965

Why do you never make any comments or provide nput Mr R?

It always strikes me as odd that you intimate a thread without providing any input or comments.

You have difficulty with the English language? ( noth g wrong if you do)

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