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Read more: > New Sunglasses That Will (Actually) Make You Look Famous
Posted by: JJackFl ()
Date: April 14, 2011 22:33

NO TOUR/ No tour/
Though it might not look like it, summer will be coming along after all, and if you haven't already found a pair of sunglasses you like, it might be time to start thinking. If you're not feeling particularly inspired, then consider looking to history. That's what a number of designers have done for their new releases this season, influenced by men who pushed the limits of thought as well as style — and did so in some damn fine shades. Which proves that, whether you're a rock star or a movie star or just an everyday star, there are few items in a man's wardrobe more definitive — or versatile — than the ones that cover his eyes. One of these options should suit both your face and your sense of taste. Because, trust us, someone's been there before. It's not so much about ripping off his style — it's about making it your own.

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Hunter S. Thompson lived by his own rules. The trailblazing gonzo journalist and author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was known for his radical leftist politics and liberal drug use. But he was also known for crafting one of the most unique, fully realized aesthetics of his time. Forty years on, he's inspired Johnny Depp and erudite college students everywhere.

Designer Garrett Leight, a huge fan of Thompson, looked to a particular part of the writer's career for these '60s-inspired shades, which were modeled after a pair seen in one of Thompson's stylized self-portraits.
($425) by Garrett Leight;

Gregory Peck was known for his classic, clean-cut American style. Like Thomspon, he was also an outspoken opponent of Richard Nixon, proving that even a rebel can dress conservatively — it's all about the attitude. For all his Oscar nominations, that's one thing Peck had no shortage of.

Inspired by the frames Gregory Peck wore in the classic 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird, these Oliver Peoples pay homage to the timeless look of America's bygone movie-star era.
($385) by Oliver Peoples;

The more radical of our civil-rights leaders, Malcolm X was known for his unwavering convictions. His dress was similarly steadfast: He almost always wore a suit and a smart topcoat. But you couldn't imagine Malcolm X without his frames, which have become inextricable from the man himself.

Shane Baum, designer and founder of Leisure Society, developed a frame similar to Malcolm X's but gave it his own sense of personality. These nail it on both counts.
($980), Leisure Society by Shane Baum;

There are few things in the world more badass than Keith Richards, and even fewer than Keith Richards during his heyday in the 1970s. The man pulled off a look many could only dream of imitating. And many young bands still do, in vain.

If you can dole out the cash for these frames, from the classic luxury sunglasses brand Morgenthal Frederics's new "Royals Collection," aptly titled "Keith," then who knows? Maybe some of that swagger will come with them.
($1,095) by Morgenthal Frederics;

Bowie could make just about anything cool. A constant innovator in music and style, and a chameleon in each phase of his life, he has always done the unexpected. And in the 1970s, when he looked like a rock-star alien descended to earth, nothing seemed more awesome.

Morgenthal Frederics pays a well-rounded tribute to Bowie's rock-and-roll heritage with this pair, called "Ziggy." We think Mr. Stardust would approve.
($565) by Morgenthal Frederics;

While we're talking about '70s rock icons, we can't really leave off Mick, can we? If you ever happen to be traveling the Paris countryside on a scooter while recording the next Exile on Main St., you'll need a good pair of eyewear.

Next to Frederics's "Keith" glasses is its "Mick" pair. Both are made of Japanese titanium, wood, and acetate, and are all handcrafted in Germany, so you don't have to worry about jumping around onstage.
($1,095) by Morgenthal Frederics;

And my choice for all of you is only one :

...and one thanks please for this recomendation!!!

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Re: Read more: > New Sunglasses That Will (Actually) Make You Look Famous
Posted by: JJackFl ()
Date: April 14, 2011 22:38

Don't forget to remember P E R S O L 714!

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