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A Rolling Stones Convention is scheduled for London some time in February 1997. This seems like a very, very important event, as many interesting people and items are expected to be there. The IORR web site will include full details of date, place and format once it is available, so that you can go there!

Sticky Fingers London is the first restaurant of Bill Wyman, located in London at the following address: 1A Phillmore Gardens, Kensington, London W8 Tel: +44 171 938 5338. Nearest Tube Station: High St Kensington. This restaurant is a must if you visit London; lots of Stones memorabilia all over, and nice food as well. The London restaurant opened on May 9, 1989.

Sticky Fingers Manchester, Bill’s 2nd restaurant in UK, just opened with a private party held on Monday Nov. 11. Bill was there, of course, and other celebrities like Manchester United football stars. The regular opening was the day after. The address is: 2 St. Mary’s Street, Manchester 3, area in Dean’s Gate. Phone: +44 161 835 4141.

Marianne Faithfull has been busy with her show "An Evening in the Weimar Republic" this fall. First she opened with 5 sell-out shows at the Almeida Theatre in London, starting on August 29. Then she has toured all over Europe with Paul Trueblood on piano. The tour will continue next year, going to the Far East, USA, and then more concerts in Europe.

Marianne Faithfull has just released a new album (Sept. 9, 1996) related to her tour: "20th Century Blues - an Evening in the Weimar Republic". These are the tracks: Alabama Song/ Paradise Illusions/ Pirate Jenny/ Solomon Song/ Boulevard of Broken Dreams/ Complainte de la Seine/ Ballad of the Soldier’s Wife/ Mon Ami, My Friend/ Falling in Love Again/Ich Bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt/ Twentieth Century Blues/ Mack the Knife/ Don’t Forget Me/ Surabaya Johnny/ Street Singers Farewell.

Bo Diddley's new album "A Man Amongst Men" on Code Blue Records has guest appearances by Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and others. I was lucky to see Bo Diddley during his tour in Europe this summer, and I would recommend everyone to go and see the man behind the Not Fade Away sound himself! Bo has toured in USA this fall, and will be off to Japan in january next year.

The Voodoo Lounge Quiz

Thanks to everyone who joined in the Stones Quiz of IORR 26. Some said the questions were too hard, others had no problems finding the right answers.

Question 1: The Charlie photo was taken in Stockholm, Sweden on June 3, 1995. Why? Because of the set list, as seen on Charlie’s plexi - Respectable etc.

Question 2: Largest capacity crowd in 94/95 was Prague, Aug. 5, 1995 with close to 130,000 people in one concert!

Question 3: Number of club concerts in 94/95: Well there were 5, but Mick didn’t count the pre-tour show RPM Toronto, so I’ll accept both 4 and 5 as correct (Paradiso x 2, Olympia, Brixton).

Congratulations to the following, winning great prices as listed in IORR 26:

1: John Jensen, Denmark, 2: Halfdan Neumann, Denmark, 3: Philippe Le Tutour, France, 4: Angelique van der Heide, Netherlands, 5: Erik Engholm, Sweden, 6: Robert Lindmark, Sweden, 7: Thomas Horvath, Germany, 8: Olivier Renoult, France.

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