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Song Festival Ground
Tallinn, Estonia
Saturday August 8, 1998

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Review by Lasse Carlsson, Sweden

Stones for the first time in Estonia. What a concert. My third concert on this tour (San Diego, Gothenburg and this) and the sixth ever. And though all of them was great this was the best.

We went by boat from Stockholm on a Rolling Stones cruise with EstLine. And there where about 1000 people from Sweden on the boat. All of them (or at least most of them) aiming for the concert.

I travelled with 9 of my friends and we met some wonderful people from Estonia and elsewhere on this concert. The venue was a hit with 45.000 people in the Song Festival Ground which hade a huge singers stage (room for 30.000 singers) and like a great park with a hill to make everybody have a perfect view. We headed for the small stage to get the best places for the middle part of the concert. And we got it. No problems getting close here. It really is a thrilling experience to have them just a couple of feet away.

And the Stones. The set differed from Gothenburg in three songs. Let's spend the night together was back as song no 2 and the web choice was Love me Strong. (I HAD put my vote on it). And Keith started with You Dont Have To Mean It. Anyway they seemed to enjoy themselves and they seem to give the impression that every concert is the best on the tour.

I just regret that I was not able to get tickets to the extra concert in Stockholm in sept. I would have loved to see them on a small arena.

Start time: 21:45
End time  : 24:00

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby
  6. Paint It Black
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Love Is Strong (web choice)
  10. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  11. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  12. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  13. Little Queenie (center stage)
  14. You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  15. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Tumbling Dice
  18. Honky Tonk Women
  19. Start Me Up
  20. Jumping Jack Flash
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)

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