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Fan to Fan Advertisements
Non-commercial advertisements are free!

For sale: 12" Mick Jagger `Throw Away', LP `Echo Park' O.S.T. Bill Wyman + other Trk's on tape. Green Ice, Digital Dreams, Creepers + Opera, all O.S.T. Contact: Eric Robinson, 48 Belvedere ave, Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire SK5 6QJ, England

For sale: Drawings and paintings of the Rolling Stones. For more details contact: Emma Datham, H4 Trottersfield, Braintree, Essex CM7 6NW, England.

Wanted: Live outtakes, demos etc on CD from early 80's to 90's. Contact: Ashley Jacobsen, 64, Port Fairy 3284, Victoria, Australia.

Wanted: Dutch Mick Taylor CD `Coat In Home Line', French CD `The Rolling Bidochons Sales Gueules', German Mick Taylor Box Set CD-401RS, US LP - Stones Tribute `Stoned'. Please help me out - I have many Savage Rose CD's. Peter Spanget, Matthaeusgade 28 - 1th, DK-1666 Copenhagen V, Denmark.

Wanted: Videos and posters from the Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon tours. Contact: Kenneth Stampe, Box 63, Torshavn FO 110, Faroe Islands.

Trade/Sell: Stones audios and videos from BTB and other tours. Worldwide contacts always welcome. US/Japanese contacts highly needed. Write or fax to: Juan Julibert, Apartado de Correos no. 71, 08770 San Sadumi, Barcelona, Spain. Fax no. +3493 891 2619.

For sale: Voodoo Brew (4 CDs), 75 swiss francs and Voodoo Stew (4 CDs) 75 SF, original US editions of Voodoo Lounge Alternates, outtakes unreleased. Contact: Michael Perritaz, Cure-Baud 26, CH-1212 Grand-Lancy,Switzerland.

Contacts wanted for buying/trading of audio + video tapes, boots etc. I'd also like to exchange views with nice Stones weirdoes worldwide. Contact: Gunther Wirtz, Fichenstr 11, D-47804 Krefeld, Germany.

Wanted: Rolled Gold Vol. 2 - 1981, 6.28527 DP - 2LP; Wild Horses/Sway - 1971, US single; Welcome to Australia - Sydney 27.2.1973, VGP 110 CD; Out Of the Court (Earls Court London May 22nd 1976) Jap. 76 Eternal 15 tracks CD. Contact: Joachim Göransson, Karl XII:s g 11E, S-271 44 Ystad, Sweden.

Wanted: I need a little help from a Danish friend. Can somebody help me with a ticket for the concert in Copenhagen on July 29? Contact: Terje Nilsen, 1830, 7002 Trondheim, Norway.

For sale: Mason Yard to Primrose Hill (Gered Mankowitz). Contact: Carl-Eric Eriksson, N Esplanaden 15 A, S-671 40 Arvika, Sweden.

Wanted: Photocopies of newspaper/magazine articles and video items from the 1978 american tour. Will trade audio or video Contact: George Barner 2849 Canby Street Harrisburg,PA 17103, USA. Email: [email protected]

Trade: Trade videos from south American Tour Voodoo/Babilon. I'm looking for a TV clip of Dead Flowers 1971/72 where mick & keith sing together holding bottles of Jack Daniels. Contact: Fernando Vieira Box 11.415 - Sao Paulo-SP BRAZIL 05422-970. Email: [email protected]

Write your free advertisement typed clearly on a separate sheet of paper, and send by letter, email or fax, see address on page 31.

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