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Bits and Pieces

The San Diego show on Feb. 3 was broadcasted live on FM radio in USA, so expect excellent recordings to appear from it, including Memory Motel and Ruby Tuesday!

The Edinburgh, Scotland Stones concert has been re-scheduled from June 16 into August 24. Old tickets are still valid for the new date.

The live albums Love You Live, Still Life and Flashpoint, unavailable for a long time on CD, has been remastered and will be released worldwide, as the Stones tour move on - first in Japan in March, then in Europe, and then the rest of the world as well soon.

Rumours are telling that Bob Dylan will be on the bill with the Rolling Stones in Brazil, for the concerts in Sao Paulo (April 8) and Rio de Janeiro (April 11).

Final US show in Chicago sold out in 20 minutes! When they re-scheduled the cancelled shows in Syracuse, Montreal and Toronto from January, they changed into the 21,000 capacity arena type venue the Molson Centre in Montreal (two shows), and added a final USA show in the same city it all started - Chicago! When the ticket sales started, they were all gone in 20 minutes, at prices of $300, $150, $85, $50 and $30. The first 10 rows plus the two sides adjacent to the stage (about 1,000 seats) were $85, but the majority were $50. It was all gone in 20 minutes - tickets of 2 million US dollars...

The Phelge book is due out soon! You read about it in IORR 26, June 1996, and now he is just about finished. You will get a full review here once it is available, of the book by the guy who lived with Mick, Keith and Brian in Edith Grove back in 1963, Mr. James Phelge.

Mick Taylor has been working on his new album recently, and it is currently being mixed at Sensible Studios in London. Mick Taylor will tour Europe on the following dates: Portugal Feb. 20, Spain Feb. 21, UK Feb. 24, Hungary March 7, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria March 5-21, Germany April 1-6, Denmark, Sweden April 8-11.

Pepsi made Hawaii shows possible! Some times it takes a lot of smart thinking and dealing in order to make shows possible. The Rolling Stones got about $3 million for their Pepsi show in Hawaii and about $1 million for the rights for Brown Sugar to be used in a commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl, tour promoter Michael Cohl told Rolling Stone. Cohl said that without the Pepsi show, the two other Honolulu shows made no sense financially. Cohl said he didn’t necessarily see the Stones playing Hawaii again. For the Hawaiian gigs the Stones used three big 747s and one little plane for the bridge. The bridge needs its own plane. So without the Pepsi deal, the Hawaii shows may not have happened...

Bill Wyman and The Rhythm Kings did a private performance in Vienna, Austria at a club called The Rockhaus on Feb. 28. The concert had a strange setup, being held for a Swedish tour operator party. The six men and three women band played 14 songs and 2 songs as an encore where a few songs were dropped from the setlist during the show. The program basicaly was a 50´s/60´s mix of R´N´R with songs like: Little Queenie, Stagger Lee, Hit the road jack, Let´s work together etc. The only Stones song they performed was Melody which was partly renamed as Beverly. See live photo on page 29.

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