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The Hague, Holland
Saturday September 5, 1998

Rain, Rain, Rain...

See the great pictures from The Hague Show, taken by Marco Blom!

Review by Uncle Phelge, Holland

The show started at 8.00pm. And the rain started at 8.00pm. And the rain kept falling down as the Stones came falling down on us. Great show great music. Hey the boys were in shape and they really liked it (except for the rain) except for Keith asking us �who cares about the weather. After Flip The Switch Mick refered to the show way back in �64 in the Kurhaus The Hague. �After three numbers we had to stop SO GOODNIGHT� and walked away. Before Miss You Mick told us he was soaking wet and asked Lisa if she was wet. No Cyber Vote on this show (would have been Waiting On A Friend). Keith played a fantastic show. And Ronnie had his moment in Miss You I will always remember this show as THE HAT show (Everybody wear a hat on stage ). No You Can�'t Always Get What You Want this evening, but then You Can�'t Always Get What You Want...

Start time: 20:05
End time  : 22:20

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Anybody Seen My Baby
  6. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  7. Saint Of Me
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  10. You Don't Have To Mean It (Keith)
  11. Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  12. Little Queenie (center stage)
  13. You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  14. Like A Rolling Stone (center stage)
  15. Sympathy For The Devil
  16. Tumbling Dice
  17. Honky Tonk Women
  18. Start Me Up
  19. Jumping Jack Flash
  20. Brown Sugar (encore)

PS. No web choice tonight due to heavy rain problems - only 20 songs!

Review by Oeds Jan Koster

What a crowd, what a show, what a rain! Yesterday evening, after more than 30 years The Stones back in The Hague. The ticketsale had a slow start, but the last ones were sold around the festival site and so 86.000 fans saw and heard The Stones for their final gig in Holland. IMO the opening act, Big Country, did a good job! And then at 20.00 CET Satisfaction started and direct from the start the crowd went wild. I thought that The Stones had a lesser start than usuall, but who minds� I didn't keep the complete setlist up, others will, but a few things were obvious (IMHO): after two shows at the Amsterdam Arena I was very happy with the sound quality. Besides that I heard very loud, very sharp, very mean guitar playing, Mick was running the stage as always, didn't like the rain, Keith played some very fine solo's and he didn't care about the weather. After the first three songs Mick tried to fool us, by remembering what happened 34 years ago at the Kurhaus: after 3 songs the show was over. This time it was all over around 22.30 and with a great firework show the party was over. Great show, great audience, guys thanks!!

Review by R. Spork, The Hague

The Rolling Stones in the Hague, Holland, september 5, at the Malieveld for 86.000 people. For the 4th time in their career the Stones played in the Hague. The first time was in 1964 at the Kurhaus for only 1800 people. The show is famous because it only lasted 5 numbers as the fans went crazy. Last night Jagger said he remembered the show and that the Stones would stop after a few numbers. Of course they playes all evening, despite the heavy rain. The show started at 20.05 hour ans lasted till 22.15 hour. The Stones played very well, Because of the rain they didn't play the web-site choice 'waiting on a friend' (their acoustic gitars might get wet).

Review by Fred de Jonge

A few words about the last Stones gig in the Netherlands. We went to the Hague 7.30 in the morning and arrived in the front row at 9.30, gates opened at 16.00 and the Stones performance started at 20.00 as usual with "Satisfaction" (supporting act was "Big Country"). After the first notes of Satisfaction, the Stones had to do their show in the pouring rain.

After three songs Mick said: "Well that's it for tonight, in 1964 we stopped in the Hague after three songs, so this is it for tonight". But of course they didn't stop and in spite of the wheather they went on.

Such a shame they didn't play the Web choice, Waiting On A Friend. The setlist was pretty much the same as in the other concerts. Out Of Control (one of their greatest songs at the moment especially live), Anybody Seen My Baby and Saint Of Me were the hits from their latest album they performed. On the center stage they performed among other things Little Queenie and of course Like a Rollng Stone. Great concert again for an audience of 86.000 people (a Dutch record) Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie were greater than ever on that Saturday evening. Even Charlie seemed to enjoy the thunderous applause he got after the encore "Brown Sugar". Together with Mick it took a while before Charlie left the stage.

