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How to get Stones tickets

You can order tickets from many countries even if you are calling from abroad, as long as you have a credit card on hand. Some countries do only offer a toll-free phone number that can not be accessed from abroad. Be aware that handling fees and additional charges may add up to 30% or more on a single ticket, and it may be just as cheap to actually buy the ticket from a local friend/fan. Ticket prices are exclusive of booking fees, which typically are about 10%.

Country Phone number tickets

Germany +49 180 55 700

Belgium +32 924 37777

Netherlands +31 900 300 1250

Finland +358 9 6138611

England +44 171 344 4444

Scotland +44 990 321321

Denmark +45 3341 0303

Sweden +46 31 611 020

For all the major contries, there is a rule of the open market: Even if all tickets are sold out, there will usually be plenty of tickets available. First the price is high, as all the crazy fans like you and me are willing to pay whatever, double or triple price, just to secure a ticket. Then the prices gets lower, as the buyer is observing there are many tickets around. Most often the ticket price on the black market is close to the face value, some times even below, on show day.

Sure you will experience that some shows are really sold out, and the price may be higher, but don’t worry, if you really want a ticket, and were unlucky when they were on sale, you will get it!

To save you from all the nerve of chasing tickets on the black market, I advice anyone who have extra tickets, or who need tickets, to make an ad in IORR. It’s free, and IORR is out soon!

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