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Re: love you live
Posted by: Tate ()
Date: April 25, 2007 21:27

Yeah, ok, maybe I just am partial to the 1971 setlist, and the Leeds show... Still, even if Marquee is sub-par compared to Leeds, I find the setlist and the band's form at the time beats almost any other era. This puts Marquee at (or near) the top of the list!! IMO!!!

Re: love you live
Posted by: Erik_Snow ()
Date: April 25, 2007 21:28

I wasn't talking about then vs now, just the Marquee show

Re: love you live
Posted by: Tumblin_Dice_07 ()
Date: April 25, 2007 21:33

Gazza Wrote:

> Some of the '76 performances are decent enough. In
> fact, I actually like the Abattoirs shows as they
> were broadcast. For some unknown reason, they
> managed to record about 30 shows, edited a
> shortlist down of performances they could work
> with, overdubbed and mixed them - and STILL
> managed to come off with a series of ropey
> performances.
> The '75 and '77 songs on LYL are very good though
> - they should have stuck with those!

Yeah I feel the same way. I like the '76 shows. Lots of people knock them and its' not my favorite tour, but I rather listen to some of those recordings (Earls Court, Paris 6/6 & 6/7, Lyon) as to listen to something from the modern era. I think LYL could have been much stronger with more '75 and El Mocambo material on it but I also think it could have been stronger if they had used some different performances from '76. That's one of the weaker versions of "Honky Tonk Women" that I've heard. I hate what they did to YCAGWYW.

Some songs are good though. I like the whole 4th side alot. While I do like the El Mocambo side, I think it's a bit overrated. People always rave about it like its' the greatest thing ever. It is good, but not as good as some people say. The version of "Star Star" on there is great. The definitive performance in my opinion.

I think the Marquee '71 set blows and I hardly ever listen to it. The sound isn't that great either. I can barely hear Keith. I mean, it's a good setlist but the performance? Nah, I'll take Leeds or the Roundhouse anyday.

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Re: love you live
Posted by: Spud ()
Date: April 25, 2007 22:45

I agree about the Marquee. I've only got that on a cassette lifted from a scratchy vinyl boot but for that recording...the format is good enough.
There were some interesting arrangements of some songs but MT's guitar fills too much space and rather spoils the balance. [It's not the playing...just the mix and EQ that spoil it]

Re: love you live
Posted by: with sssoul ()
Date: April 25, 2007 23:49

i love the Marquee 71 DVD! especially the version with more of the raw footage -
but it sure ain't because the performance is brilliant, because it's not.
it's a riot! cracking up in the middle of Midnight Rambler - what's wrong with you?! :E
Keith so enchantingly disgraceful, and Mick trying real hard to be disapproving but he can't,
while Mick T and Bill are studiously pretending they don't know the rest of the band. :E

wait, isn't this thread about Love You Live?? freakin fine album. i'll take it!

Re: love you live
Posted by: ChelseaDrugstore ()
Date: April 26, 2007 00:30

It seems like this thread agrees that the main culprit of LYL is Side 2.

" longer shall you trudge 'cross my peaceful mind."

Re: love you live
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: April 26, 2007 00:42

ChelseaDrugstore Wrote:
> It seems like this thread agrees that the main
> culprit of LYL is Side 2.

Nah...sides 1 & 4 for me. Side 2 is the best of the "non El Mocambo" sides. The versions of Fingerprint File (from 1975!) and You Gotta Move are pretty good, even though they cut HUGE chunks out of FF.

JJF on side 4 is horrendous, however.

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