The sound was a class above the Amsterdam Arena. An impressive firework ended the concert, organised by the city of the Hague which celebrates her 750 anniversary. My sister was so lucky to meet Mick Jagger in the city coming out of his hotel (pictures coming up on my own webpages).

Review by Jim Pors

Perfect show, load's of rain. Mick got soaking wet and told us that he had to use all the raincoats he has bought in the last ten years.

The funny thing was after 3 songs that Mick remembered his first show in Den Haag. The show was finished after 3 songs, so mick sad: OK THAT'S IT. And he walked off the stage....

Review by Michel Cox, Holland

What a great show this one was!!!!!! The Stones started the show at 20.05 with satisfaction. This is a great opening song, although i've heard it so many times before. This was followed by well sung version of let's spend the night toghether. The third song was a track of bridges to Babylon. Flip the switch sounds in a live performance much better than on cd. Especially Keith's guitarriff is a killer on this one. Gimme shelter was the next song which is also an excellent song. Lisa Fisher was now singing the duet with Mick. What a great voice!!!!

After this it was time for another btb song. Anybody seen my baby is in my opinion not such a great song to perform live. It sounded good though. After this they played saint of me. The oooh yeah, oooh yeah thing worked really well today. Out of control is also a great song to play live with Mick running down the stage like an idiot and the wah wah guitar parts and groaning of Keith. The next song was a great and very long version of 'miss you. This is also one of my favourites. Lisa and Bernard were really singing great and Ronnie played some great solos.

Now we got an introduction of the band by Mick and after this it was time for the 2 song solo spot of Keith. He started of with the reggae song You don't have to mean it. The horn section in this song sounds great and Keith was having a great time. After this he played all about you, a great song from the undercover album. Most people didn't know it.

The performance on the center stage was earlier than at other concerts. This was due to the bad wheather I guess. They started off with little queenie, and i was only standing five metres from the center stage!!! The audience loved it and they played another two songs, including you got me rocking and like a rolling stone.

It's only rock and roll is another sing along song and sounded fresh. So were the other live favourites start me up, Honky tonk women with Keith playing without touching his guitar neck. tumbling dice, sympathy for the devil, jumpin jack flash and brown sugar made the audinece go wild again. This was a great evening with 86,000 people having a great time in the driving rain and a band who played like their best days. To speak with Keith's words: It's good to be here, It's good to bo anywhere really. Who cares about a little rain?????

Review by Dirk Snapper

Here's my story of my experiences about the Crewdo and The Stones show in The Hague (Den Haag) Holland.

Thursday September 3rd.

Last week there were as many rumours about a crewdo in The Hague as well as about a clubgig in Hamburg. Thursday afternoon a Dutch radio station, called Arrow Classic Rock, anounced a crew gig in a pub called "De Paap".

A good friend (thanks - you know who you are) gave me the advise to be there early because after 10 p.m. it would be "guests only". Arriving there at about 21.00 we already had to talk (tip) ourselves in. First there was a local band and about midnight we noticed Bernard Fowler and Pierre de Beauport in the audience. Even after 01.00 a.m. there was a group of well know faces (I don't know every one by name, but I saw Mike, Dave, Pierre and Bernard) playing a very nice set of known and unknown songs. We heard Excalibur, I'm Going Down, Voodoo Chile, The Red Rooster and others. They played a little over an hour. Unfortunately Lisa and Leah and Chuck (as well as the Stones) were still in Hamburg. Nevertheless it was a great experience (after I missed the gig in Amsterdam on July 3rd).

Saturday September 5th.

The weather forecast made us cry... And while driving to The Hague at 8 a.m. it was raining cats and dogs! We took position at one of the 10 entrances, that were made for this occasion. As there were some guys (no Stones fans!) who had spent the night under a self made "tent", we also had a dry place for the day.

During the day we had a lot of sunshine, in betwwen the showers. We met a lot of old and new friends (Thanks for joining us William). Gates opened at 4.30 p.m. and as the stage was opposite the entrances, we had to run across the field, that was turned into a very slippery and muddy thing.

