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Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: cbtaco19 ()
Date: January 30, 2007 06:19

Gazza Wrote:
> Most of those arent rarities - theyre unreleased
> songs. So they belong on a separate 'archives'
> release. A long-awaited project which deserves
> it's own special focus and which shouldnt be
> reduced to filler on a 'Rarities' project.
> Untapped 1971-2005 'rarities' to me would include
> stuff like the numerous Voodoo Lounge b-sides, the
> 7' single remix of All Down The Line, The Stones
> backing BB King and The Chieftains on those
> collaborations issued under those artists' own
> name, the 'Stripped' sessions take of 'Honest I
> Do' which appeared on the 'Hope Floats'
> soundtrack, 'I Think I'm Goin Mad' (left off
> 'Rarities' apparently because they couldnt find
> the master tape), etc. You could get maybe one
> more release like that without having to scrape
> the barrel using songs that are currently
> available on Virgin/EMI albums or those hideous
> remixes that no-one on earth needs or wants to
> hear again.
> and calling any song released on the 2nd edition
> of ABB a 'rarity' is something of a stretch.
> Especially as it would be the second CD release in
> a row which features it. The same would apply for
> the last track if it was released on a forthcoming
> soundtrack.

Gangster's Moll and Fiji Jim would certainly be strong candidates.

But knowing them, they would include Mannish Boy from El Mocambo again. That version is so hot that Love You Live, Sucking In The 70's and Rarities couldn't hold it.

Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: sluissie ()
Date: January 30, 2007 13:36

Here in NL there is a huge price-gap between ABB and ABB+. 9,90 vs 17.90 euro. It is not that Under The Radar is not worth these 8 euro, but the difference is simply TOO big. But that is a decision made by the store of course.

Rarities also dropped to 9,90... Although I understand the critics from the collector's point of view, that have been posted here since its release, I really really like Rarities, there are great songs on it. I've used it as a present on some occasions, and all those people liked it very much. Even those who didn't know Tumbling Dice before. I understand that the concept/title promised other stuff, and I can't imagine that these are the rarest 14 or so songs since 1971, but it is a great listen.


Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: January 30, 2007 13:54

Agree with you that its often pleasant listening and as someone who's bitched about it (!) I admit that I actually like the concept of such a release. It was a good idea and certainly preferable to yet another greatest hits album.

Only issue I (and several others) have with it is that it was poorly executed - namely the inclusion of several non-rarities, one 'rarity' released in a truncated form rendering its inclusion pointless (Miss You) and sleevenotes which were so appallingly researched that even a chimpanzee with a learning difficulty could have found the information on the internet within about fifteen minutes.

For a band of the Stones' legendary status and greatness, for them to sanction the release of two products (following the Live Licks editing debacle) in the space of twelve months which reek of amateurism in their presentation and content is a pretty alarming sign of either a sudden lack of quality control or a sign that they dont care what EMI choose to put out in their name.

Some fine music on it for sure but the way it was thrown together was beneath them.

Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: Rocky Dijon ()
Date: January 30, 2007 16:21

Rarities seems to have been inspired by Sony's Collectables disc first issued with a Stones box set of reissues in 1990 and then in the leatherbound Flashpoint special edition the following year. Both were missed opportunities. Where Rarities makes perfect sense is when compared to Disc Two of Forty Licks which Virgin compiled. Here we have severely truncated and at times sped-up versions of their greatest hits from 1971-1997. In that respect, Live Licks and Rarities were truly following the same format with sloppy edits and no rhyme or reason to sequencing.

Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: January 30, 2007 16:47

I knew that some were truncated - but some of the songs on 40 Licks are 'sped up' ???


Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: sluissie ()
Date: January 30, 2007 17:11


I have to agree with you. If this disc, with all its aspects as desciptions, cover etcetera, is THE release of great material by the Greatest R'n R Band In The World: the execution is poor, too pour.


Re: who wants a new album?
Posted by: Rocky Dijon ()
Date: January 30, 2007 18:28

Tumbling Dice is definitely sped up on Forty Licks. I would have to listen to the rest to be sure, but I would guess the same for IORR.

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