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Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 1, 2006 18:46

Hello ev´rybody. I´m looking for cleaned up version of Star Star (a.k.a. Starbucker) for a long long time. Please, can you help me anybody?
Thank you

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 1, 2006 19:44


Re: starbucker
Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 1, 2006 22:12

Yes. My information is: Star Star also known as @#$%& - but in this cleaned up version MJ sings Starbucker. I think this version was released on Goats Head Soup promo EP in USA. But it´s only my information, I´m not sure.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: FullTilt ()
Date: November 1, 2006 23:36

The lyrics printed in 'The Complete Rolling Stones' music book that I have says "starbucker".

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 1, 2006 23:41

Umm......ok from what I've read and understand, printed lyrics from that era (and maybe later) had the lyric printed as "starbucker" but I didn't know there was a version where Jagger actually sang that. I know some editing was done on "Star Star" to supposedly cover up the line about John Wayne but I've never heard of a version where Jagger sings "starbucker". You're information could be correct though. I don't know.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: whitem8 ()
Date: November 2, 2006 09:11

I don't think there is such a version....
The Japanese import vinyl lyrics say "starbucker" but he is clearly singing @#$%&...

Keep your pussie clean!

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Zagalo ()
Date: November 2, 2006 17:29

There was a previous thread on this somewhere (I can't find it) but the gist was that on the original US vinyl LP version the offending words 'f****r' were "mixed" into a blurred sound thereby making it 'safe for release' for innocent American ears :-)


Re: starbucker
Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 2, 2006 17:39

Oh, thank you everybody for info. I know that Star Star (cleaned up version) really exist, that it isn´t myth :-)
But I´ve never heard that version. If anyone have it, can you post it here, please?
Once again thank you

Re: starbucker
Posted by: ziggenpuss ()
Date: November 2, 2006 19:40

"I bet you keep your p**** clean" was blurred on the first US Vinyl release.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Erik_Snow ()
Date: November 2, 2006 20:46

Starbucker...haha, imagine Mick singing that, that's a good one

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 00:16

smudr.......not trying to be offensive at all, but how do you know it exists if you've never actually heard it???

Re: starbucker
Posted by: bassplayer617 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 01:48

Please keep in mind that Mr or Ms Smudr just joined the forum on Nov 1. As a matter of fact, I've seen a few new names here in the last few days. Let's hope they stick around and learn a few things.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 02:25

I'm not tryin to run anybody off....I stated in my post that I did not mean to be offensive and I apologize if I come off as a smart ass......but I do want to know why smudr is sure that this "starbucker" version exists when he/she has never heard it.....maybe Mr or Mrs Smudr can turn us on to the information he/she has about this version and if it indeed does exist, maybe we can help him/her find it...

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Erik_Snow ()
Date: November 3, 2006 02:28

You don't have to apologize at all, Tumblin Dice.
Of course there is no StarBUCKer, and we're not at mother Theresa's polite board either.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 02:39

thank you Erik Snow.....seriously....I should have said that myself

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Re: starbucker
Posted by: Culpa ()
Date: November 3, 2006 04:20

Hi smudr,

The US vinyl version was cleaned up by obscuring the "pussy clean" line and the "John Wayne" line. In a book called "Rolling Stones Complete", the lyrics were printed as "Starbucker".

I've posted (re-posted) an MP3 of the track at my blog, with a link to my original post with the "Starbucker" lyrics.

Check it out here:



Re: starbucker
Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 3, 2006 16:56

Thank You very much, Culpa!!! The day looks better for a while... :-)

Tumbling Dice 07 (by the way my favorite song)
Why I know that "starbucker" exist than I´ve never heard it? It´s very easy. I read (in some book) that Stones had to change some words in Star Star song (to make it 'safe for release' for innocent American ears - as wrote Zagalo) and on pages (great pages) I read that exist cleaned up version of Star Star. I thought that it´s the same song. Or isn´t it?
I´m a Stones´ studio-songs-collector. I don´t have much chances to get info (useful for me) about Stones´ song collection.
I´m a new one in this pages. So I don´t know if you have some inner rules here. I just try to get some songs which I don´t have yet.
Have a good day everybody (I´ve got it thanks to Culpa)

Re: starbucker
Posted by: pancho1111 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 17:13

I agree 100% with you, I think to be polite its for free, (may be all around the world)
Have a good day, from another newbie in this forum.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 17:14

So you basically assumed that Mick sang "starbucker" because of a combination of printed lyrics you had seen and information you had read about an edited version of the just put two and two together and assumed that the edited version was the "starbucker" version??? Yeah that's reasonable. That's kind of what I figured all along. You're right that an edited version of "Star Star" exists......but he doesn't sing "starbucker" on the chorus. That was my point. The version Culpa posted for you has a couple of lines edited but it doesn't have the supposed "starbucker" chorus. I hope this answers your question for you though......If we have some "inner rules" here....I don't know about them. All I know is that we usually don't post officially released material. But by all means, if you're looking for a track.....ask..somebody might be able to help .....

Re: starbucker
Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 3, 2006 17:51

I think that officially released material posting is needless. Everybody have to got it anyway, haven´t? I agree. And thanks for extending of my information about Star Star song. Of course I will try to help to others with their requests.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 17:54

yeah plus the fact that officially released material is you like live shows or just studio stuff?? Alot of live shows get posted here.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Lucab12 ()
Date: November 3, 2006 17:59

Given the Stones love of corporate sponsorship (how annoying is that Radio Shack ad?) I am surprised that Mick has not sold this one to the coffee chain of the same name.

Starbucker, I bet it keeps your colon clean...

Re: starbucker
Posted by: smudr ()
Date: November 3, 2006 18:09

Of course I like live shows but collecting of studio material is my "mania". I speak about "song history" - from the first version to official version included remixes, extended versions etc., or about never released songs. That´s my Stones hobby. Not the tour rehearsals versions.
I know here´s a lot of live shows unfortunatelly I have not so much time to download everything I would like.

Re: starbucker
Posted by: Mick Wilbury ()
Date: November 3, 2006 23:54

Dear friends,

let me tell you what I know.

I was old already when GHS came out with all the "folklore" involving @#$%&.

As all of you know already, the title of the song was changed to Star Star, and some new vocals were recorded to blur the "offensive" lines mentioning Ali McGraw and John Wayne.
Also blurred was the line "keep your pussy clean"

Steve McQuinn was contacted and took everything as a big joke, so nothing was done to alter the verse involving his name.

Back in 1973, it was told on the press that Mick was singing to "clean lines" that went, "You're a STAR, POP STAR, POP STAR, POP STAR".

On Culpa Direct you can see the lyrics as printed in a 1981 book from EMI Music (The Stones music publisher) where that verse was changed to STARBUCKER.

I do have the book and that was the first time that I saw that STARBUCKER thing.
I thought that it was just another "disguise" for the infamous lyrics.

I never heard or read anything regarding Mick singing with the word STARBUCKER.
I doubt it.

Actually, even back in 1973, during the tour of that year, Mick was already introducing the song as @#$%&.

One has only to check the beautiful version from Newcastle 1973 to hear Mick introducing the song and singing the right lyrics with gusto.

I hope this can be of any help,
All the best,
Mick Wilbury

There is no way to peace; peace is the way. (Ghandi)

Re: starbucker
Posted by: SanctifiedMind ()
Date: November 4, 2006 06:19

I've got that 1981 book too.
Loads of lyrics are wrong, casino boogie, rocks off, etc, etc.

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