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Mannheim, Germany
Saturday September 12, 1998

Bridge closed in Germany...

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Review by Ronald Stalter, Paris

After a very rainy trip through France and Germany with my friends Jean-Pierre and Patrick, we had the surprise to attend a dry and wonderful Stones show. The opening act were the Coors, nice music but also very very nice and sexy female musicians. The Stones started at 9:00 PM. Funny detail : there wasn't any explosion at the beginning of Satisfaction because of a curtain problem : they couldn't open the left side of the screen fast enough.

The sound was cristal clear and very powerful (we were in the Pit), and Ronnie made a fantastic show, Keith spending more time than usual facing Charlie, and turning his back to the audience, at least during the first part of the show.

Let it bleed (web choice) was performed very well, nearly as good as at the version played at the Olympia theater in Paris 95. This was my web choice, and for the Istanbul show, I'll vote for Time is on my side (please do it too !)

During Miss you, the sexy game between Lisa - wonderful as usual ( I think I'm in love !) and Mick has not been as hot as usual, maybe because of the cold temperature.

Mick was in excellent shape. He spoke a lot in german and at the opposite of Nuremberg, he didn't lose his voice, and really seemed happy to be here. Once again, after 6 shows on this tour, we didn't have the surprise of You can't always get what you want, but this is another problem, and we hope to get the song at the European final show next saturday in Istanbul...

We could tell lots of things about this show, and it's probably the best one I've seen on this tour, a bit better than Amsterdam 2nd, and Den Haag.

Start time: 20:55
End time  : 23:15

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby
  6. Paint It Black
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Let It Bleed (web choice)
  10. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  11. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  12. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13. Little Queenie (center stage)
  14. You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  15. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Tumbling Dice
  18. Honky Tonk Women
  19. Start Me Up
  20. Jumping Jack Flash
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)

Review by Johannes Delmere

So that was it: My last show on the B2B tour this year. Keith told us, he would miss us, Mick promised to have fun with us tonight, but it was rather unspectacular. That doesn't mean that it was not good, but I would have loved one or the other song being replaced with a non-standard song.

The Maimarkt is a parking lot between lot sof motorways, but from a source in Heidelberg, that took us to that place in 1995, we knew how to get there without traffic jams and without problems getting out again. We arrived, early, before 2 pm. There were about 1000 or 1500 people there and we were led into an area right behind the front gate left. That was good, because when the doors were opened, the gates behind us were closed, until this area was emptied. So there was not much competition when we ran to the front and we made it safely into Ronnie's side. A couple of us were late, but after 3 months of touring and extensive use of mobile phones, we knew how to get anyone into the front section. :-))

The weather was cold and windy, sometimes rain came down. There were hevy dark clouds over the stage, but nothing came down during the show. One point for that. But everyone up there was freezing, so we saw a lot of new coats and jackets from the boys.

The Corrs opened. They did alright, but earned the applause rather by looking good (in the cold ) than playing good. I wished the Stones would have come out to play "Rocky Road to Dublin" with them, but that didn't happen.

The Stones came on just before 9 pm, it was the Leipzig curtain again, so no rockets, because the curtain did not open in time. Lots of smoke on stage though, ecause it was windy and the dry ice worked at last this show.

Ronnie was wide awake, so he played very loud and inspired, lots of soloing from his side. Gimme Shelter was tight, Saint of me had a long rendition of the oh-yeahs and Out of Control was really good tonight as well. They showed a screen for webchioce giving Mannheim on it, but I have my doubts about that now. Let it Bleed was the choice, so Thierry got what he wanted. :-))

We made it onto the jumbotron first time this tour during Miss You and again during Brown Sugar, so you could see Nico, Petra, Axel, Gerd, Gerd' wife, Dirk, Dirk's wife Petra, Birgit and me all in one spot together. Shame we did not get a pic of that, although Axel made lots of pics during the night.

There were great pictures to look at just in front of us: The guitar harmonica solo during Out of control, Keith kneeling to Ronnie during Wanna Hold you, Mick being f... from behind by Lisa (he did some pelvis movements to her during Miss you on the other side of the stage, so that was her revenge). Lisa gave Mick a Kiss on his cheek during the "Love, sister, is just a kiss away" on Gimme Shelter, which seemed to be new to him as he gave a weird look.

As I said, Ronnie soloed well and played well. I think one of the problems with Ronnie's guitar playing is that he is responsible not for the fat sound, but for the high clear sounds, that do not come through that good in the mix. He DOES play a lot, but when you are listening to hear the guitar, you wait for the fat distorted andsustained sound, and that's Keith's bit. Ronnie did very good slide on Let it Bleed and Jagger seemed to be really impressed. It was good to see that.

Lots of presents were thrown on stage during the catwalk bit and the last songs. Mick got a teddy bear, there were roses and pieces of paper, a scraf or two for Ronnie.

