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Olympic Stadium
Athens, Greece
Wednesday September 16, 1998

The Olympic Show

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Review by Christos Jimas

A Dream Came True !

31 years after their first show in Greece, the ROLLING STONES were back again . The most important band of our planet gave the biggest Rock experience to the 70,000 fans that filled the Olympic Stadium. Everybody was there: From 50-year-olds who were lucky enough to watch the Stones since their early days, to 18-year-olds , who - like every generation of teenagers since the 60's- see the Stones as the most authentic expression of Rock N' Roll.

The Rolling Stones were onstage at 21:35. As soos as ´┐Żeith played the first notes from the famous reef of Satisfaction, the public went crazy. The whole Stadium sang this classic hit together with Mick Jagger . Whenever Mick talked to the audience or performed any of his sexy dance moves, the fans' reactions reached a zenith. Most were screaming and some even passed out .

The Rolling Stones performed many old hits but also 5 songs from their latest album, "Bridges To Babylon". The audience seemed ... well prepared, since most people were singing along with the band, at least the refrains. The end of "Saint Of Me" was very impressive, with the audience doing the "Ooh Yeah!"s under Mick's supervision. "She's A Rainbow" was the Web Choice for Athens. It was a great pleasure for me, as I too had voted for this song. Lisa gave us excellent impressions with her vocals on "Gimme Shelter" and also her sexy onstage appearance. While performing "Miss You", Mick licked her toe, as usual.

Keith did two songs as a lead vocalist - "You Don't Have To Mean It" and "Wanna Hold You". Right after that, the Bridge came out and the Rolling Stones were transfered to the center stage, where they performed 3 songs: "Little Quennie", "You Got Me Rocking" and Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" .

The encore was "Brown Sugar". That moment the sky went full of little pieces of paper which gave the impression of a golden rain. The fireworks then sealed the finale The time was 23:55 when the show was over. Unfortunately they did not play "You Can't Always Get What You Want", as we expected. Still, the Rolling Stones did not let anybody down. Everyone that was in the Olympic Stadium filled their hearts with the biggest chapter of Rock N' Roll history. We will have the memory of two and a half hours with the band that was adored by millions during the last 35 years and will be adored even by our children. We are a very lucky generation, after all !

Start time: 21:35
End time  : 23:55

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby
  6. Paint It Black
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. She's A Rainbow (web choice)
  10. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  11. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  12. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13. Little Queenie (center stage)
  14. You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  15. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Tumbling Dice
  18. Honky Tonk Women
  19. Start Me Up
  20. Jumping Jack Flash
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)

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