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New book by Felix Aeppli

It's been 11 years since the release of the book "Heart of Stone" - "The Definitive Rolling Stones Discography, 1962-1983", by Felix Aeppli, as it was out in the last part of 1985. What a great book, and what's even greater news is that Felix Aeppli now has finished his works on what is to be kinda Vol. 2 of his book.

The format has improved, there are lots of improvements in the contents, and it's gonna be a huge book. Felix closed what was going to be included in this book by November of 1995, meaning it is correct up to and including all releases, including "Stripped" and the first single "Like A Rolling Stone", but lacking "Wild Horses", which is just out.

The new book by Felix Aeppli is titled: "The Rolling Stones 1962 - 1995", subtitled "The Ultimate Guide to Their Career in Recordings, Performances, Films and Solo Pursuits".

What is in this book is not just the missing years from 1983 up to 1995. All the previous listings have been revised, in light of feedback and new details found in the period since it's first publication. Indeed the title is long, but so is the contetents. To make it short, it's "The Ultimate Guide"!

The book may be used as a complete reference to all the recordings, performances, releases and solo projects of the Rolling Stones. It's very well organized and indexed, so that it may be used for finding items and cross references.

There are 2840 Entries, (794 in the Group category, 1569 in the Solo section and the remaining 477 in the Bootleg section; 1832 musicians; 638 venues (where the Stones played 1629 live shows) listed in complete tour lists (but also arranged alphabetically under cities' names for easy reference)...

P>There are 146 recording studios; 444 different TV shows, 93 movies, 82 promotional films or video clips plus 72 commercially released videos; 1402 songs listed in the solo section; and last (but not least!) 524 songs recorded by The Rolling Stones as a group (varying from 1 to 115 versions).

The book will be hard bound, about 700 pages, large size (similar to A4), printed in top quality art-paper to allow best reproduction of the many record label & sleeve reproductions. It will be printed in a limited quantity of 2000 copies world wide.

Even if the book is finished from the author, it is still being worked on by the publisher Paul Pelletier (Record Information Services) of London, UK. We could expect it to be available in Sept/Oct. this year. The retail price will be GB pounds 75, equal to US $ 115.

PS. Actually, I've just been told that the price of the Felix book will be 65 pounds, i.e. US $ 100. That's the price all IORR members will get, including shipping, wherever you live!

All IORR members will have a special offer for this book, so that you can have it mailed directly at the date of publication, at a best possible price. If you can't wait, then send your order right now, in a separate letter, but please, no cash or money payments yet. IORR 27 will give you all the details of how to order etc.

To avoid a possible sell-out, you may reserve your copy through IORR now, and you will be guaranteed to have your copy at the day of publication!

You may see some raw copies of the contents of the book on these pages, and you may find some more examples on the IORR Web pages on the Internet (see page 31 for the Web address).

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