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OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Gangster-of-love ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:19

Just listen to that wonderful number. All the band members are on top.
Kennys' drumming - powerful at the point
Ronnies' bass lines which bring you back at every bottom
Macs' wonderful organ which seems to be the soul this song
Woodys'extraordinary guitar playin' (must have been his high time)
and at last the most wasted talent in rock history Rod! What a voice! Incredible.

Let me hear your thoughts on that song....

Keep on rollin'

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: livewithme ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:26

I have a video where Ronnie sings the beginning. Not sure if that was the regular way they did it.

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Gangster-of-love ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:34

I know that video, it was brodcasted for the british tv.
But indeed, Ronnies' part was the beginning of the song.

Keep on rollin'

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: open-g ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:42

I suppose your talking about this video:

yeah it works great when the Faces do it.

I'm zipping through the days at lightning speed. Plug in, flush out and fire the @#$%&' feed.

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Rank Stranger ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:48

Agree with you for the most part, the early Faces were a dynamite band.I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Düsseldorf (Rheinhalle) in April 71.
On "Maybe I'm Amazed" Rod and Ronnie shared vocals, with Ronnie doing his best to sound like Paul McCartney; they were quite drunk and consumed some more bottles of red wine during the concert, but they still did a great performance; which might have had an abrupt ending, as I remember quite vividly that Woody
skipped a bottle very close to his amplifier!
I had a front row seat and tried to record the show on a cassette recorder, but it got broke during the first number, no more Philips ever since!!!
So it was a great pleasure when a kind soul from this forum did sent me two concerts from 1970 & 1971 respectively!

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Gangster-of-love ()
Date: November 13, 2007 21:49

Your're right open-G. Really a great performance. But when I imagin' Rod should sing it today.... sad smiley

Keep on rollin'

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Beelyboy ()
Date: November 13, 2007 23:29

amen from this corner. that's one of the best records ever. i was also blessed to see and hear it live at fillmore east circa long player album, and it there is a great live version on 'long player' which i guess is the one you were listening to...i've just heard that one and not a 'studio' cut per se...but maybe they recorded one?? dunno.

it's such a great song; the structure and melody and heart of it...builds lovely melody and when it explodes on that bridge and keeps going higher....turning into little richard all of a that crazy bridge in 'i got a feeling'... and then it hits you again;

Faces version is so full of heart and their soulful rockin' delivery is sorta peak Faces for me; and i hold that band in the highest esteem; ron's coming work on gasoline alley and early stewart solo stuff was more countrified soulful, but still rocking, as a direct branch off the Faces tree i guess.

mac on that ascending line all powered was like a soul band really, imo, despite the power and flash....
;;;only it was deep rooted rock and roll boogie and also somehow country warm.

there's nothing about that performance that isn't perfect imo. if it had been never recorded and all i had was a faded childhood memory from more than 35 years ago, it would still be, (and is), one of the most magnificent things i've ever heard or see anybody pull off...the crowd was breathless and then thunderous; the ovation was louder than the band was...and it was mid-set...
boy, they kept it coming...
; it was a brilliant and unexepected cover; and they just nailed it to the friggin' wall; it was an amazing achievement and responded to as such...i am definetly amazed.
long player indeed.
longer than they could have ever known or dreamed.
and that stuff approaching this brilliance isn't near the charts or the culture is a loss...there's been no production advances or technological advances, nor cultural advances, than render this any less relevant, or interestingly, POWERFULLY ROCKING, than anything out there in contemporary pop.

you get a great debut from Jet, which i appreciated...and i like the album, no offense's heart and soul is in the right place...and direction, at least on the debut, i haven't heard the second one....
but the reason why i liked it was because it was vaguely reminiscent of this kind of power and crows came close early on in their career, especially first lp...

(giving credit to the writer, mccartney's version is quite good imo, tho not as dimensional as Faces, who were a real band)

but maccas singing in that bridge, ohmygoodness...he's at the peak of all his vocal stuff right there...screaming the melody and ending up cooing and whooing in perfect melody...and beautiful the other side of 'for no one' ...a complete triumph of love.

i don't see it as a competition really, but it's always the Faces version that hit me hardest, and means more to me personally, to this day...

yeh i agree; that's a good one innit? ha,

and TWO guys who made MAJOR contributions to some of the Stones best live music ever, were in that the boots that prove it. and so do you.
so that just very BARELY makes yer thread "OT"...heh heh

hats off to mac and kenny and ron and rod and rest in peace ronnie.
__ ___ ___

(and yes Rank Stranger, dunno where they recorded the 'long player version' but at the fillmore east, they did appear to be somewhat, if not heartily, drunk, while they were making all this music)

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Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: BluzDude ()
Date: November 14, 2007 00:35

When I saw the Faces with Lane, they performed a great version of the song. When I saw them the following year with Tetsu, they did not perform the song.

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Beelyboy ()
Date: November 14, 2007 00:38

yeah ronnie lane such a big part of that band; instruementally, vocally; a real soul man. bless him.

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Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Glam Descendant ()
Date: November 14, 2007 02:02

Why did they use a live version on LONG PLAYER instead of the studio single version?

Re: OT: Faces-Maybe I'm amazed
Posted by: Gangster-of-love ()
Date: November 14, 2007 08:57

Don't know why. Probably the live version was the better one winking smiley

Keep on rollin'

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