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The Blessed Poison Tour 97/98

The tour may not be called "Blessed Poison", but everything seems to be ready for another major Rolling Stones tour this fall. At the moment, there are loads of rumours about where and when the Stones will play, and where the tour will start. At the time of going to press, as of May 11, it has been impossible to confirm all these rumours. When confirmed dates are available, all IORR members will be told by special mail.

Please note! The following is unconfirmed rumours, there may be errors and changes in these dates and places; do not buy tickets or travel until you get confirmed information. The IORR internet pages will be 100% updated always, see web-address on page 31.

* Sept. 14: Tiger Stadium, Detroit ??

* Sept. 25: Chicago - Opening date ??

* Dec. 5: TWA Dome, St. Louis ??

For the latest and most up to date list of tour dates
see the special IORR Tour 1997 web pages!

The following places are very, very rumoured and very, very unconfirmed... Foxboro Stadium, Boston, MA: Sure they will play Foxboro, but when??? Veterans Stadium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1989, 1994, and now 1997? RFK Stadium, Washington, DC: Rumoured dates are Aug 2 and Aug 1+3. Will probably be re-scheduled to September. Muengersdorfer Stadion, Cologne, Germany - Booked for a date in late May 1998...

Then to a story that chocked Stones fans in Oregon: Rock and roll greats, the Rolling Stones, asked the University athletic department if they could play at Autzen Stadium on Sept. 30, but previously arranged football practices put an end to their plans.

Sandy Walton, senior associate athletic director, confirmed that the Rolling Stones contacted the athletic department before Christmas interested in playing at Autzen. "We tried to find a way to fit them in, but in the end it just could not happen," Walton said.

Jaime Klund, sports information director, explained it was not feasible to disrupt the stadium with a big event in the middle of football season. The date the Rolling Stones were set to play was September 30, right in the middle of the University's football season. "Autzen was built to be a football facility; that's what it's for," Klund said. The University would have received an estimated $150,000 for the performance.

PS. The last time the Rolling Stones played in Oregon was on July 21, 1966 at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland.

Travel from Europe

The IORR Fan Club is cooperating with Event Travel of UK to make available travel offers including concert tickets, departing from major European cities like London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm etc. More details will be mailed directly to all IORR members when dates and travel schedules are fixed. There will be travel offers to major concert venues, including the opening concert, plus also most probably to concerts held in the central New York area. These travels will include best possible seated concert tickets, with options to buy tickets to more than one concert.

Please note that IORR can not supply tickets only to individuals. Tickets will only be available as part of the travel arrangements.

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