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Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: Deathgod ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:04

this is total BS
i grabbed melb tix with my Pre May 9 code then my missus joined as a member and we grabbed Syd tix.
All legit.
All with paid memberships.
I have recieved NO emails from etix except my confirmation email.
This is crap, being told in the paper 7 days ago that the tour was more than likely off, then Mon tour gets announced, the stress of ticket hunting, getting thru with fan club and scoring tix. The great high of actually knowing the fanclub paid off and that I have great tix to both shows.
Then the heartbreak of thinking it could all be taken away from us.
What a fark-up.
Plus these 'fanclub' tix costs me an extra $25 US per ticket ( membership fee) and a freaking $47.70 US per ticket for a convenience fee.

Cmon guys, tell us we have our tix and get them in our hands ASAP !
You have my money I want my tix.
This is great if you are nailing dudes who abused the system and are selling on ebay, but dont screw us hardcore fans over.
We love this band, and we paid our $$$ and want our freaking tickets.
I have emailed but am yet to get a reply.

This email is getting around :

Dear Patron,

At this time, the Rolling Stones Fan Club is in
the process of reviewing all purchases for this

We regret that we cannot provide any additional
information at this time. Please know that both
etix and the RSFC are doing their best in dealing
with the situation and have the interests of our
mutual customers foremost in mind.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: with sssoul ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:17

if i've been following things right, the people who are being required to prove that they're paid-up fanclub members
are the ones who bought tickets in the Sydney presale during that spell when the etix site had forgotten to make people give their passcodes.
those people are now being told they have to prove they're paid-up members or they'll have their tickets cancelled.
but from what you wrote, it sounds like you (or rather Mrs Deathgod) *did* use a passcode to get your Sydney tickets,
which means you're not in the group who needs to prove that they are paid-up fanclub members,
and that would explain why you haven't gotten any email other than your ticket confirmation, no?

of course the whole thing is a serious drag, even if you personally are not affected by it. i hope they settle it all in a decent way for people.

"What do you want - what?!"
- Keith

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Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: paulywaul ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:20

Blimey, what a f*** up it sounds like ! My sympathies if you're ufortunate enough to be affected by this.

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: mariannerl ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:24

I received an E-Mail from yesterday. They asked my if I got tickets for Zurich` (I know, wrong thread.. but..). During Zurich pre may member presale my code did not work, so I "asked" No answer at all. Now this mail??? I wrote back. I told them that it was not possible to get pre may membership tickets. And also I mentioned that there was a chaos in getting tickets for Australia and Athens. And they should read the stones boards. It seems to be the same problem since 2 weeks or more. Maybe organisation between RS and E-Ticks?

I was surprised to get a mail with this question. Probably they have hundreds of refund claims the last weeks. No other reason for this. I don't think they will help or give us tickets we should have get.

Same problem for different shows now.

"f..." fans everywhere.

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: pjb ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:33

Yea the samething happened to us here in NZ. I got pissed off could not get tickets at my brothers house ,went home 45m later checked back at got in to see tickets without a password ,saw a nice string of A6 GOLDS rang him to nab them ,he had a code for a time you could get in and buy without a code .like has been said only these sales that are in question.Death man you will be fine.

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: Rockman ()
Date: March 5, 2006 00:39

Yep !!!'s poor alright. Ok we're all decendants of Ex- Pommie crims but they dont have to keep treatin' us like we are...wait till I see Mick & Keith about this!!


Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: Deathgod ()
Date: March 5, 2006 01:02

yer hoping Im sweet

freaking drag tho
plenty of peeps are getting stressed

how long till i get my tix in my hand ?
i gather they come from Aussie box office ..
etix and have had my $$ since Thurs, so should i expect tix Wed,Thurs or Fri maybe ?

the pricks should work hard for their $47.70 convenience fee PER TICKET.

so when u think about it, us 'fanclub' dudes pay $100 for the 'right' to buy tix, then get hit with a massive $47.70 US fee PER TICKET.
when u buy 4 this freaking adds up.
Anyways,when should i look fwd getting these tix in my hand .. so i can truly relax..

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: spikey ()
Date: March 5, 2006 01:35

What has the fan club done that has not been a debacle?

Re: Aussie presale debacle
Posted by: pa ()
Date: March 5, 2006 11:11

not to labour the point, but got my Melbourne tix and am less than happy about the experience. To quote from

*Tickets are sold and processed by local ticket companies. All ticket prices, purchases and convenience charges, as well as fulfillment of ticket orders, are the responsibility of these local promoters. In addition, these local companies may place additional terms and conditions... blah, blah, blah*

So from the above we assume that the local company is ticketek (as it was for Licks pre-sales, and who are selling the rest of the Bigger Bang tix) where you don't get stung anything like the 50-odd bucks per ticket that etix grabs for the "convenience". OK, so you don't have to buy the tix, but what's the point of the fan club membership then? most aussies won't be saving the code for another show!

and what convenience? goes on to say:

*Local companies set ticket prices and determine seating locations available to fan club members.* ....there was no seating chart on the site when I grabbed my gold tix so my 'upper 54' section looks like obstructed viewing when you finally do see the arena seating. Nothing about this in the pricing/category information when you're buying! (hope I'm wrong - anyone know?)

and are etix local to australia? - they're from the US as far as I can gather(and australia isn't a US state just yet), so you aren't cheaply going to jump on the phone to enquire about your purchase. Yeah, there's an email address, but it's just that little bit more difficult to complain, ain't it?

Having got that off my chest, there's no way I'll miss the show! saw them at MSG on jan 18th and loved 'em!

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