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Wild Horses - The new single

The new Wild Horses single, as taken from the most recent Stones album Stripped, was supposed to be released in late January this year. Then it was cancelled, and then re-scheduled for release by mid March. Still is has not been released in some major markets like USA, at time of writing (June 96). A shame really, because the cover is fantastic, and the tracks simply a must! Tumbling Dice has got a great edit, and Gimme Shelter is one minute longer than on the Stripped video, i.e. complete!

This is the contents of the official Wild Horses single (VSCDT 1578):
1. Wild Horses (5:09)
2. Live With Me (3:52)
3. Tumbling Dice (4:06)
4. Gimme Shelter (6:43)

Details of the promo single:
Label: Virgin VSCDJ 1578
Track 01: Wild Horses (EDIT) 4:07
Produced by Don Was
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain

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