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There have not been much Stones related stuff in the magazines and press lately. The most faithful magazines are Q and MOJO in UK, usually having some short and nice articles about The Rolling Stones, either from present or historic events. Also, UK based Record Collector have got a regular supply of Stones related articles.

Record Collector Feb. 97: The Rolling Stones on the cover, and 7 pages rare LP covers inside, plus Felix Aeppli review.

Record Collector Apr. 97: Bill Wyman & The End, 5 pages article.

Record Collector May 97: The lost Beggars Banquet interview, 2 pages.

MOJO Feb. 97: 1 page story from Feb. 1967, in the Time Machine section.

MOJO May 97: Underrated albums: 1 page on Keith Richards - Talk Is Cheap.

Guitar Collector’s: French magazine of Dec/Jan 97, with CD. This is a great magazine dedicated to guitar playing, and how to play the great riffs of the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards. Comes with a CD, with instructions and riffs.

I need your help! If you read about the Stones in your local press, please tell it to IORR! Without your help, it’s hard to keep up with all parts of the world.

Photo on this page: Bill Wyman live at Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad, Sweden, July 92, with Willie & The Poor Boys. Thanks to Richard Carlsson and Nisse Jacobson.

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