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The Stones Shop

This is a true fan club, and these are the best Stones items around, available to you for a limited time through IORR!

RS-01: The Stones by Krüger book. Large and glossy art book. Great Stones paintings. The best portaits of Mick, Keith, Charlie, Bill and Brian! Price $ 35.

RS-02: The Ultimate Guide 1962 - 1995 by Felix Aeppli. This is a huge brick - 2.3 kg of detailed Stones facts. Your encyclopedia of Stones recodings and broadcasts. Price $ 125.

RS-03: Rock And Roll Circus box by UFO Music, book with rare color photos from the Circus apperance; plus extra color print and clown - the only known color photosfrom the Circus! Price $ 35.

RS-04: Words of Wonder Vol. 4 book by Olaf Reutebuch and Andreas Zimmermann, published by Stoneware Publishing. Details of Voodoo Lounge concerts, tracks and talks in-betwen. Price $ 30.

RS-05: Voodoo Chillen book by Olaf Reutebuch, published by Stoneware Publishing. Concert reviews from the 94/95 Voodoo Lounge tour. Price $ 30.

RS-06: Rolling Stones Calendar 1997 by Oliver Books It’s 4 color photos and 8 b/w photos. Price $ 12.

RS-07: Rolling Stones Calendar 1997 by UFO Music, based on really old photos taken by Philip Townsend, photo session ca. 1963. Price $ 12.

RS-08: Rock and Roll Circus postcards. Set of 5 postcards. Fan club edition. Price $ 5.

Back issues of "It’s Only Rock’n Roll" are available, but for now you may get the following back isues only:

RS-22: IORR 22. Price $ 7.50
RS-23: IORR 23. Price $ 7.50
RS-24: IORR 24. Price $ 7.50
RS-25: IORR 25. Price $ 7.50
RS-26: IORR 26. Price $ 7.50

Ordering details: Please read this carefully! Orders will be accepted on the specially made Stones Shop order form only. You should have got this form separately as an IORR member. All prices are given in US $ (dollars). To check out your cost in your own currency, please check out the currency table as found on the order form, or check exchange rates with your bank.

There is no profit involved in the Stones Shop. Each item is priced so that cost of the item and shipping, taxes, packaging etc is covered. All prices are including postage wherever you live.

All orders must be pre-paid, and there is a deadline of orders to arrive:

Order Deadline: January 31, 1997

If your order arrives later, then it will be returned, as this is the only way I can close the shop and move back to work with the next IORR issue.

Please note! You must use the order form, or a copy of the order form, to make your order. No orders will be accepted by telephone, email or on plain paper!

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