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The Rolling Stones concert travel offers

Let's face the facts. People are going crazy for Stones tickets these days. Still, don't panic, as many tickets are being purchased "just in case", for friends, for trades, and by travel companies. Some shows are sold out as per now. Others are still on sale. More shows will be added, see the list of rumoured shows in the IORR 2002/2003 tour dates pages.

If you have the nerve to wait until show day, or some days before that, you will probably be able to get tickets to most of the shows, either from the box office, as they get returns and extra tickets, or through buying from people who have spare tickets, scalpers and whoever that do have extra tickets. The going price on show day will probably be close to face value for all tickets in the $150 range and above.

If you don't have the nerve to wait for tickets, you have several options. These are the ones to be recommended:

Concert travel packages

There are many companies offering travel packages with flights, hotels and tickets. If you live in the city where the Stones play, this is probably not so interesting, but if you travel from Europe or other places out of town, you would need a place to stay anyway.

There are two companies that have been approved by The Rolling Stones as official travel partners - ETS and Event Travel. IORR has been working with these companies to make good offers for the fans. Please note that these companies make their living from making travel packages. Don't expect tickets only from these conpanies. Still, they are not scalpers. They work with relatively low margins, and get good travelo and hotel offers for you as a fan. Also, they guarantee you the tickets to the shows, even if these shows are sold out by Ticketmaster.

These travel companies do normally offer commision to those who promote their offers. IORR is non profit, have never accepted paid advertising, and never will. The commision ment for IORR will be passed on to you as a fan. Please make sure you contact these companies claiming your discount as coming from IORR. These are the discounts given:

Club and theater shows: The club & theater shows are said to be sold out. Some tickets are still held for VIP ticket packages (all 3 shows in a city at a high price with VIP services). Don't expect the travel offers to include these shows, as the club shows do only take like 2,000 people, and the tickets for these shows have been sold either directly or through special VIP channels. Also, please note that all theater/club shows do require a picture ID to show you are the ticket owner - don't pay a lot for useless tickets or ticket proofs.

Please note that It's Only Rock'n Roll is a non-profit fan club. IORR is unable to handle individual travel enquiries or ticket needs. Please use the contacts given on these pages. If you have feedback or comments regarding Stones tickets, travel, or The Rolling Stones in general please send e-mail to [email protected].

For more details about the Rolling Stones 2002 - 2003 world tour see IORR 44 due out in June 2002!

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