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Hawaii says no to Rolling Stones gig

Tour Information : Honolulu Hawaii concert at Aloha Stadium cancelled :

Aloha Stadium officials have said "no" to a proposed concert for January 22nd. The Probowl..Aloha Stadium officials say, is on February first..and time is apparently on their side when it comes to perparing for the teams. Les Keiter : "The players arrive January 25th..they practice everyday at Aloha Stadium we also need the week prior to that to get the stadium ready..all the logos painted..all the paint that goes on both end zones. If you have an event as big as the rolling takes 15-hundred to 2 thousand feet of plyboards underneath the state..that takes 3 days to break down after the even is over.." - Promotoer Tom Moffat, who has in 1966 and 1973 brought the Rolling Stones to Hawaii says...he is surprised it takes that long to prepare the stadium for the probowl.

Linda Jameson Reporting Channel 2 News (KHON Honolulu).

Helicopter make way for The Rolling Stones?

HONOLULU (AP) -- A helicopter hovering a few feet from the ground to dry freshly painted 1998 Pro Bowl logos on the artificial turf of Aloha Stadium could buy the time needed to allow a Rolling Stones concert a few days earlier, Gov. Ben Cayetano said Tuesday. Promoter Tom Moffatt wanted to book the legendary British rock group for a concert at the stadium Jan. 21, but stadium officials insisted it was impossible because time was needed to prepare the field for the NFL's Feb. 1 all-star game. In response to a public outcry from disappointed Stones fans who flooded his office with calls, Cayetano intervened. After talking by telephone with NFL groundskeeping guru George Toma, Cayetano said he was "cautiously optimistic" that a solution would be found. The contract with the NFL calls for the stadium field to be ready for the Pro Bowl players when they arrive here Jan. 26. Toma is checking to see what might be done to shorten the time needed to paint the field, including the possibility of using hovering helicopters to dry the paint more quickly, Cayetano said.

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