We were not lucky. Our gate opened a little after the others, so no front row for us today. But we had a nice spot at the catwalk (Ronnie's side) about 12 meters from the stage. Opening act, Big Country, played their (for us well known) set at 6.30 p.m. And again, like the shows in Germany last week, it was dry. The Stones opened at 20.00 h. with a splashing Satisfaction. You could see it right from the start; this was going to be a great show. And it was!

During Let's Spend The Night and Flip The Switch it started raining again. Some real heavy rain from time to time! But The Stones rolled on. Gimmie Shelter, Anybody Seen My Baby, It's Only Rock 'n Roll (where Mick mixed up things twice), Saint Of Me, Out Of Control (which was the best!). No websong tonight. Although the screen "was waiting", Mick asked for his guitar and Miss You was played. Fortunately the middle part wasn't as long as it used to be during this tour. After the introductions Keith did his You Don't Have To Mean It (with Leah Wood on backing vocals for the first time!!) and as always I Gotta Hold You.

The center stage set: Little Queenie, You Got Me Rocking and Like A Rolling Stone. And the grand final: Sympathy For The Devil, Tumbling Dice, Honky Tonk Women, Start Me Up, Jumpin' Jack Flash and the encore Brown Sugar. The show was followed by great fireworks. Remember that this show was done because of the 750th anniversary of the city of Den Haag.

A really great show ("You're a fucking great audience"), but... no surprises and... cut down by one song. Even the websong. The only time we could expect a surprise!!

I'm a bit sad about this. The Stones MUST know that there are lots of fans who see them more than once or twice. A little more respect to those fans, who spent a lot of their money to see different shows and often wait all day to get a good position, would have been nice. Of course I know that there are 83,000 people who want to hear "the big hits". But does that mean that the 3,000 true fans can't have 3 or 4 surprises...?? Sorry, but this has been bothering me for some time now.

One more to go: Mannheim.

Review by Ronald Vrolijk, The Hague

I attended the Rolling Stones (together with a colleague) open air concert at the Festival Site "Malieveld". The concert was sold out (86.000). The concert rocked, very great but there was heavy rainfall but that didn't bother the 86.000 fans. After "Flip The Switch" Mick made a joke about their show in 1964 at the Kurhaus in The Hague. �. In 1964 they had to stop after three numbers. Mick walked away for a little time but he came back.

The Rolling Stones concert was very great, it was my 2nd concert this year, it was better than in the Amsterdam Arena. The sound was much better and Mick talked some words to us in Dutch, the setlist was great but I didn't like "Anybody Seen My Baby" (some fans were screaming "Anybody Seen My Raincoat"). Great pyros, great setlist, a great experience. The Rolling Stones blow us away !!!

Review by Bj�rnulf Vik, Norway

I hate rain! Dreaming back to the summer of 1995, also going to Stones shows in the summer of Europe, I do now realize even the Stones are pretty fed up of rain, as this must be one of the worst summers Europe has seen.

There had been showers of rain during the day, like bursts of big rainfalls for ten minutes, then one or two hours of great sunshine. That would have been fine for the show too. But it had been sunshine and not rain for hours, until five past eight, same minute as Keith walked out to do Satisfaction... And unlike most other rainy shows I have seen, it just kept raining and raining and raining. It's hard to have 100% Satisfaction when you are struggling with raincoats, wet and cold, as the bursts keep coming twice during each song.

Mick were running backstage during the songs every time the rain got too bad, to ask for his hat, or to get a new raincoat. Keith did not care at all, it seemed. He just put on his hat and played. He must have been soaking wet all through. And Ronnie seemed to have given up the rain before the show started. He never wore a hat. If none in the band catch a cold next week then it's a miracle.

Mick spent a lot of time walking out to the wings. It felt like he wanted to show some sympathy to us. Then he picked up another raincoat. And another. Out of control was great. But I really felt this whole show was a bit out of control, more under control by the rain.

Then they moved directly into Miss You. They did show the Cybervote web page on the monitor, just the top part, but Miss You was played.

Mick were running through the introductions fast. Then Keith did his set. Leah Wood, Ronnies daughter, was on stage on backing vocals for the first time during the reggea song You Don't Have To Mean it. Usually she only show up if they do "Thief In The Night".