All in all, a good show, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I am just getting greedy. Maybe I am not. Can`t wait to see them again next year in London.

That was 9 shows and 9 wristbands for me. I think I will do something on the last 3 months in the next couple of days, giving it all a re-run. Just stay tuned, meanwhile read the

Review by Dirk Snapper

After a 5 hours drive in the pouring rain we arrived at 13.30 h. at the Maimarkgel�nde in Mannheim for my last show (of 19) of the Tour. Fortunately it stopped raining and... though it was rather chilly, it didn't rain anymore all night. Gates opened at 15.45 and we got a nice spot (again) at the catwalk, Ronnie's side, about 12 m. from the stage. The front section was very crowded; I never saw them letting in so many people!

The opening act, The Corrs, played their first show ever for such a big crowd (from 19.35 untill 20.20 h.). Very sweet ;-) The Stones opened a little before 9 p.m. and the curtains again didn't open properly and because of that we didn't get the big opening bang!

The sound was very good tonight, though it was louder than ever. Especially Woody played very well and very loud! He played a lot more than before, too.

Gimme Shelter was great. And this time I am not referring to Lisa but to Keith and Ronnie. They were working together as never before. Great surprise tonight was the websong: Let It Bleed. It was done as never before! Awesome!! I noticed also Chuck was very good at the piano. Keith did You Don't Have To Mean It and of course Wanna Hold You, which was very special too tonight. Keith and Ronnie were kinda duelling on guitar. Keith was playing on his knees in front of Ronnie.

Great show (not the best) and no You Can't Always Get What You Want. As this was my last opportunity to hear it, I remembered someone once said: "you can't always get what you want!"

Hope to see you all next year ;-)

Review by Hubert Dressler, Germany

Dies war mein 100. Konzert der Rolling Stones seit 1970 (Essen) und ich beschloss dieses Mal die Trib�hne zu erklimmen ,um das ganze auch einmal im �berblick zu haben und kurz meine Eindr�cke des Ereignisses darzulegen. Ich kam mit Herrn Schmidt nach Mannheim, besuchte das Konzert mit Frau Hertel, geb. Dressler (nicht verwandt und nicht verschw�gert und kennengelernt beim Konzert in N�rnberg) und Frau Stoll - Horn fuhr mich am Sonntag nach Hause. Es hat nicht geregnet, Super, wie versprochen Herr Schmidt.

Die Corrs waren f�r mich die erste gute Vorband seit J. Geils in M�nchen 1982. Akustik und Sound auf der Trib�hne waren einfach galaktisch. Leider war die Mittenb�hne �berhaupt nicht zu sehen (Eintrittspreis DM 139,-- ???). Meine gelben Turnschuhe (PUMA, BJ 1967, sie haben schon Jimi Hendrix live geh�rt) sind der Meinung gestern die absolut beste Fassung von Sympathy und Jumping Jack erlebt zu haben. Ich wage ihnen nicht zu widersprechen. Lieber Herr Schmidt, auch Paint IT Black war super und Ronnie sollte doch �fters einmal Steel Guitar spielen.Start Me Up war phantastich; wann sagt Mick diese Song als 'Clintons Memories' an Wir beide werden hoffentlich noch oft die Stones h�ren und sehen. McHubsileinen und seine gelben Turnschuhe, f�r die jedes Stones Konzert ein neues Abenteuer darstellt.

Review by Marc Oliver Rohloff, Hannover, Germany

It was the last show for us and for Germany this year and it was my birthday-show. A strange but nice birthday-party! No big surprises in the set, but we saw a very good show, though the crowd was not that enthusiastic compared to some of the other German shows (btw, you can�t compare German crowds to the Argentinian crowd, for example, not only because there were a lot more younger visitors in Buenos Aires).

Anyway, we enjoyed the show being on Ronnie�s side again, second and third row in front of the stage and the catwalk (we were four this time, Sebi, Nina, Olli and myself). �Paint It Black� was the song which caught most attention, I think. A little disappointing: the web choice. �Let It Bleed� was played nicely, but why did they play it in Berlin two days before, too?! They forgot to set up a new page for the extra-show in Berlin, Waldb�hne, and so they used the early Mannheim-result there... Well, the cybervote sometimes was a mystery to me (Hamburg etc.)...

Review by Olafur Helgi Kjartansson, Iceland

I have to say despite all this was actually one of my best concerts on this tour. I spent more than four whole hours on the Autobahn from Karlsruhe to Mannheim. I could not pick up my ticket to the concert until after six o'clock. I had been looking forward to this last concert in Western Europe this year. But coming all the way from Isafjordur Iceland just to see my 5th concert in Europe this year and the sixth on BTB I was getting very anxious and not believing any more that I would make it. I admit that I drove on the lane furthermost to the right just to make it a few kilometers on. And then I asked some German people in the next car where they were going. "To the Maimarkt, but another route". I Just followed. I made it to Seckenheim and went for a beer and a taxi in Prins Max guesthouse and pub.

