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How to subscribe, back issues, credits etc.

Salt of The Earth

Thanks to everyone for helping in, including all the internet heroes, and to anybody I may have forgotten to mention:

Adri Steenland, Holland
Christan Fiot, France
Dannie Prangsbøll, Denmark
Dean Goodman, USA
Dirk Snapper, Holland
Edwin Hemwall, USA
Fernando Maggi, Argentina
Hans Daniels, Holland
Hendrik Mulder, Holland
Jaime Castanenda, Australia
Jean Pierre Merlier, France
Johannes Delmere, Germany
Juha Kakkuri, Finland
Kurt Kleiner, Germany
Marc Oliver Rohloff, Germany
Marco Blom, Holland
Michal Tomczyk, Poland
Ove Tingall, Sweden
Peter Joetten, Germany
Philip Bajo, Austria
Ralf Ulbricht, Germany
Rodrigo Royan, Argentina
Salar Dizayee, Germany
Simon Emmerson, England
Thierry Joubaud, France
Thomas Horvath, Germany
Waka Hara, Japan
Virgin Records

Photo credits: Page 1 Charlie Watts by Globe/Mpress; Pages 4, 24 Munich press conference by Bjørnulf Vik/IORR; Page 5 Mick Jagger by Brian Rasic/Rex/Mpress; Page 12 Charlie Watts in Buffalo by Gamma/Mpress; Page 13 Keith Richards by Paul Natkin/Outline/Sjøberg; Pages 16-17 the Rolling Stones arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Gamma/Mpress; Page 25 Bill Wyman of the Rhythm Kings by Dave Hogan/All Action/Sjøberg.

How to subscribe & renew. The IORR subscription cost is NOK 200, giving you air mailed 4 issues of IORR anywhere in the world. Please send NOK 200 by international postal giro, International Money Order, or cash notes of your own currency (see below) in (registered) letter. No coins, and no personal checks, bank checks or money orders please. When paying by credit card please specify what you pay for (amount), name of the owner of the card, card number and expiration date. The following cards are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard. Remember complete name & address!

The subscription fee NOK 200 (Norwegian kroner) is equivalent to you paying in your own currency US $30, GB £20, DM 50, SEK 220, DKK 180, CAN $40, NLG 60, BEF 1000, CHF 40, FRF 160, ITL 50,000, JPY 4000, ATS 350, FIM 150, ESP 4000.

IORR Back issues: You may order back issues in packs of four - 4 - issues, price same as subscription, i.e. equal to NOK 200, $30, £20 etc, see above. Only issues IORR 22 - 33 are available now. Older issues may be available later, in the IORR Stones Shop (no time for that yet, sorry). Write your back issues order on a separate sheet of paper, and send payment as described for subscription.

Publishing schedule: Planned publishing dates; IORR in your mailbox one week later):

IORR no. 34: Sept. 15

IORR no. 35: Dec. 15

It's Only Rock'n Roll

The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe

Bjørnulf Vik, Vabråten 111,

N-1392 Vettre, Norway

Telephone: +47 66 79 42 10

Telefax: +47 66 90 28 44

Internet email: [email protected]


Postal giro account (Oslo): 0808 4014460

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