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Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: Urban Wheel ()
Date: July 20, 2007 12:30

Hai IORRers,

I read about this bootleg from 1969, that it was actually the very first bootleg ever recorded (according to 40yrs by Stephan Davis).

and I miss it in my collection sad smiley
See: []

Does anybody have a good recording, preferable flac or MP3 320?

Would be great,


Urban Wheel

'Doo doo doo Heartbreaker'

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: monkeyman07 ()
Date: July 20, 2007 18:54

use search and enter : The Bootlgeman -List of posts
never too old or young to rocknroll!!!!!!

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: No Expectations ()
Date: July 21, 2007 01:38

I'm fairly sure most of the Bootlegman's posts were MP3 128.

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: Gibson ()
Date: July 21, 2007 01:39

I have the vinyl. Anybody know if it was remastered from the original tape for the cd version?

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: Urban Wheel ()
Date: July 24, 2007 10:51

I searched for the bootlegman posts, but I can't find it.

Is it one file?
Is anybody else able to post it?

Would be great

Urban Wheel

'Doo doo doo Heartbreaker'

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Date: July 24, 2007 17:52

Ok , I have one original CD . I will made it in a couple of days ! in mp3 320

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: vox12string ()
Date: July 25, 2007 05:14

It's not the first bootleg ever recorded, Hyde Park was doing the rounds before this.

The jazz & classical music fans had been trading bootlegs for years before the R&R crowd got into it

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: kashmirdude ()
Date: July 25, 2007 09:22

On Topic.
Two reviews from HotWacks On-Line & ICE Magazine regarding the definitive release of this show as a Hybrid DVD-Audio title on the acclaimed Genuine Masters label. The title feature both sets and 1st time complete from the reels.

LABEL: Genuine Masters GM-RS-Live'R-09.11.1969-DVD-A-15
SOURCE: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA - November 9, 1969, Afternoon & Evening Shows
FORMAT: DVD-Audio/Picture Montage, NTSC, Region Free
RUNNING TIME: 2:26:58 Total
SOUND/SOURCE: Excellent Audience Sources
PACKAGING: Clear DVD Clamshell with High Resolution Insert Artwork
FEATURES: Interactive Menus, Scene Selection
VIDEO/SOURCE: "Gimme Shelter" Footage & Various Footage/Stills


Track List:
Afternoon Show: 1. Band Intro, 2. Jumpin' Jack Flash, 3. Prodigal Son, 4. You Gotta Move, 5. Carol, 6. Sympathy For The Devil, 7. Stray Cat Blues, 8. Love In Vain, 9. I'm Free, 10. Under My Thumb, 11. Midnight Rambler, 12. Live With Me, 13. Little Queenie, 14. Satisfaction, 15. Honky Tonk Women, 16. Street Fighting Man
Evening Show: 17. Jumpin' Jack Flash, 18. Carol, 19. Sympathy For The Devil, 20. Stray Cat Blues, 21. Prodigal Son, 22. You Gotta Move, 23. Love In Vain, 24. I'm Free, 25. Under My Thumb, 26. Midnight Rambler, 27. Live With Me, 28. Gimme Shelter, 29. Little Queenie, 30. Satisfaction, 31. Honky Tonk Women, 32. Street Fighting Man
The only way to convey how stellar this brand new GM Stones production is, is to play on the analogy of these source recordings as being from the original Trade Mark Of Quality Label back in December of 1969. While we are getting accustomed to getting some pristine but well preserved - yet more contemporary sounding titles from GM of higher quality source tapes...the meticulous care and attentiveness to keeping the source tape sounding so natural is truly showcased by this definitive 2005 version of "Live’R Than You'll Ever Be". To be absolutely blunt, GM is deserving of the moniker Trade Mark Of Quality. They certainly have kept the integrity of their projects in the forefront and this latest offering holds true to the set of standards - the audio is king.
This DVD-Audio/Video Montage release holds both shows from the Oakland Coliseum on November 9th, 1969. While the first tape is somewhat ragged at the start, it is quickly dismissed as you realize - hey!...I hear distinct instruments!...Jagger's vocals are crystal clear! But it's really the drums in this first set that gives Afternoon Show recording a new dimension from which to comprehend the upgraded presentation. I almost prefer this earlier performance to the Evening Show. The band has to adjust because the house electricity goes down during the opening "Jumping Jack Flash" and they improvise by sliding into the acoustic numbers a little earlier than normal. The spontaneity engages you and offers a unique pace to the set.
It is the Evening Show's recording that has become a cornerstone, or reference point to bootleg lore and bootleg collecting. It was an amazing situation when TMOQ circulated a few hundred copies of it on vinyl just a few weeks after the actual event. The pioneers of the label would be simply astounded by what has become of that fantastic tape here on the GM "Live’R". The clarity of what you will experience is amazing when you compare it to any previously released version. It is the Tarantura set that was the benchmark to this point and what we have now are the same tapes, presented the way they should be - transferred to the digital medium with care to keep that integrity of the tape fully intact and without ANY equalisation. This is the real deal and you will be really pleased.
As far as the video components of this set, Genuine Masters utilizes quite a bit of officially released video to accompany the recordings, occasionally pausing with stills to switch up the pictorial stimuli. I have to admit though, I really do prefer the unique slideshow GM treatments that the label has patented with their Zeppelin titles to this approach using video. I've said this before when they've taken this direction, it's distracting because the moving video is expected to be in some sort of synch with the audio - and of course, it isn't at all. Most of the video is snatched from the "Gimme Shelter" official release, incorporating mostly the MSG footage but also some Altamont snippets as well. This being the case, the quality is outstanding of course. By the end of the second set we also see some of the "Rock And Roll Circus" stills/video along with some inserts of stills from the David Frost 1969 TV appearance. The stills work, but I do enjoy the random formatting of psychedelics that are utilized throughout the other titles in the GM catalogue.
The packaging is quite attractive and holds true to the high resolution insert art that GM produces for all their titles. The set is housed in a clear DVD clamshell snap-case and as always, you can obtain the shows on CDR as well. I always recommend getting the whole set even though the audio is much better presented on the DVD. This format is what I would like to have for every bootleg released, IF the audio were treated with the same level of care. It is truly incredible that we can gush over a recording that has been in circulation on every known format for over 35 years - and it just gets better. Pick this one up. SVENGI HotWacks On-Line April/21/05

