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How to subscribe, credits etc.

How to subscribe & renew. The IORR subscription cost is NOK 200, which gives you air mailed 4 issues of IORR anywhere in the world. Please send NOK 200 by international postal giro, International Money Order, or cash notes of your own currency (see below) in (registred) letter. No coins, personal checks, bank checks or money orders please. Remember full name & address!

The subscription fee NOK 200 (Norwegian kroner) is equivalent to you paying in your own currency US $ 30, GB £ 20, DM 45, SEK 220, DKK 180, CAN $ 43, NLG 50, BEF 1000, CHF 40, FRF 160, ITL 50,000, JPY 3000, ATS 330, FIM 140, ESP 4000.

You may now pay by credit cards! It will save both you and me a lot of time and expences. When paying by credit card please specify what you pay for (amount), name of the card, card number and expiration date. The following cards are accepted: VISA and Mastercard/Eurocard.

Publishing schedule: The aim is to publish IORR quarterly, but as it seems to take 4 months turnaround time to get a new issue going, I will schedule for that for the next issue. IORR 28: The next IORR issue is due out in March 1997. If important news like tour dates are available sooner, I will rush mail you all about it!

Please help! I need your help in order to make IORR without delays, and with photos, reviews, reports etc from all over the world. Don’t delay - please help now! If you sent a review, but I didn’t print it, then don’t worry - more space later, I hope...

Slow Train To Montpellier Pt. 2 - still not space for it, but coming soon...

Salt of The Earth

Thanks to everyone for helping in, and to anybody I may have forgotten to mention:

Polygram, Norway
Felix Aeppli, Switzerland
Paul Pelletier, England
Bjørn Bergh, Norway
Knut Berg, Norway
Gabe McGoldrick, USA
Olivier Verite, France
Jean-Francois Peret, France
Christan Fiot, France
Dannie Prangsbøll, Denmark
Göran Jansson, Sweden
Per-Ove Tingvall, Sweden
Hendrik Mulder, Holland
Stein Ødegård, Norway
Paul Lovell, England
Jaime Castaneda, Australia
Øyvind Mjøllund, Norway

Photo credits: Page 1,9: Keith in Venice Sept. ‘96 by Sjøberg/Big Pictures; page 5: Mick at Don Valley Stadium, July 9, 1995, by Sjøberg/All Actoion; page 8 Mick and Pete Townsend UK june ‘96 by Sjøberg/Glenn Harvey; pages 12, 13: Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood at Hyde Park 1996 by Sjøberg/All Action; page 16/17: Polygram/REX; page 28/29: Keith, Charlie, Darryl in Mexico City 1995 by Sjøberg/Albert Ferreira/DMI.

It’s Only Rock’n Roll
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N-1392 Vettre, Norway
Telephone: +47 66 79 42 10
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