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The Rolling Stones 2002-2003 World Tour Dates
The 40th Anniversary Tour

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Updated May 7, 2002

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Important! This is an unofficial page. Please read all the information on this page before you start planning your travel into Stonesland! This page was updated finally Tuesday morning May 7, before the announcement of the tour, and it will be kept for historic reasons only.

For the final, confirmed and updated tour dates
please see these new pages: Confirmed dates
The Rolling Stones 2002/2003 World Tour

The North American Tour 2002/2003

Date Year Venue City Country Status
Sept. 3,5,8 2002 ??? Boston, MA USA RUMOURED
Sept. 10,13,15 2002 ??? Chicago, IL USA RUMOURED
Sept. 18,20,22 2002 ??? Philadelphia, PA USA RUMOURED
Sept. 26,28,30 2002 ??? New York, NY USA RUMOURED
Oct 4,5 2002 ??? Washington, D.C. USA RUMOURED
Oct. 12 2002 Ford Field Detroit, MI USA RUMOURED
Oct 14 2002 ??? Cleveland, OH USA RUMOURED
Oct 16,18 2002 ??? Toronto Canada RUMOURED
Oct 20 2002 ??? Columbus, OH USA RUMOURED
Oct 22, 23 2002 ??? Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA RUMOURED
Oct 26 2002 ??? Atlanta, GA USA RUMOURED
Oct 31, Nov. 2,4 2002 ??? Los Angeles, CA USA RUMOURED
Nov 6 2002 ??? Tacoma (Near Seattle), WA USA RUMOURED
Nov. 8,9 2002 ??? San Francisco, CA USA RUMOURED
Nov. 12 2002 ??? Oakland, CA USA RUMOURED
Nov 14 2002 ??? San Diego, CA USA RUMOURED
Nov 16 2002 The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, NV USA RUMOURED
Nov 22 2002 ??? San Antonio, TX USA RUMOURED
Nov 26 2002 ??? Nashville, TN USA RUMOURED
Nov 29,30 2002 ??? Las Vegas, NV USA RUMOURED
Jan 8 2003 ??? Pittsburgh, PA USA RUMOURED
Jan. 10 2003 ??? Montreal Canada RUMOURED
Jan. 12 2003 ??? Boston, MA USA RUMOURED
Jan 15, 16 2003 ??? New York, NY USA RUMOURED
Jan 20, 21 2003 ??? Chicago, IL USA RUMOURED
Jan ?? 2003 Savvis Center St. Louis, MO USA RUMOURED
Jan 25 2003 stadium Houston, TX USA RUMOURED
Jan. 28 2002 arena Oklahoma City,OK USA RUMOURED
Jan. 30 2002 arena Phoenix, AZ USA RUMOURED
Feb 1 2003
Feb 6,7 2003
Mexico City Mexico RUMOURED

The Far East Tour 2003

Feb 18, 20 2003
Brisbane Australia RUMOURED
Feb 22, 24, 26 2003
Melbourne Australia RUMOURED
Feb 28, Mar 2, 3 2003
Sydney Australia RUMOURED
Mar 7, 8 2003
Perth Australia RUMOURED
Mar 13 2003
Shanghai China RUMOURED
Mar 17 2003
Beijing China RUMOURED
Mar 21, 22 2003
Tokyo Japan RUMOURED
Mar 26, 27 2003
Osaka Japan RUMOURED

The European Tour 2003

June 2003 Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury UK RUMOURED
June 18 2003
Athens Greece RUMOURED
June 21 2003
Milan Italy RUMOURED
June 26 2003
Barcelona Spain RUMOURED
June 28 2003
Marseilles France RUMOURED
July 1 2003
Munich Germany RUMOURED
July 3 2003
Vienna Austria RUMOURED
July 5, 6 2003
Paris France RUMOURED
July 9 2003
Zurich Switzerland RUMOURED
July 11 2003
Hamburg Germany RUMOURED
July 13 2003
Hanover Germany RUMOURED
July 19 2003
Helsinki Finland RUMOURED
July 22 2003
Gothenburg Sweden RUMOURED
July 24 2003
Copenhagen Denmark RUMOURED
July 26 2003 Field? Hockeheim Germany RUMOURED
July 28 2003
Leipzig Germany RUMOURED
July 31 2003 Field? Nuremberg Germany RUMOURED
Aug 2, 3 2003 Amsterdam Arena? Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 6, 7 2003 stadium + theater Berlin Germany RUMOURED
Aug 10 2003 stadium Brussels Belgium RUMOURED
Aug 11 2003 theater Amsterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 14, 15 2003 stadium Rotterdam The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 18 2003 Field? The Hague The Netherlands RUMOURED
Aug 21 2003 Millenium Stadium? Cardiff Great Britain RUMOURED
Aug 23, 24 2003 Earls Court London Great Britain RUMOURED
Aug 27 2003 theater London Great Britain RUMOURED
Aug 29, 30 2003 Earls Court London Great Britain RUMOURED

The 2002-2003 World Tour is expected to open in USA during the first week of September 2002, going through 40 shows in 15 cities up to Feb. 2003. Most shows will be arena shows, but there may also be some club shows. If you all go out and buy your tickets fast then many cities will get their 2nd show on sale, as many cities may have a 2nd and even a 3rd optional show that might go on sale if tickets move fast. Then the tour will continue into 2003 with 50 shows in 25 cities across the world, including Europe, China, Japan, South America and Mexico.

The Glastonbury Festival:
Normally the Stones does not play festivals. One recent exception is the Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland Thursday July 9, 1998. But this is the 40th anniversary tour, and the Glastonbury Festival is high profile, so this rumour might be true. Please note that the Glastonbury Festival do not announce the bands on the bill until long after tickets go on sale. But before Feb. 2003, when the 2003 festival should go on sale, we should know a lot more...

This is a complete and up to date list of concerts by The Rolling Stones, to be held during the period 2002-2003. It is based on extensive work, research and experience. Those concerts marked CONFIRMED are officially confirmed. Those marked RUMOURED may happen, but details are still not confirmed. PROBABLY mean the date is confirmed by insiders, but not officially yet. POSTPONED means the show is delayed, and will be re-scheduled to another date. CANCELLED means the show has been cancelled, and there will NOT be another date at that place. Don't pay for expensive travel until concerts are confirmed, and please note that even confirmed concerts may change. This list is supplied by the IORR fan club to fans, for convenient planning of your 2002-2003 life as a Stones fan!

How to get tickets
We do not have any details of ticket sales for this tour yet. As soon as we know, you will be the first to be told. While waiting for these details, please check out the How To Get Tickets pages of the 1999 No Security Tour.

If you have information or comments, please send email!

For more news see IORR 43 mailed out in Feb/March 2002!

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