Extract from ICE Magazine June/05 "Going Underground":
In the annals of bootleg history, Bob Dylan Great White Wonder is generally seen as the most significant title ever, largely on the basis of being the one that started it all. But a very close second, and perhaps even more important, is the Rolling Stones' Live'R Than You'll Ever Be (Oakland, CA, 11/9/69 late show), first released on LP by Lurch/TMOQ. Why? For starters, it was an excellent audience recording, something some assumed could never be done and pressed to vinyl. Second, it garnered a glowing review in Rolling Stone. Third, it was released to the public just a month after the show itself, a remarkable feat, and one that is believed to have pressured ABKCO to release its own official live album from the tour, Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out. As a result, Live'R stands as one of the most bootlegged recordings of all time, repressed on vinyl and CD dozens of times, and eventually expanded to include songs not found on the original LP and, starting in the '90s when the tapes first surfaced, the band's afternoon set as well. Given its history, one might question the necessity of a new audio DVD-R version of Live'R from Led Zeppelin specialist Genuine Masters. The label has a well-deserved reputation for restoring sonic equilibrium to recordings that have been tweaked and twisted on bootlegs ad infinitum, garnering the kind of accolades mastering engineers of official releases receive when they clean the sonic gunk off and undo years of misguided EQ-ing. The high sampling rate of the format--uncompressed linear PCM audio on DVD--also allows for nuances that might otherwise be lost on lesser mediums. Not surprisingly, GM's Live'R DVD does not disappoint, restoring clarity--especially to Bill Wyman's bass and Mick Jagger's vocals--and instrument separation that just isn't there on other releases while still maintaining the appealingly sludgy sound of the show that resonated so deeply on the original LP. The afternoon set might even get the nod as sonically superior to the more famous evening show, seeming to sound a tad closer to the action. GM pairs its high-res audio with video accompaniment, and here it's largely snippets drawn from Gimme Shelter along with a collection of appropriate stills. The first Live'R took only a month; the definitive Live'R, it turns out, took 36 years. Reviewer: Butterking June/05

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Date: July 25, 2007 19:42

And the links :

part 1 : []

part 2 : []

Boots on Hybrid DVD-audio ! Should they have a multitracks tape ( one can dream !! )

Yo .

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: Mika ()
Date: July 25, 2007 22:17

I also up this record. My files are 192kbps, about 100 mb total, artwork included.



Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: j.b.goode ()
Date: July 25, 2007 23:15

thanks for sharing the sound of hybrid dvd-audio, Oggy et les Cafards,but uhuh....

liver part 2 posted twice,
liver part 1 not available available.

so, if possible.....

Oggy et les Cafards
"nr. 163 Attention travaux"

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Date: July 26, 2007 01:12


Strange enough j.b.goode , the two links are god ! Each with a different part.
I've just downloaded them in order to verify and it works fine !

Notice it is the original Swingin'Pig CD and not the DVD-audio.
I've made this notice because I was surprised that such product exists !!

Re: Request: Live'r then you'll ever liver
Posted by: j.b.goode ()
Date: July 26, 2007 02:06


it's okay now, oggy (or one of the cafards?).

just downloaded for the second time, now they are each different.

sorry for the inconvenience,
and one more thanks for the good music.

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