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Mick Taylor

Mick Taylor has been playing several concerts in Europe this spring, including Spain and England. The Spanish dates were early March, and cities on his list were Barcelona, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valencia, Madrid and others. Spanish fans, please submit a complete list. Thanks!

Mick Taylor will be playing with his All Stars Blues band this summer at quite a few locations in Europe:

June 13: Sarpsborg, Norway

June 14: Karlshamn, Sverige

June 20, 21, 23: Ukraine

July 3, 4, 5: Spain

July 19: Spain

July 31: Italy

August 1, 3: Italy

August 7: Holland

August 8: Scotland

August 9: Copenhagen (afternoon)

August 9: Skandeborg (evening)

On the week-end of August 8 - 9, Mick Taylor will be extremely busy. On Friday Aug. 8, he is playing in Scotland. The day after, in the afternoon, on Saturday Aug. 9, he will be playing the "Fem-Øren" Open Air, a 20,000 people capacity open-air concert by the Copenhagen airport. Later on the day, in the evening, he will play in another Danish city, at Skandeborg, Jylland. Well, Denmark isn’t huge when it comes to driving distances, but still, Mick will be busy on that day!

By October/November of this year, Mick Taylor expects to finish his next solo album, which he has been working on, and then he will be on a 6 weeks tour in selected European countries, including Germany.

For the Karlshamn Rock Festival in Sweden, Chris Jagger Zydeco Band will play the day before Mick Taylor, i.e. on Friday June 13.

Bill Wyman will issue his new solo album on June 10 in UK. Mick Taylor will be guest playing on guitar, and rumours tells that other Stones menbers have done overdubs as well!

Mick Taylor is guest star with German blues band Black Cat Bone, on their CD titled Taylormade (Double Dutch Records, Holland, MMCD 99006). Mick plays his excellent guitar on five tracks (see below), including an amazing 10 minutes version of Bob Dylan’s Blind Willie McTell. Also, Mick has penned a track, and he sings on the Dylan track!

1. Wake up Call (MT)

2. Ain't That I Don't Love you

3. The Stumble (MT)

4. Cold Champagne

5. Blind Willie McTell (MT)

6. Mick's Song (MT)

7. Get Out Of My Life Woman

8. Slow Blues (MT)

9. Heart Fixin' Man

10. Mercy, Mercy

11. Italian Summer

12. Blue Shadows

Special offer! The Taylormade CD is available from IORR at a price of US $20 including postage. Payment see page 31 (same methods as membership fee). US $20 = GB £12, DM 35, NOK 140, SEK 150, DKK 120, CAN $25, NLG 30, BEF 650, CHF 25, FRF 100, ITL 35,000, JPY 2500, ATS 230, FIM 100, ESP 2500.

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