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Fortune Teller
Posted by: Virgin Priest ()
Date: May 12, 2008 01:48

More than 44 years ago, in January 1964, they recorded FORTUNE TELLER.

Maybe a fortune teller predicted the future of the band in 1964...

Brian, soon you will be the “neurotic“ band member. Mick and Keith won´t let you write songs for the band. You will play more and more different instruments; but you will waste your skills as a guitar player. In 1969, the Rolling Stones will play a memorial concert for you, 300.000 people will attend the gig...

Charlie, you will be the drummer of the Rolling Stones for the rest of your life. The whole sound of the band is based on your unique drumming style. You will be called “living metronome“ and “the true gentleman in rock music“. Hundreds and thousands of groupies and chicks will be around, but you won´t have sex with any of them. Most of your lifetime you will spend in hotels and live out of your suit case. 20 years later, you will be addicted to heroin for a while, but you´ll get over it. Late in the bands career, you will receive most of the applause during the band introductions. Until 2007, millions of concert goers and fans will love and adore you!

Keith, you and Mick will write hundreds of rock songs, many of them known as classics. Noone will be able to play a guitar riff like you. You will be experienced in all kind of drugs, but you will survive it. You will call your body “a chemical laboratory“. In concert, you will be allowed by contract to sing two songs. But many fans will go for a piss break. In 1981/82 you will make the greatest and coolest stage appearance ever. From then on you will loose your hair and your fingers will suffer from arthritis. Some shows will be cancelled because you´ll fall down from ladders and palm trees. In the end of your career you play lots of “notes you don´t play“. Nevertheless, you are the HERO OF ROCK`N`ROLL!

Bill, beside Paul McCartney, John Entwhistle and Jack Bruce, you will be the best bass player in Rock. But sorry to say, you will be the most underrated! Your bass lines will be low in the mix, on many songs Keith or someone else will play bass. Nevertheless, you and Charlie will be called “the best rhythm section in Rock“. You will f*** thousands of groupies and ladies; all their names will be saved in a magic box, called a “computer“. In 1993 you will leave the band to make some babies.

Mick, for more than 40 years, you will be the best entertainer in the world and the most talented man in Rock. You and Keith, you will write dozens of Rock classics. You will be known as a “sex symbol“; no lead singer of any other band will come close to your stage appearance. From 1978 on, you will do stadium shows with the Rolling Stones, each 50.000 or 80.000 people. The stages will be large scaled and you will run endless kilometers to work the audience. Around 1985 Keith and you will hate each other for a while, but from 1989 on the Rolling Stones will make some more millions... Your abilities as a musician will improve. Late in your career you will play guitar, keyboards, piano, slide and bass.

In 2007, at age of 64 and multiple grandfather, you will close the Rolling Stones show with a song called “I CAN`T GET NO SATISFACTION!“ and the crowd will go nuts.

After the fortune teller told them all that in Jan. 1964, what would have been the reaction of the boys. I bet, all of them would run away – except Keith.

Your ideas?

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: paulywaul ()
Date: May 12, 2008 01:57

I think theirs has been an incredible journey true enough, but I think they've gotten so used to bein' this an' signin' that (as the tune goes) that they don't look upon their own amazing lives in the same way that we of their fanbase look at them ... there's this huge disconnection between us an' them in that respect. WE are the Rolling Stones sentimentalists, I don't think they're particularly reflective or sentamentalist ... I think they just continue to "roll" and do whatever comes next. And one day (as all things do) it ends. And when it does, it'll probably be sadder for us than for them I suspect, either individually or even collectively. I don't think there's much more to it than that.

Sorry, don't wish to dampen the mood or quash the spirit, but I think that's the reality.

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: Bingo ()
Date: May 12, 2008 02:13

I'd like to see the "Fortune Teller's" prediction for.....the fans. winking smiley

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: skipstone ()
Date: May 12, 2008 18:58

I want to be that guy Noone who plays like Keith.

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: Elmo Lewis ()
Date: May 12, 2008 21:31

What's the fortune teller saying about the next few years?

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: Elmo Lewis ()
Date: May 12, 2008 21:32

I want to be that guy Noone who plays like Keith.

Is that the legendary Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits? They were always better than the Stones.

"No Anchovies, Please"

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: stonesfrk ()
Date: May 13, 2008 10:01

By the way, I love the fortune teller. More Hot Rocks! Yeah i love it! Hey PaulyWaul, " To Quote You" it'll probably be sadder for us than for them I suspect, either individually or even collectively about there death's.. I agree with you. I know i have talked about this with many friends and family. I don't want to hear those word's Keith Richard has died today, but it is reality, and for me i know i will mourn, like it was somebody from my family or worse.

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: RiffKichards ()
Date: May 13, 2008 14:25

Fortune teller is a very nice song. But if a fortune teller had told them their future they would be excited... If they think their lives and carreers are not interesting they would had stop before 2007.

If think rolling stones have planned every step of their carreers, very patiently and very carefully, at each moment of their lives. They are great performers, great composers but they prepare everything, every gimmick, very carefully.

I don't want to bash them, I think its quite natural. I imagine they manage their private and professional lifes differently... and they cannot be anything else than being a Rolling Stones.. just like a farmer likes his farm, his hardwork and his ground. In addition of being the best rock roll composers, they are very cleaver people.

Even a fan like is amazed by the way they performed their shows of the bigger bang tour. Maybe more tricks then it appeared (that's the rules of every show) but these guys looked very involved in their performance.. just like they were beginners. Added to that some powerful songs, that's why they are so popular.. in despite of a very average (shitty ?) Salt of the Earth CD (some bootlegs are much more better).

Re: Fortune Teller
Posted by: skipstone ()
Date: May 13, 2008 18:52

I'm not sure if that is the Noone the dude was talking about or if there is some other Noone person. Whoever he is, he's got it made, baby, for a long long while - er, time.

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