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Ronnie Wood at The Eel Pie Club
by Linda Raeburn, London

Art Wood's All Stars
The Eel Pie Club at the Cabbage Patch, Twickenham
Wednesday 22 November 2000

The Eel Pie Club (the home of Richmond Rhythm & Blues) meets every other Wednesday in the upstairs room of the Cabbage Patch pub.

The club was formed in April this year with the aim of preserving the continuing heritage of Richmond Rhythm & Blues in the area where it began in the 1960s - Eel Pie Island, Twickenham and the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond.

Last night 250 squeezed in with approximately 50 hopefuls outside.

Art's band started with Hoochie Coochie Man and continued rocking for about an hour:

Don Craine and Keith Grant from the Downliners Sect and Steve Hackett from Genesis jammed on a couple of numbers. After a break Art added: Ronnie came on at about 10.15 pm sporting a Jamiroquai sweatshirt and colourful trainers. They played How Long and Midnight Special with Mick Avory on drums. Then Carlo Little swapped over - pre-empting lots of brotherly banter between Art and Ronnie together at the microphone - with Art reminding Ronnie "You're not in the Stones, you're in the Cabbage Patch"

There were calls for Jesse Wood to come up - while Ronnie tuned his guitar and changed his shirt - but Jesse, like the rest of us chose to enjoy the show instead.

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