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David Bailey’s Rock and Roll Heroes is a new photo book published by Thames and Hudson, London, 1997. ISBN 0-500-27906-3. Price £14.95. Mick Jagger is on the front cover, with a big knife in his mouth, black&white photo. Inside the large size book is plenty of excellent, I would say outstanding photos of famous rock starts and celebrities.

The Rolling Stones are the most covered band in the book, may be 30% or more is Stones, Mick, Keith etc. David Bailey must be one of the best photographers in the world, as his photos are so sharp, unique and they each tells a story. He worked on quite a few Rolling Stones projects, and you should not miss out on this on - simply a "must"!

Good Times Bad Times - The Definitive Diary of the Rolling Stones 1960 -1969, was released in UK in April. Price: £17.99. Publisher: Complete Music Publications Ltd. ISBN 0-9517206-7-8. Authors Terry Rawlings & Keith Badham, with Andrew Neill. They have worked with the memories of former Stones driver Tom Keylock.

The book starts on Tuesday October 25th 1960, and works it’s way through the days and years until 1969. The 68/69 part is brief compared to the earlier years. The last page says "To be continued...". The concept is similar to the classic Roy Carr book "An Illustrated Record", from the early 70’s.

There are lots of facts in this book, as you read it day by day. But apart from all the facts, I would say the book is unique because of all the photos.

There are plenty of rare black & white photos, and also some in colors. Further, lots of photos of stones collector’s items, like record sleeves, ticket stubs, posters etc, very much like the recent book "Not Fade Away", by Giuliano. Highly recommended!

The press conference launching the book "Good Times Bad Times" were held on Thursday April 10, on the site of the original "Crawdaddy" Club at 1 Kew Road, Richmond, London.

"At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries" (1995/Carol Southern Books). This US released book has got 3 pages on Keith Richards’ book library at his Connecticut home. From the photos you can see what kinds of books Keith is reading, including Hotchner's "Blown Away", Greenfield's "Bill Graham Presents" and Ronnie's "Ron Wood".

A new James Karnbach book release is due out in August 1997. Authors are James Karnbach and Carol Bernson. The title is The Ultimate Recording Guide to the Rolling Stones. ISBN 0816030359. Publisher: Facts on File, New York. The book is perfectly timed for the new Stones tour this fall in America.

Die Schwarzbuck (The Black Book) by Dieter Hoffman is coming in a new edition this fall. The new edition will be a loose leaf edition, so that you can keep it up to date through subscription. You may write for more information now, or you may even save DM 10 (about 6 dollars) by subscribing in advance, if you decide fast (i.e. by the end of May or so). To get more information, and to reserve your subscription to the Schwarzbuch, send a postcard or letter to:

Basement News Distribution

c/o Günter Beetz

Waldstr. 59

63110 Rodgau


Also, if you are interested in underground and collector’s releases, make sure you subscribe to Basement News from Dieter Hoffman, same address as above for details!

Das Weissbuch (The White Book) by Dieter Hoffman is still available from the publisher. The price of the book is DM 99 (approx 65 dollars), and as the book is very heavy, you may add approx. DM 20 for postage in Europe. To get the book contact the publisher in Germany:

New Media Verlag

Mozart Str. 10

Winsen and der Luhe

21423, Germany

Tel: (+49) 4171 64243

Fax: (+49) 4171 64355

Street Fighting Years is a postcard book published in UK, with a set of postcards made from photos in the book of the same title. ISBN 1-85891-1028. Published by Studio Editions Ltd, London.

If you have problems getting any of the UK books mentioned in the IORR reviews, then I would recommend Helter Skelter bookstore in London. They have excellent services, both in the store and for mail order:

Helter Skelter Bookstore

4 Denmark Street

London WC2


Tel: (+44) 171 836 1151

Fax: (+44) 171 240 9880

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