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Bits and pieces

Syracuse and Toronto cancelled

The Syracuse show, supposed to be played on Wednesday Jan. 7, was cancelled on a short notice the day before, due to Mick Jagger having acute laryngitis. His sore throat could be experienced at the Quebec show on Jan. 5, when they were down to 20 songs only, and Mick was observed spraying his throat during the show. Two days later the laryngitis was still not healed, and the Toronto show on Jan. 9 was cancelled too.

Montreal cancelled

Just as Mick’s laryngitis was healed, Mick was ready, and the stage was up, they had to cancell the 3rd show in a row, this time the Montreal Jan. 11th show, due to extreme weather conditions. The Montreal area had faced the worst ice storms in 40 years, power losses and hugh traffic problems just built up. The day before, on Sat. Jan 10, Montreal had been out of power for more than 24 hours, the area was declared in a state of emergency, and the Stones show was cancelled. All the cancelled shows may be re-scheduled for playing in late April or early May.

Holland 5 shows sold out

Four shows in the Amsterdam ArenA, Holland went on sale on Saturday Nov. 29, and sold out in less than two hours. A 5th show was put on sale the week after, and sold out as well, making 5 shows and 250,000 tickets sold in record time.

Saint Of Me next single

The next Rolling Stones single Saint Of Me will be released on January 19th in Europe. It will include a Radio Edit, a special remix called Deep Disk Grunge Garage Remix, and most interesting the not yet released track Anyway You Look At It, plus a live version of Gimme Shelter, from the rewind sessions.

Early Rolling Stones Recordings

BBC archivists and retired producers have unearthed more than 20 'lost' recordings from the early career of the Rolling Stones, which may now be released as a potentially best-selling disc, according to Sunday Times. The songs were recorded for BBC radio between October 1963 and September 1965. Archivists at the BBC had uncovered 13 of the original 42 titles recorded by the group for radio. In addition, it said, more than 10 others had been preserved by former producers who should have ``wiped'' the tapes. Two of the recovered songs are Dust My Pyramids (written by B.Jones and Richards?) and I Wanna Love You.

Hard Rock Las Vegas

The Rolling Stones will perform their final US show on Sunday Feb. 15, 1998 at The Joint, a 1,400 capacity club of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The tickets will be in the $300 - $500 price range, and the ticket sales will start in January, through a lottery system.

Jerry gives birth to son

Jerry Hall gave birth to her and Mick Jagger's son on Dec. 9 in London, to be named Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger. Mick left USA immediately after the St. Louis show, arriving in London the day after, and went directly to the hospital, to see his wife and newborn son. He stayed in London until the day before the Quebec show on Jan. 5.

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