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Knights of the Blues Table

British Blues history is celebrated with the CD Knights of the Blues Table (see IORR 27 page 10), to be released by Viceroy Records on May 13. The CD includes 15 tracks, of great interest to fans of the Rolling Stones and the blues! It is issued as a tribute to Cyril Davies, who fathered the British blues with Alexis Korner.

"Racketeer Blues" is a Lonnie Johnson track by Chris Jagger, with brother Mick Jagger on harmonica. "You Shook Me" is a Willie Dixon track made by Mick Taylor. Also, there is a hidden track that Cyril made in his living room. Other tracks on the CD are by Jack Bruce, Georgie Fame, Duffy Power, Pete Brown, Phil Ryan, Miller Anderson, Maggie Bell, Peter Green, Tony McPhee, Nine Below Zero, The Pretty Things, Paul Jones and Mick Clarke. If you are a blues fan, you can’t miss it!

The "Knights" CD was supposed to be a 2CD set, but last minute Viceroy changed it into two volumes. Vol. 2 will be released later, including tracks with Marianne Faithfull, The Climax Blues Band, Peter Green, Chris & Mick Jagger.

If you have problems getting this CD release, or other UK CD’s, then I would recommend contacting Esprit in UK. Also, they have plenty of Stones releases on their lists, mailed out regularly.

Esprit Mail Order, Esprit House, Railway Sidings, Meopham, Kent DA13 0LT, England.

Tel (+44) 1474 815010

Fax (+44) 1474 815030

Photo below: Mick Taylor live in Vienna, April 29, 1996. Photo by Philip Bajo, Austria. Thanks, Philip!

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