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To Avoid Confusion....
Posted by: JMARKO ()
Date: October 29, 2007 22:19

it would be helpful if anyone who posts shows could please include the source for them -- i.e. a bootleg title and/or label.

Many folks do this, some don't. This would help all of us accurately identify what is being posted.

There are many of us on this list who have been collecting Stones bootlegs for well over 20 years.

As some know, before the CD era, these shows circulated on cassette tapes. Often times a 'new' or 'previously unreleased' show that came out on CD was from an already circulating aud. tape that simply hadn't been transferred yet.

Similar to "complete" SB tapes which, especially in the case of the Philly/Ft. Worth 72 soundboards, are simply compilations of those and/or Ladies & Gentlemen SB tracks that are mislabelled or misidentified.

There are infinite copies of the same tapes, in various degrees of quality, that have been issued over the years on CD.

By providing the names/origins (when known) it can help all of us have a better idea of what it being posted.

Even if you simply say "from a tape trade I did many years ago" some of us may be able to then determine which source is being posted and offer that info. in the thread.

This is not a criticism of anyone who posts, simply a suggestion and/or reminder to all to help improve the information and get as much of it correct as possible for everyone's benefit.


Re: To Avoid Confusion....
Posted by: Rank Stranger ()
Date: October 29, 2007 22:39

I subscribe to this!!!

Re: To Avoid Confusion....
Posted by: vox12string ()
Date: October 30, 2007 05:29

I'm a relative 'noob' to seriously collecting Stones boots, only about 5 years, but I've also noticed the confusion there can be in the various sources out there.

I don't get much from the torrent sites (my bandwidth is limited Down Under), but I notice they are very particular about what comes from where, so yes, maybe we should observe what they do & give good sources.

The extreme example is one concert that was posted here recently & there's absolutely no info as to what it is other than we can figure out it's Bigger Bang

Re: To Avoid Confusion....
Posted by: vancouver ()
Date: October 30, 2007 23:24

i did some confusion bout my my earlier posts..(studio recordings),,i did my own complications,,and posted them! title ..bootleg name..
but ,,i think year/month/day/ is important..if it¨s live 1st or second show.

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