For the small stage appearance we got more rain. It actually never stopped, except for may be five minutes a couple of times. They were running out of coats and towels. But thanks to the great professionals, the Rolling Stones, tbis show turned out to be very good. We got Sympathy For The Devil. It really came to life when Charlie finally climbed up to his drum kit. Keith was backstage having guitar problems, but showed up eventually, and we were back in business.

Even all the way back home, we had rain. Thanks for another great show - I may hate rain, but I love the Stones like 100 time more, and no rain will even stop the Stones, that's proven at The Hague on Sept. 5, 1998!

PS. I know that ice rain did stop the concert in Montreal this winter, but then the rain closed down the city, not the Stones...

Review by Fabrice Fayolle, France

I went there by bus from France and arrived in The Hague around 2:30 pm. As you can guess many people were already queuing in front the gates. The Dutch people organized the queue in a nice way : in front of each gate you could find 2 "waiting rooms" separated by fences. They let people who arrived early get in the 1st waiting room, then close it when it was full (the same with the 2nd waiting room). I managed to find my way until the entrance of the 2nd waiting room, where I sat and wait until they opened the gates.

Unfortunately the weather was quite bad in The Hague and from time to time it rained for a few minutes. But then it was OK : it became worse during the concert (see later).

They opened the gates at 4pm : big rush and run to enter the closed section between the main stage and the B-stage. I find my favorite position : Keith's side in front of the stairs Keith uses during JJF. But this time I had to satisfy with 2nd row :-). After that usual wait until the opening act. Though the weather was quite good (even sunny) after 4pm we could see that it wouldn't last : big dark clouds in sight which let us fear a thunderstorm during the concert. Apparently we were not the only fearing this : at 6:30pm Michael Cohl came on the stage and announced the opening act : Big Country. To be honest I quite enjoyed their set (maybe because I spent one year in Scotland and hearing this Scottish accent reminded me good memories ;-)).

It was then really dark and it was no doubt that it would rain during the Stones show.

Finally Keith hits the stage at 8:05pm .... and so did the rain :-( Everything reminded me the Paris Longchamps 95 2nd concert where it rained nearly during all the show. As usual under such circumstances the guys did a great job : I would even say that they really played better than in normal conditions. I was really impressed by Mick : he didn't change anything in his performance because of the rain, he kept runing from side to side and stayed nearly all the time under the rain. Keith and Rony gave us a good performance too, but from time to time they were lucky to stay under the roof located above Charlie's drum kit.

All in all it was a great show (especially when considering the conditions). As I said it in part 1, they skipped the cybervote though the WEB page was shown on the big screen before Miss You.

I am too tired to write a detailed song by song report, so here are a few memories on top of my head :

During Miss You, Mick when approaching Lisa said something like "she's totally wet" and this time he didn't bite her toes but instead kissed her breast :) Mick made fun of her after he introduced her : saying "thank you" imitating a female voice.

Rony seemed he was having fun under the rain : at one point he wore on his head a sort of orange bonnet (Dutch color). When he came back from the B-stage he grabbed a big cardboard tongue (one with the Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle design) and hold it high so that everybody could see it.

Keith during I Wanna Hold You (I think) pointed his right hand to the sky making a big "up yours" sign , showing that he didn't give a f*ck to the rain.

During Brown Sugar, when Mick and Keith crossed each other way, Mick said something to Keith that made him laugh. Then when Keith came close to Rony he imitated Mick's "ass dance" : pretty funny :-)

Even if the weather was far from being good, I had a great time in The Hague, and it seems it was the same with everybody there. At the end of the show I met Matt Lee who told me he enjoyed the show too.

Now I can't wait for next Week and the Manheim's concert.

Review by Hendrik Mulder

We arrived at 09.00 AM at the Malieveld in The Hague. The weatherforecast promised us a bad day but during the waiting it wasn't too bad. The gates opened at 16.00, a long run for your life throug the muddy field and we made it again for the front-row. A few minutes before 20.00, just before the show, I looked behind me and I saw enormous dark clouds coming and I feared the worst. A few moments later the intro started, Keith was entering the front of the stage,with sunglasses, hairband and cigarette; smiles at the audience and Satisfaction was on. Within two minutes it started to rain and everybody was totally wet before Satisfaction was finished.

