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The Rolling Stones 1998 Tour
Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, August 11

Moscow, Russia

See the official Rolling Stones web site in Russia, also having info in English!

For the first time ever, the Rolling Stones will play Russia at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow on August 11, 1998. This page is dedicated to details of Moscow, how to get there, where to find tickets, where to meet etc. If you have additions or corrections, please send email! Thanks!

For general tourist information see Moscow City Tourist Office.

The promoter of the Russian Stones show is Silence Pro. Please note that their site is in Russian, and that you need cyrillic fonts (plus russian language capabilities) to use this site in detail.

The general manager of Silence Pro Alexander Gunyaev talks about the Stones visit to Russia:

How "The Rolling Stones" solve the problem of unemployment in Moscow

About 1000 people will work on the organization of the show, and only 200 of them - from their side. In almost every service, including security, cooks, waiters, sales people, will work about 800 of our employees. As for requirements to the local personal, I don't think, that they are too captious : what's wrong in the request, that the driver would have the driver license and be familiar with the city ? Also, there's nothing special in the request to have computer games and snookers table in the band rooms. The people are used to it, and they can allow that. That's normal to my mind.

Now, about requirements to our personal. "Rolling Stones" are not Julio Iglesias, who asks for nice and young girls around - their requests are normal rock-n-roll ones. People just have to know how to work. But there are some interesting moments. For example, sequrity people must wear t-shorts with "Sequrity" sign, and not any uniform. Especially, not in grey color (The color of police people in Russia - Leonid). People would come to the show to enjoy, and not to be beated by sequrity. That's why all the "special instruments" would be banned.

Their own uncompetence

We are very ashamed, but we didn't know, what's "Snooker". When we have driven in the city, we saw the sign - "Billiard tables for sale". We called to that company, and they explaned us everything : it was written explicitely, that they ask for the table for "snooker", not for "pool". They explaned us, that "pool" is American billiard, and "Snooker" - is the British one. You see - "Stones" are patriots. We made agreement with that company - they would provide us the table, and after the concert, they would sell it with sign : "Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood have played on this table"


The western partner forbided to take as sponsors any company producing or marketing sigarets, alcogole (except of beer), weapons and underwear. That makes difficulties for us of course. We don't have the general sponsor yet - we are negotiating with the number of companies.

Their own openess

"The Rolling Stones" is the band for the people. That's why most of the ticket prices would be moderate - 90% of all the tickets are for 120, 180 and 245 rubles (1$ ~= 6 rubl - Leonid). That's cheaper then ticket prices of many of Russian bands. That's why anybody, who would like to come to the concert could afford that for himself. But there are some restrictions and norms : "Luzhniki" hold 68,000 places, not more of that. The tickets are the same all over the world , they are printed in Leichester, UK. They have 5 degrees of defence.

We've started to get orders by phone and there are much calls from other Russian cities, then from Moscow itself - We've got calls from Tomsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Minsk and other cities of former-USSR. I think, that if this situation will hold, the Moscovites, who usually buy the tickets in last 5 days may just be late - there would be no tickets left. There will be VIP tickets, but not too much - about 6,000.

I can say one thing for sure - this time "The Rolling Stones" would come to Russia in any case. And it seems, that would be their first and last visit - I don't think they will do such a grandious tour again - of 120 concerts in a year. I'm afraid, that's their first and last visit to Russia

Thanks to Constantin Preobrazhensky (Moscow) for supplying info about the web site and the Stones show in Russia. Also thanks to Leonid Ulitsky, Italy, for info.

Ticket information:

+7-095-2349595 (for the orders)
+7-095-2531033, +7-095-2531043 (for info)
Email: [email protected]

For more news see IORR 33 mailed out in May, 1998!

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