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Fan to Fan Advertisements

Non-commercial advertisements are free!

Wanted: I'd like to buy maxi singles from 89, 90 and 91. Contact: Szabolcs Beres, 9027 GYOR, Munkas u. 41, Hungary. Email: [email protected]

For sale: Rolling Stones Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 - 10 (10 CD’s, the Genuine Pig, and Mick Jagger Far East to Down Under (live 1988 2CD box set Swinging Pig), Offes within 4 weeks to: Ronny Hopisch,Birkenlinie 23, 07639 Bad Klosterhausnitz, Germany.

Wanted: I want to buy VGP "Gothenburg 1970" CD, and other VGP stuff. Does anyone have addresses where I can order other "live & studio" rarities? Also Dylan. Any Japanese contacts? Write to: Dennis Andersson, Topaz-gatan 68, S-421 48 Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wanted: Stones Videos: Let’s Spend The Night Together, Rewind and Keith’s Xpensive Winos Live at the Hollywood Palladium in original packaging. Please fax: Thomas Holmér, +358 9 622 11 55.

Wanted: I’d like to buy/interchange CD and/or vinyl Rolling Stones, M. Jagger, R. Wood, M. Taylor, C. Watts, B. Wyman, Chris Jagger, Alexis Korner albums, singles, remixes, bootlegs, underground releases etc. I want to make contact with Rolling Stones fans over the world. Speak Spanish and English. Contact: Jimmy Daly, 60330, Caracas 1060-A, Venezuela, South America.

For sale: Mission Direct Hits (2LP), Keith Richards: Booze and Pills and Powders, Paris Par Excellence 1976), Tie Me Down or Turn Me Loose 1981, Never Stop (Gothenburg 1982), Mick Jagger Who Is The Boss (2LP), Undercover of the Night (maxi single), Harlem Shuffle (maxi single), Tooth and Nail (2CD). Want to buy or swap for CD live and studio material, mainly from 1974-1980. Contact: Ingvard Risholm, Odvar Solbergsvei 8, 0970 Oslo, Norway

Wanted: Live CD Schuttorf Aug. 12, 1995 from the Voodoo Lounge tour. Please mail to pi[email protected], or send offer to: Thomas Piehl, Missundestrasse 7, D-22769 Hamburg, Germany.

Wanted: I would like close up pictures from Keith + Ronnie and Mick together from the 95 tour. Right price paid. Contact: Jeroen Starink, Beelhouwerstraat 28, 6824 EH Arnhem, Holland.

For sale: Handwritten postcard from Bill Wyman, also an autograph from Bill Wyman and one from Mick Taylor. I have lots of original Stones singles from the 60’s for sale or trade. All are in nice condition. Please contact: Alwin Hansen, Wallstrasse 89, 51063 Köln 80, Germany.

For sale: Beat Beat Beat (19" LP) Decca Sonderauflage 60368 10" size, Mick Jagger "Starschnitt" 13 piece live size aus Bravo, press articles from Bravo, Musik-Parade, OK, Muzik-Express etc, from 1965-73. Send an IRC for a list to: Thomas Erni, Burstwiesenstrasse 85, Postfach 825, 8055 Zurich, Switzerland.

For Sale Pinballmachine: I have a Stones Pinballmachine for Sale. When You're interested, please contact or send a E-mail to my address: Contact: Charles Godde, Docfalaan 14, 5342 HZ OSS, The Netherlands . [email protected]

Buy: STONES OFFICIAL CD'S OF ALBUMS "12 by 5", "the Rolling Stones, now!", "out of our heads", "december's children (and everybody's)", "got live if you want it!", all on LONDON-US & "love you live" (2 cd-Sony) and Keith Richard's CD of "main offender" album, & Ron Wood's CD's of "gimme some neck", "now look!" & "i got my own album to do" albums / reasonable prices, please!! Contact: VERITE Olivier / 2 Mail du Cedre Appt. n° 44 78180 MONTIGNY LE BRETONNEUX / FRANCE. [email protected]

Buy: I will buy CD "Love You Live" Contact: Petr Brzobohaty Zivcovych 438/15, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic. [email protected]

SELL STONES BIOGRAPGY: Still in print, limited edition, only 3000 samples,complete biograpgy of Rolling Stones including last tour, in Croatian language, with over 60 photos, lot of them unpublished. Also, sell photographs from the book. Would be on the market late September, only US$ 50.00. Reserve your copy now at [email protected] Contact: Marina Ralambo, 6888 Friars Road, Suite 206, San Diego, CA 92108, USA. [email protected]

WANTED: "FIRST TIME IN HUNGARY" (CD or copy) and any audio, video etc. souvenir from the show in Budapest, Hungary, 8 August 1995. Contact: Bogdan Torcatoriu, 32 rue de la Lamproie, 67000 Strasbourg,France.

Buy: Keith Richards-shirts, black with white sculls or red with big white dots,wanted. Do you sell or know who sells, plese contact me. Contact: Peter Suhr Magle Lilla Kyrkogata 19, 223 51 Lund, Sweden.. [email protected]

Buy: Does anybody have a copy of Voodoo Raindance (Melbourne, 1995) for sale? Contact: Karen Caulfield 2 Alexander St., Montmorency, Vic. 3094, Australia. [email protected]

TRADE: I want to trade audio or video tapes with fans. Send me your list and I will send you mine. Contact: Bogdan Torcatoriu, 32 rue de la Lamproie, 67000 Strasbourg,France. .

BUY: UK Collector wants to buy original U.S. LONDON 7" singles in original picture sleeves. Naturally being a collector I'll consider anything at all from any part of the globe. Drop me a line & let me know what you have to sell/trade. Contact: Brian Battensby, 30 Beech Road, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6WR, Scotland . [email protected]

Sell: Greetings Stones fans around the World! A list of collectibles available for the asking. Also please send your wants. Visit BACKSTAGE COLLECTOR: www.wp.comContact: Jamie Duquette c/o BACKSTAGE COLLECTOR 432 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC, CANADA, V6B 1T5. [email protected]


Pen pals? Tickets buy/sell/trade? You may use the IORR fan to fan ads not only for buying and selling stuff, but also for getting in touch with other fans as pen pals, or for ticket trade!


The fan-to-fan advertisements are the best way to get in touch with other fans and fellow collectors. They are free of charge to all IORR members as long as they are non-commercial.

Write your advertisement clearly on a separate sheet of paper, or send by email to [email protected]

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