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The Rolling Stones on tour in America 1997! Yes, that seems to be happening now. Mick and Keith have already been laying down tracks in Barbados, and there should be a new album out before the summertime of 1997.

Mick Jagger is guest appearing on the album "Way Past Blue" by Jimmy Rip, released earlier this year. Mick is playing harmonica on the track "Mojo", and backing vocals on "Insanity Please". Blues artist Jimmy Rip plays guitar on Mick’s solo albums "Primitive Cool" and "Wandering Spirits".

Ronnie Wood is guest appearing on the album "12 Hits and a Bump", released in June this year by the band Nickelbag, featuring Bernard Fowler.

Keith Richards has contributed on the George Jones country music album "The Bradley Barn Sessions", recorded Feb. 94 and released later that year. Check out the track "Say It’s Not You".

Keith Richards has completed recordings of Rastafari music in Jamaica, but it is not confirmed if and how the release of this material will be done.

The movie Casino (released late 1995, out on video these days) is packed with original Stones music: Long Long While, Satisfaction, Heart of Stone, Sweet Virginia, Gimme Shelter (live and studio) and Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. PS. The soundtrack CD do not include the Stones tracks!

The Fan is a new movie featuring Robert DeNiro, and loads of Rolling Stones music: Sympathy For The Devil, Start Me Up, Gimme Shelter and Shattered.

Bill Wyman has been working on recordings for a new album since 1994. The recordings should include contributions and overdubs by Mick Taylor, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie watts and others. Release plans not known.

Mick Taylor has been in studio to record for the upcoming CD "Knites of the Blues Table". This is a UK project by Viceroy Music, celebrating UK blues. Other artists on this project includes Pete Brown of Cream, The Pretty Things and Peter Green. The release date is planned for early 1997.

Mick Taylor plays guitar on two tracks on the new CD by famous Danish band Savage Rose, released Sept. 95. The CD is called "Black Angel" (Mega Records MRCD 3294). taylor plays on the title track "Black Angel" and on "Early Morning Blues". Great album!

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards is to be found producing and participating in the vintage material of Chris Farlowe, now to be released on a CD titled "I’m The Greatest" by See For Miles in UK.


Time Waits For No One...

On October 24, 1996, Bill Wyman turned 60 years old. More happy than ever, with two small kids and a wife to take care of, he is busy with his restaurants and recording plans.

The grandfathers of rock’n’roll... yes, this is he year of the Stones grandfathers. I must admit, I have lost count by now, but as far as I know, Keith, Charlie and Mick all went grandfathers this summer! Congratulations!

Mick is said to be having a dispute with Jerry, but don’t worry, he’s now back home... recording... in London?

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