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Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: 1cdog ()
Date: December 6, 2007 03:51

Was Roy Buchanan ever seriously considered for joining the Stones or is this just another "legend has it" story?

Was Roy considered both times, after Brian and after Taylor or was it just after Brian?

Clearly the Stones sound changed and Taylor left. I think Roy may have been suited for continuing that sound briefly but I doubt that it could have ever worked for any duration of time.

Roy could really play any style but was best suited and best known for his blues playing.

Did anyone on IORR ever see Roy in concert?

Re: Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: luxury man ()
Date: December 6, 2007 13:34

I saw Roy several times in concert in the 70's and just before he died in late 80's. While an excellent guitar player, I don't think he was a good fit in a band like the Stones.

Re: Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: stone-relics ()
Date: December 6, 2007 15:33

Yes, I saw him MANY times...being from Virginia, and actually played harp with im in the Late 70s in Tempe Arizona, at a place called "Dooley's". He was a great player, great guy, and MAN could that guy PARTY!


Re: Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: Rank Stranger ()
Date: December 6, 2007 20:14

The Buchanan to join Stones myth has already been discussed a couple of months ago right here:

Re: Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 6, 2007 23:08

i saw him once in 1979 in a small club and wow this guy played a fender tele like he was born to play it straight out of the hands of leo fender himself

Re: Stones and Roy Buchanan?
Posted by: tatters ()
Date: December 7, 2007 05:57

I had a friend who was a big fan of Roy's. He played me some tapes and I was sufficiently impressed to tag along when my buddy went to see Roy in '82. Good show, but not as good as I'd expected. We went again in '83 and it was VERY disappointing. Gave him the benefit of the doubt and one last chance in '84. That third show was horrible. Guess it was just too late.

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