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To Gazza
Posted by: hi1 ()
Date: June 26, 2006 05:58

hi1 Wrote:
> Do you really think it will happen? Personally I
> don't. Maybe there will be other tours but not in
> 2007. I think it is just s dream.....

your levels of optimism and pessimism seem to change dramatically from one day to the next!

My personal guess is that, yes, there will be a European tour in the summer of 2007. There will be extra shows on top of those that are already due to be rescheduled, and that while some wont take place, they'll play a small number of arena shows instead.

If they DONT come back in 2007, I dont think they ever will. They'll have no audience left in Europe if they cancel the whole tour. That said, I dont expect there to be another Stones tour after 2007 anyway.

After reading your thread, I needed to clarify something to you. It is true that my mood follows the situation regarding the Stone. Can be bad or good! Who knows? But lately, I have lost confidence in the tour 2007. I would haardly believe the boys would spend that kind of money just for a few dates. I mean 15 tops. Is it really woth building up the stage for that matter? What about the staff, the musicians.... All that cost money and I am not sure that it would cover their cost for such a short period of time. If they were going on tour in the spring and then back to europe, that would be a great solution but at this point, I think it is better to tr to get tickets now because next year might just be a beautiful dream. We know they like money. Why would they spend so much for so little. Imagine... rehearsals and all... would cost them more in the end! I don't think they work for naythig but money. So if we keep this in mind and accept that theory, I think we are pretty safe to say the tour will be over in December.

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