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Estadio de Balaidos
Vigo, Spain
Saturday July 18, 1998

Review by Ed Beaver

I really like it here in Spain! The temperature is +30 C during the day, clear blue sky, and fantastic crowds!

Vigo is North-West in Spain, just above the border to Portugal. It seemed like many Portugese fans were at the show, and also some British fans were there. Plus of course mostly local fans from the Vigo area.

It was a late show start. The Stones came flying in from their base in Costa del Sol just before 7pm, i.e. about the same time as gates opened. For a change there were most of the fans on the left side (the "Ronnie" side), as that part of the stadium was in the shade, while the rest of the stadium was in the quite hot sunshine, all the way up to 9:30 or so, when the sun got lower than the stadium.

The stadium could hold up to 65,000 people minimum, but they had no ambition to get that many tickets sold. It was open admission with one ticket that took you anywhere. Nice. A total of 40,000 fans found their best individual spots at chairs or on the field.

The set was very much like in Malaga. Mick had a yellow T-shirt, just like on the Out Of Control single cover, except short sleeves. Keith was nicely dressed in red shirt and black vest, while Ronnie had a blue T-shirt and pink shirt. Charlie was deep dark blue in his T-shirt, while Darryl was all in black as usual. Their colors looked great in this warm and great night, and the press here had pages and pages of photos from the show the day after.

Paint It Black was again taking the crowd totally wild. And this time it was really the web choice, in the lead, far in front of all other songs. I love this new version, as it is very different from last time they did this song, in 1990, with Matt Clifford driving the synthesized guitar sound from Keith. Now it is just pure, basic and raw. First Keith on the guitar. Then Charlie coming in like a thunderstorm. Fast and steady. Then the rest of the band.

The small stage was great as usual. And the rest of the show, it's just amazing the way the Stones can put up show after show, again and again, still keeping up the same excitement, the joy of playing, and the perfect interaction with the crowd.

I am sure our Spanish friends have lots more to tell. I am now in Barcelona, and just can't wait until tomorrow, for may be the third time with Paint It Black? See you!

Start time: 22:30
End time  : 00:55

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby
  6. Live With Me
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Paint It Black (web choice)
  10. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  11. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  12. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13. Little Queenie (center stage)
  14. The Last Time (center stage)
  15. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Tumbling Dice
  18. Honky Tonk Women
  19. Start Me Up
  20. Jumping Jack Flash
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)

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