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OT: Released April 1970 Savoy Brown Raw Sienna
Posted by: roryfaninva ()
Date: May 1, 2022 20:48

Truly an unheralded British blues classic....I was lukewarm at best about Savoy Brown back in the day. Workman-like somewhat generic British blues, second tier along the lines of Chicken Shack, Groundhogs, Blodwyn Pig etc but based on some glowing reviews I scored a nice copy cheap on Ebay and gave it a spin. Their last with Chris Youlden and a real contrast to the good time boogie that would birth Foghat a few years later. I wonder if anyone else around here ever heard it? Heres the whole enchilada...

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Re: OT: Released April 1970 Savoy Brown Raw Sienna
Posted by: TheBadRabbit ()
Date: May 10, 2022 00:38

One of my favorite albums...not just fav Savoy Brown, but all time. I was 14 years old in '71 and wandering around our local record store with a couple of bucks burning a hole in my pocket. I grew up with a steady diet of AM pop radio and was pretty unhip to much beyond that. The Raw Sienna cover caught my eye. I had no idea who Savoy Brown was, but the cover was kind of cool. Looking at the song titles on the back: "Master Hare"..."Needle and Spoon"? What kind of weird band is this? I bought the record and, just as I'd suspected, it was the weirdest thing I'd ever heard. But compelling, too, and I played it often. This album reminds me of winter...sunset at first tastes of weed. Not long after, a friend turned me on to "Blue Matter." I think the Youlden band was the best SB; after he left, they were just another kind of lame boogie band--although I liked "Looking In." I really dug the weirdness that Youlden brought. I really dig this record. "To some I'm a wise man, to some I'm a fool..."

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