Outside the Maimarkt I heard the now familiar roar of the lion 3 minutes before nine o'clock and I picked up my ticket and was inside before Satisfaction was over. It was unusally catchy. The tone was set. The Rolling Stones were in great form and the sound was very good. I was sitting in Tribune D which was all right. It was business as usual. Anybody Seen My Baby I had not heard since Philadelphia last October. It was masterfully played. Ronnie Wood was exceptionel.

Paint It Black was welcome and showed the Glimmer Twins in great shape. Saint Of Me did it for the crowd. I love Mick being Out Of Control. But as he said it was a bit chilly outside. The Web choice was my favorite Let It Bleed, this beutiful song from the album of same name from 1969 was performed very country and Ronnie was the star beside Jagger. Magnificent guitar player mr. Ronnie "Rembrandt" Wood as Jagger later introduced him. "Wollt ihr mitsingen". And then they drove into Miss You. This was the best version I have heard on stage. No nonsense, no toesuckingbusiness, just plain music, great long and professional with Charlie shining.

And then it came to the introductions. Elegante Charlie Watts "und der veruckter Pirat" Keith Richards, the crasy pirate. This version was better than Amsterdam ArenA in July.His voice great and Leah Wood, this beutiful young woman not expected in this song this time. Wanna Hold You or as "the crasy pirate" told us "I got to hold you" was perfect. And the reason quite clear from the beginnig, they enjoyed themselves tremendously. So did the crowd. I have to say, being a fan for 36 years and loving the Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, Little Queenie, this is great. Those guys know how to master the guitars, like hell they do, pardon the pun.

The rest is masterfully arranged and played history. I and thousands and thousands of fans all over the world never get tired of hearing the devils plea, Sympathy For The Devil, a great moment this time, like so many times before. I noticed that the German fans liked Tumbling Dice very much, I did to. Hearing Keith plugging the guitar into Honky Tonk Women, the only song I myself have ever sung in public out of sheer admiration for the Rolling Stones, is always a special treat. Start Me Up great as ever and those middleaged ever young boys feeling the riff, getting the rythm and delivering the goods for the rest of the show. Jumping Jack Flash with a feeling like in 1968 and a last the only encore Brown Sugar and it was over too soon.

No rock group can master their trade as the Rolling Stones. I have been sure of that fact since 1964. I still am. You Can't Always Get What You Want. But I hope to see you all in Iceland next summer. It was much easier to driveback to Rohrbach and I was home at 2:30. Then I'll be back home next monday in Iceland. This has been good tour.

Review by Irmgard Plattner, Germany

Well, I'm totally filled with great impressions of that fantastic last show in Germany! (I hope the last show for THIS year, not forever!!)

We arrived early as usual and after a murderous sprint over about 600 meters we reached our favorite spot at front row on Ronnie's side. Well, the pit was packed this time like I had never experienced it before. And so was the whole Maimarkt. In addition to the ticket holders of the rescheduled June show there were those who just wanted to attend the last German show of this fantastic tour.

The Corrs were accepted very well, people loved their kind of music as well as the fact that they were grateful to be chosen to open the show for the Stones.

Then the crowd couldn't wait to see the show, they were ready to rock! And so were the Stones!

After greeting the people from Mannheim, Frankfurt (too bad they didn't get their own show), Stuttgart ... Mick promised us a great show. The setlist was quite the same as usual, but this time I didn't care. I just wanted to see all those great songs for the last time this year and keep them in my heart till Wembley next year. We got great versions of "Saint of me", "Out of control", "Paint it black"... Web choice was "Let it bleed", fantastic!

Ronnie (of course), Mick and Keith did a lot to please the crowd, responding to their reactions. The guy next to me had brought a lot of different message tables with him. The best was "STONES 2000 and on,... please let the dream come true!" When Keith read that message he gave him a twinkle with his eye. Did that mean: "Yes, we will!" ? I hope so. Another great moment: Mick came down to our side and passed us clapping hands. I missed him only for 5 centimeters because I am a little too short. On his way back he was in a hurry because Keith had already started the riff of "Start me up" twice. So he wasn't able to react to my shouting: "Please Mick, please!"

The sound was excellent. I think you will never have any problems with that in the first part of the field. The weather was also quite ok., no rain!! After those many rain shows you could easily accept that it was a little cold. And during the Stones' performance I wasn't cold at all with all that jumping, singing and screaming!

The only points I didn't like (if any) were: the fact that "You can't always get what you want" was missing and the technical problems such as the curtains, which didn't open before "Satisfaction" completely, so that there were no fireballs. Furthermore the confetti machines on the stage didn't work, so we couldn't have the glitter rain coming down slowly on us, giving us this magic atmosphere.

But who cares? We got a fantastic show with the "Greatest Rock and Roll Band of the world, the Rolling Stones" !!

See you at Wembley next year!


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