After the third song, Flip the switch, Jagger talked about their 'concert' in 'the Kurhaus': "We stopped after three song so that's it for tonight, see you later". Gimme shelter was next followed by the first variable which was Anybody seen my baby. The next song was It's only rock 'n roll which wasn't played in Amsterdam. After this song Jagger got his guitar and wanted to start Saint of me but by a wrong move he unplugged his guitur and only Jagger seemed to know this because he didn't get any help; It took more than a minute before he got any help.

After Out of control it was time for the web-choice. I knew that Waiting on a friend was in the lead followed by Time is on my side. Both songs would be great. This would be a historical moment because they never played Waiting on a friend in Europe! But a big dissapointment followed: no webchoice!!!!! They continued with Miss you and I really felt bad about this. Almost 90.000 people standing in the rain and it seemed that they would do a short set; very dissapointing!

Little queenie, You got me rocking and Like a rolling stones was played on the center stage and it was dry during these songs. The rest of the set is well known and I was still hoping for You can't always get what you want.

The encore was only Brown sugar and they left The Hague and the rest of Holland with just 20 songs. I have to admit that they played those 20 songs extremely well and despite the rain they really seemed to enjoy and so did I.

Review by Bertrand Laisney

They told us at the end of the concert through the PA system that we were 86000. This concert was a big event for the town of DEN HAAG. It was in the very center of the city (downtown as they would say in the US); just imagine another Hyde Park... but this one was not free and the wether conditions were not the same...

For those who were in PARIS at Longchamps for the 2nd show the 1st of july 1995, it was approximately the same kind of hard rain, except that in Paris in 95 we were really cold which was not the case in DEN HAAG. But the show was really wet.

The rain began to fall at the exact time the STONES went on stage. It was exactly 8PM07 when Keith played the first note of Satisfaction. The last note of Brown Sugar finished at 10PM19 and the STONES left the stage at 10PM21.

I have seen the STONES 8 times on the BTB Tour and this concert was not the best. But it was a good concert. Mick was not afraid to be wet and he sang a lot under the rain. They were all wearing a hat and the one Keith had was really funny.

The set list was very conventional with no surprise. I have to say that we are a lot of people who begin to be fed up with songs like "It's only Rock'n'Roll" and "Anybody seen". But where are the "Love in vain" - "Under my thumb" - "Bitch" - "Sister Morphine" that they used to play in WERCHTER or in AMSTERDAM ?

We were a little bit disapointed with the cancellation of the web choice. After "Out of control", it was raining a lot, and the big screen was indicating that the web choice was next to come. But Mick took his red guitar and asked the audience "Do you want to sing ?" and he completely ignored the web choice which was not very fair... It should have been "Waiting on a friend" that I did not hear live since 1982...

The boys played well, especially Ronnie who played some superbs lines on some songs, especially at the very end of "You got me rocking"; it was really suberb and it helped us to forget the rain. So whe had a wet concert and a short concert (only 20 songs). Well boys, see you in Wembley in June 99, and please, bring us some new songs.

Review by Marko Boon, Eindhoven

There's no better proof that the Stones must have links with the devil, for exactly when Keith started Satisfaction, the rain started to fall out of the sky. But it wasn't bothering the crowd at all. And it wasn't bothering the Stones either. The crowd was great, or as Mich said it: F***ing great. In the beginning of the show, Ronnie was more interacting with the crowd than playing guitar. But that was ok with me, because Keith was playing his riffs solidly as always.

There was nothing unusual about the show, except for the rain, that caused some defects sometimes. Like during Out of control, when Mick's harmonica failed to work, and he had to get another one. But this meant that the song was longer than usual, which is great of course. I was disappointed that they omitted the internet-vote. During Miss you Mick licked Lisa, and she put her hand on his genitals (to warm them up). Lisa was very out of control during the whole show, especially during Jumpin' Jack Flash, when she was jumping up and down the whole time, with a big smile, which made Bernard laugh.

It was a great show, and I hope that they will come back to Holland in the next millenium.

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